Sunday, April 26, 2009

Several "Mini Vacations"

My booth neighbor at Monticello, let's call her "D" for short or (because I don't know if it was Dianna or Donna, they are twins...) of Annie, Fannie and Abigail said, when she is driving somewhere she considers it a little mini vacation. Well if that is true, I am incredibly well rested and happy to be home from vacation... It took 5 trips (an hour each direction) to get my act together.
The truth is I was a little behind the 8 ball all week. I was amazed (notice I didn't say impressed) at how long it took me to pull my booth together at the Monticello Antique and Garden Show. I think I will blame it all on Dave the driver, since he wasn't there doing his job, it made mine much more difficult... The fact that he was doing his real job, is beside the point...

I did however pull it together, finally getting everything the way it was suppose to be a mere 2 minutes before the show opened...
I hardly even look hot, sweaty and stressed out!!
This is random, but I love to tell it.
I have a friend who is in her 80's. She told her husband when they got married,
"it's your job to make the money and its my job to spend it. If you don't do your job, I can't do mine..." Well I say,"who can argue with that???"

I am still having way too much fun playing with Picasa. I can't believe how easy it is to make a collage and how many choices there are and how long it takes me to decide which one....

I'm hoping you noticed that the flowers in the tub, the lanterns and my sweater, are the same color as the background...

It takes so little to make me happy!

Some of the pictures are of my booth and some of the other vendors. You may not see these things if you go as a lot of things sold over the weekend but if go to Monticello, there will be a lot of new merchandise for you to see as the dealers are constantly bringing in more merchandise!

Friday afternoon when I got home from Monticello's, I needed to get Dumbo the rv ready for a trip to the beach.

Much like a mini vacation...

We arrived at midnight Friday and came home at noon on Sunday! Still don't feel that rested and relaxed. Though, we did have fun!

The beach in Oregon is beautiful, the weather is iffy at best. It is typically, windy, rainy, cold and occasionally sunny especially in April. We got a little bit of all this weekend.

It got to 54 degrees today and the water was almost 50 compared to the water temperature in Maui at almost 80 degrees. That should explain why most people don't swim at the Oregon Coast in April.

No one said,

They were most people...

Sam has been licking his upper lips recently and has developed a rash or chapped lip.
When asked how that happend, he told a friend of mine he did it shaving...
He told Dave he got a whisker burn from kissing his wife (Lucy)...
I think he needs to get his story straight.


  1. That crazy Sam! What a cutie. I'm glad you're home. Take a deep breath and relax a bit. Let me know when we can get together and make stuff.



  2. I went to Monticello Saturday and your booth looked great! Sounds like you had a whirlwind weekend, maybe you can get some rest now that you're home!

  3. Your booth looked awesome Joy, I went on Sunday and I was so pleased to see how full everything still looked, you all do a great job keeping those spaces full. Thank you. I was able to take some great photos and will post them later. Oh and the beach a great place to rest and restore.

  4. That Sam will keep you on your toes! What a hoot! Hey, your space looked wonderful and I love your totes. Hope you can recup this week. Hugs, M.

  5. We know all about the cold water Oregon coast. My kids can never stay out of the water either. Even if it is COLD. I was born in Southern California and I know what temperature the water should be to swim in.....both my babies are native Oregonians and they don't sweat the cold. Brrrrr....Makes me shiver to just think about it, heehe! Hope you get more rest this week!

  6. I so enjoyed reading this post, your 80 something fried, is a very wise lady.


  7. How PRECIOUS are those pics of Sam and Gabby. So cute and they look utterly happy and carefree. What a gift to both of them you gave by taking them on the mini vacation to the beach!

    Love you,