Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Couple of Asses

Well I certainly hope you didn't think I meant anyone else!! These two belong to my brother Tomie (aka the good brother) and my sister-in-law Judy. They chose to raise asses instead of children, some choose to do both..

This handsome fellow is Bug, his brother is Harley. Bug thinks I'm funny ..

This is where they live, it was sooo cold, good thing the nephews are wearing their winter coats. Those of us with 2 legs were wishing we had warm fur coats for this outside fun!

This is 'Pumpkin' she is the newest, much awaited member of the family...

, We had a visit with our extended family Saturday, and it is always reassuring to see or hear that you are indeed normal if this group is anything to go by... We had dinner with aunts, uncles and cousins..when did the aunts and uncles start looking more like the grandparents, do these women not look a lot like their mother...

(obviously you would have had to have known their mother)
and the cousins start looking more like the aunts and uncles than themselves??? We don't get together often so it is always a shock to see how much they have aged...

Sunday included a trip to Clark County Expo, either people were a little cranky or Miss Lisa and I were very obnoxious... I choose to believe it was them ... How weird is it to take a picture in the bathroom mirror, I'm thinking that must have been Lisa's idea
It's not that easy to find someone to take a picture...
But after some expert training.. she did a good job...

The photographer, Susan is someone that we have both bought from many times. She has the most wonderful treasures and we had a great time in her booth, she was most likely sad to see us move on...I got pearls, a wonderful old journal that was blank inside and an old hard bound book with graph paper that was also blank. I had to give Dusty the graph book because along with containers we both also love writing on graph paper..

I was telling Lisa that I was going to start collecting old pearl necklaces and while I have several at home, on the mannequins and in jars I wanted to get lots and lots to sell and just to have.... Well, let's just say I was not the first person to have that idea...I kept seeing them in booths, had I taken pictures of them I would show them now... but since I didn't here are a few that I have ..

Who doesn't need pearls in their tiara??

Maybe the best part is the old clasps??? How about a collection of old pearl necklace clasps...that has to be an original idea???


  1. Joyful
    Always a delight to read of your adventures....

  2. So glad you finally updated your blog little missy! I could have done without that one picture. You know which one I mean. Did I tell you that I have bought four new (old) ropes of pearls in the last week? Thanks for the idea, now I see them everywhere. You are right though, the ones with the cool clasps are the best. Can't wait to see you on Monday.



  3. have way too much fun shoppin!!!! makes me wanna brave the cold and go, too!!!