Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like I have nothing better to do...

Okay, so I changed the banner on the blog again.
I wasn't happy with the last one...
This one should last awhile,
well... not too long I don't want any one to get bored! (like me for instance)
My niece Livy and her husband Bryan had their baby boy this week in Austin, Texas. He was born May 20th, welcome baby Asher.
I think it is pretty obvious he doesn't like this hat!

He looks like he has come to accept it.. but he's not happy about it!
Just exactly the little bundle this mom has been waiting for!
We are so happy for you!
I think maybe this dad is pretty thrilled too!
Can't wait for my turn with such a sweet little Texas Punkin!


  1. Oh, a BIG congratulations to your family! Baby Asher is so precious, what a joy!

  2. What an adorable little doll! I am so happy for all of you upon his safe arrival.

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Blessed life & love for this little bundle of Heaven. Asher, welcome to the world ... congrats to the entire family. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. I love your commentary on the the second one, he looks like he is a wise, old soul. Almost like he knows the secrets of the universe! What a sweet family!!

  5. i know your joy! My great niece was born 7 weeks ago. So much fun.