Friday, January 11, 2008

I promised!!

Here are a few shots from Cindy's show last Saturday

Here is transportation to get you where your going in STYLE
This happy shopper appears to be considering whether the crown is her size??

One of my jobs was shredding the paper, so I wanted you to see what a good job I did...

What a lot of fun we had today at the Oregon Garden. It was a perfect venue for a quilt show. There were over 400 people, which seemed like a great crowd to me for a first time show. The Oregon Garden is located in Silverton only a couple of miles from our house, it was nice not to have to travel a long distance. Then it is extra fun to be where you know lots of people going through, catching up with old friends and making new ones!!
Here is a view of my booth in the afternoon, it was so busy this morning that there wasn't time for pictures...

A new box I made for the Quilt Show with a "sewing theme".

The quilt in the background was bought by a lady that was going to give it to her best friend who recently broke her leg and was looking at a very long recovery. That seems like the perfect gift to me.
I like all the quilts, but my very favorite are still the old ones. (how many times do you think I have said that) I especially love the ones that have been used and washed, they are so soft and comfortable looking. Of course I wouldn't know that for certain, since there are signs everywhere that say, "please do not touch"...
Here are a few of my favorite "new" quilts.

This quilt is an optical illusion because the girls are the same size (basically) but don't some look larger than others? The moral to this story is... perhaps a solid skirt in a dark color is most flattering....
I ran out of batteries when I went to the side where the antique quilts were hung but I will take pictures of them tomorrow..
If you are anywhere within driving distance I would encourage you to make a trip to The Oregon Garden tomorrow January 12 10am until 4pm.
Hope to see you there!!


  1. Huh... Is that cherub in the middle of the first picture wearing a bra...??!!
    Your booth looks adorable, wish I could be there!!! Love,

  2. wow, everything looks amazing!
    love the bike, and the gold furniture!
    o ya, and your shredded paper. tee hee.
    what a fun day!

  3. WHAT A NEAT Show! Gorgeous things there and you did a great job.

    And THANK YOU so much for replying to me about the link! I'm definitely going to try it in my next link.

    By the way, I have clock faces listed this week in my ebay auctions...I see you like to decorate with them. I'm really not trying to solicit just dawned on me you might need more when I clicked on your blog to message you back. I saw how you use them under plates/over silver trays. Way cool idea!

    Thanks again, Joy!

    ~ Jillian

  4. OMG Joy...
    I am always in heaven looking at your photos!
    What a fun show...
    I love your boxes, so very glam!
    C'mon over to my place & sign up for my 100th post giveaway!

  5. It was good seeing you today. My little angel that I bought from you is sitting in my living room tonight ! Theres many more things I could of come home with !

    My daughter was wanting to send our address to you , but I will email it to you if thats okay.

    Hope you had a fun weekend, talk to you soon :)

  6. Hi cutie!

    Hope your Saturday went well too. Looks like you had so much fun. Wish I could have been there too. I'll give you a call tomorrow.