Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm talking to myself again...
We made it to my parents last week, but didn't have time to shop for treasures along the way. I took a few minutes to take my serger in to have it fixed, but... it was only threaded the wrong way... hmmmm to much hurry hurry?
The next day was a go, go, hurry, hurry kind of day as well.
It was fun helping Isabel decorate her mantle, here are some of the shots of that adventure

The mantle is big enough to be a bedroom!!

Thankfully Isabel, had enough treasures to finish the mantle without going shopping... The adorable child is to give you an idea of size.. It's a perfect fit!

The left side of the mantle

the right side...
Lisa came to give us a hand. All done, smile, hug, lets go!!! Hurry, hurry!!

then it was of to help Cindy get ready for her sale! We about froze but.. we had a great time.. I will post pictures of that next time or you can go to either Lisa, Cindy or Sheila's blog to see what great treasures were there.

Today is the quilt show at the Oregon Gardens where I have a booth, so I must go, go, hurry, hurry!

Before I close I would ask you to please pray for my cousin Judy's grand baby Jack, who will be having surgery today, in Fresno California. He was born in November, with severe kidney and now they have discovered liver problems. This is big brother Henry and baby Jack.

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  1. Joyful
    From your spelling teacher:
    mantel is what you want for fireplace/shelf
    looks weird, but its right
    m a n t e l