Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First One Takes the Last One's Place

Saturday, (a week ago) dawned bright and shiny, this time of year that is rare enough in our part of the country to put a smile on any one’s face. It has been a long wet winter (as usual) how fun to be going to a show and have the weather cooperating. I left the house before 6am, the plan was to be one of the early one's but I had to make a quick stop at the atm for cash, half and hour later when I discovered my debit card had been left behind in the machine, it didn’t even freak me out (I did at least remember the cash) what the heck I had other cards and a check book too!
I picked up my sister Toni and we were on our way to Battle Ground, on our way to the Barn House Opening. Hard to imagine this I know, but we were talking away the miles and I missed the turn off to the freeway that I had intended to take, but oh well there are lots of freeways and we took a different one.
Naturally when we arrived we weren’t even close to first.

There you see Joe and Sue, and Robin doing what she does so wonderfully (off to the side with the camera) I was laughing when I told Toni I was going to use my laptop and BH internet to be the first to post my pictures to blogland! Well, now over a week later I wasn’t first not even close!
Here are a few more pictures so you too can catch the Barn House spirit!

A little disclaimer here... I'm not sure about who's is which here in these pictures, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'd guess Natalie or Joe...
This looks like Joe's work,

Pretty roses...
I'm thinking Laurie of Worth Goods made this cute apron.
My kind of barn animal, no muss no fuss.
Julie made these books with the dried flowers.
Some rusted metal nests.
Lots of cool birdhouses.
Strong women move furniture without dollies...Super strong woman Debbie also of

Worthy Goods.

Beautiful hydranges. King of the coop??

Who wouldn't want this??

A portable gaden??

Tarte's display, is that the Queen in the background?

No, I quess not here she is fully clothed.

If you missed the show, you might have been one of the few because there were lots of people and they were all having a great time! Or maybe it seemed like more people than many shows because it was so fun and visually intoxicating (are you thinking I was drunk??) that no one wanted to leave and the parking lot/field just kept getting more full!
At any rate, their next event is the Flea Market July 17. I have a feeling you will be hearing lots more about that in the coming weeks!!!
When we finally dragged ourselves from BH we took a side trip to Camas on the way home. There was a garden and antique show in the downtown streets. We saw our friends Julie and Christa they had a booth. I was too busy buying their treasures to take their picture…(Maybe the title for this post should have been…I was just a little distracted…)
Toni found this apron.

I found several treasures to add to my ever increasing trailerful headed to Farm Chicks stash!
If I quit spinning in circles long enough, I will take a few pictures of the pile and share!


  1. Wow~ Great pictures!! Looks like fun was had by all! I hope you are getting some sun over there in the valley. I think it is going to be pretty today over here in Sisters after our showers last night.

  2. It is all wonderful, and I managed to get lost on Saturday while en route to BH and had to forget it and come back home. Wah!

    Thank you for sharing. But what ever happened to your ATM card? I love your casual approach, Joy, hence your perfect name.

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was so good to see you at Barn House, I am sorry I did not get to visit much, I was focused on all the treasures to be found. I kind of zone in on that when I am shopping. I will be coming to farm chicks in Spokane I am bringing my four farm girls and we are staying over. We are ready for some serious shopping.

  4. My dear, BH flea market is on the 18th, not the 17th... That's okay, that's what happens with old age... Miss you!!

  5. What fun! Did you have to go to the ATM to get money to get back home on?
    Chuckle! TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Thanks so much for coming out!! I only got to see you for a few special seconds. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!! BTW, the Flea Market is on July 18th (not the 17th). :o)

  7. Oooops...I didn't see Isabels comment on date. I just don't want a bunch of people trying to crash our party early. lol We had to turn some folks away who showed up a day early before the last show.

  8. Great pics Joy! I think you nailed every person behind every display, good job! How is the Farm Chicks prep going? Debbie and I may come and say "hi"...


  9. Always so nice to see you, Joy! Hopefully you (& Dumbo) will do great in Seattle!
    Don't forget to bring your camera, plzzzzzzzz :o)
    Best of luck from Sylvi

  10. OPS, I meant Spokane! Shhhhh, must be the age....

  11. OH HOW I wanted to go to that show. Even if I never bought anything it would still be amaZingLy fun. I will deffinetly mark my calender for July. Tata, Pam