Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now That's Weird!

I know, the color is gone... I decided the pink/purple was too off.. So for now I will have white...Kind of boring I know, but better that than just plain wrong...

I've been tagged by Priscilla I am suppose to tell you 7 weird things about me and then pass it on...

The weird thing is I'm not weird it's everyone else, I'm the normal one... the truth is I know I'm weird but I've been this way so long it seems normal to me. On that note..

1. I don't like to drink water.. I like to swim and bathe in water but, I really don't like drinking it.

2. I love diet coke... not for swimming or bathing, but drinking... First thing in the morning, throughout the day and just a little sip before bed, what could be better than that?

3. I hate doing nothing. I don't like to sleep and I don't like vacations unless I can be doing something. I really prefer to be doing more than one thing at a time, several in fact (do you suppose there is a correlation to that and the diet coke?)

4. I typically think if one is good then 10 would be GREAT, which is why I always have more to do than I have time for...If I could just cut back on the sleep thing..

5. I very rarely go to movies, I think Titanic or Oceans Eleven was the last one I saw at a theater. If I do go, I fall asleep when the lights go off...I also don't do concerts or sporting events (unless it's my child or a friends)

6. Which leads to the fact that I don't know or have much interest about movie stars, musicians or professional athletes...I never know what people are talking about when these topics come up and I wouldn't recognize even the most famous if I saw them in an elevator...

7. Which of course leads to... I pretty much always strike up a conversation with someone in the elevator, grocery line, or wherever I am waiting for something to happen.

Hopefully I'm not really as weird as all this sounds, and I control these natural tendencies some of the time... I sound a little ADHD with some OCD thrown in for good measure??!!

Now I am to choose people to tell their secrets to the world....hmmm

Sheila at Halo Hill

Martha at Vintage Triffles

Cindy at Queen of Tarte

Pam at My Grandkids ROCK

Stephanie at The Hearts of Hartmann

I hope we find out that I am not the weirdest of the weird...

The cupcakes on Sunday turned out great, the picture didn't.. So instead of those pictures I have a sample of what I am taking to The Farm Chicks Show I am getting so excited!!!

I'm not sure the roses are going, but they are so pretty that I had to take a picture of them...

And while the camera was out I knew you would want to see a few buttons, what would you rather see than pink roses and white buttons??


  1. Joy...isn't it funny all the little quirks we each have!
    I can actually relate to a few of yours too...sleep, who needs it!
    Movies...I sleep! the things you are taking to the Farm Chicks show...
    Very, very cool boots!

  2. Joy, the funny thing is , is I can hear you saying all of those 7 things and I can also hear your wonderful laugh ! Your laugh makes me smile! Its so happy !!!
    Thanks for tagging me, this might take some thinking, because see, I think Im normal too and that everyone else is weird !! hahaha
    Take Care,

  3. Joy, movies, sporting events, same same. Gorgeous stuff for Farm Chicks! So chic dahling!

    Love you

    p.s. How do you expect me to do this tag?? I am not weird in any way that I can think of. Oh! Just like you! (Only less weird)

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