Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Fun Day

Yesterday, I hosted a work party for my friend Karen's daughter Kimmy, they are busy with preparations for a summer wedding. The bride to be, her bridesmaids (the one's that could make it) and with few other friends, we worked on some of the projects that needed to be completed before the wedding. You know the saying... many hands make light work??

At least I think that is how it goes, but if not, it applies, so let's just go with it...

But of course we had to have lunch first...

Brought a few spring flowers in from the garden,

Thought I would try and be the photographer and get the girl's reflection in the mirror. Unfortunate about the glare, but the sun was coming in the window and it's not as if I could go somewhere else to take the picture...

A little something to drink...

A few decorations to set the mood, and a chocolate cake thrown in for good measure.

A few cupcakes made with the extra batter.

And a kiss !


  1. Such a great post, looks like a wonderful day. Oh, those cupcakes look sooooooooo yummy!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I love your booth at Monticello, I am going to post soon on my visit there.The cupcakes are beautiful.

  3. Hope you had fun at your work party. Maybe I should think of having a "party" to get projects done!!! OMG...I can't believe you got a dog...can't wait to meet it!!! I miss you...lets get together soon! xoxo Cindy

  4. Wow~ What a fun day you all had. It looks like a great wedding tradition to keep! Your pictures are great!
    Blessings~ LillySue

  5. Cute cute cute!!! Love the whole spread. What a lovely job you did. As usual!

  6. What fun!!! And such a great idea too! I want to come to Monticello!! Everything looks so wonderful ~ xxoo, Dawn

  7. Joy, it looks just beautiful! What fun, and what a wonderful friend you are. Not just to a few of us, but to all of us. You work harder than anyone I know, but yet you'll drop everything to help your friends and make us feel special, help us out, or just visit when we need to. You're a blessing in my life and so many others.


  8. Dear Joy-
    I hope you know how much we appreciate you making the day for Kimmy SO special! She will have that memory forever!
    Thank you from the bottom of both our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a fun day! Everything looks wonderful. I love your green depression glass by the way. Oh those cupcakes sure look yummy...

  10. that is such a cute looking party!!

    love that little dress on the manequin - mini- by the dessert-
    too cute!