Saturday, May 23, 2009

You Won't Want to Miss...

I stopped by the barn in Tarte Land this afternoon to see how the King and Queen were coming along on their preparations for this month's extravaganza.
I promise you will be thrilled.
You might even...
Be sure you stop by Cafe Le Tarte for a drink and a treat.

Who's surprised the Tarte's are serving lemonade??
Not that you might expect something a little stronger, but that it is tart...
You might also want to make a stop at Monticello, this is the last weekend of the Garden Show.
I saw these while I was there today.

I am looking forward to doing a little planting this weekend.

Aren't these the most beautiful color?
I always want to pick one color and do a monochromatic garden. It is never going to happen, I may as well come to the realization...

I love them all too much I can't ever decide on just one color! I'm also going to be making sure my helper is slaving away on all the projects I have earmarked for him they need to be in the trailer and on their way to Farm Chicks in only 10 more sleeps...

Maybe I better wake him up now!!! He has lots to do!


  1. Have lots of fun at Farm Chicks this year....I have to miss out on it this year due to youngest graduating from high school (I guess that's important enough to miss F.C.'s right?)
    Here's wishing you lots of sales!!

  2. Ten more sleeps... that is enough to keep me up all night!! I am in a group of 5 women headed up to Spokane to share our wares at Farm Chicks. Having never been, we are so excited and a bit nervous. Hope we can meet you there, Joy! Love your things!!

  3. It looks like another fun time at the Barn. I have get to make it to that sale but I hear such lovely reports.

    I hope you get a lot accomplished between now and the Farm Chicks. It should be a great show.

  4. I bought the GIGGLE sign. Now it will mean even more to me because you always make me smile and giggle!! See you at Farm Chicks. Erin