Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time for a New Look!

It has been way too long since I gave the blog a new look so today is the day. Too bad the 'pink' isn't just a little softer with a little less purple and a little more orange, but... close enough. I decided I like the white back ground for the pictures and I wanted the sidebar business on the other side. I definitely like change, that's why when I sweep the house I move around the furniture, which leads to changing the wall decor and all of that.. Which is why when I say I don't have time to clean house I am serious!!

Hmmmm... The quilt I showed of garden girls from the previous post, where I went on and on about the optical illusion...Well we measured it yesterday and they are indeed different sizes, so I guess... anything goes, wear what you like, forget the dark solid colors...You are what you are and maybe it is diet and exercise after all that controls how you look..
If you missed the quilt show at the Oregon Garden, you will for sure want to catch it next year, it is scheduled to be the last weekend in January 2009. My friend Lynn Williams was the volunteer driving force behind this fabulous first time show. She came to Silverton from the Seattle area and has been involved for years with quilting and quilt shows in state and national levels. It always helps to have someone with talent and experience on board if you want to execute something of this magnitude with such finesse.
There was a constant stream of people for both days of the show, which is why there are no pictures of the wonderful antique quilts, or maybe I forgot to take them because I was too busy laughing and talking with all the great women there?? Sorry about that, at times I can get a little distracted... Needles to say, it was a great weekend and I hope to be involved again next year.
I'm off to bake and decorate cupcakes for a reception after church today, it is a 75th birthday! I will take my camera and if I'm not to busy laughing and talking I will even use it!! Check back to see if it can really happen!


  1. Joy,
    Sounds like you had a blast at the Quilt Show!
    I love that's so true about something glittery!
    I need a bumper sticker that reads "Brakes for Glitter"...

  2. I Love this!
    So colorful!
    Sandra Evertson

  3. Love the new layout for your blog !Too bad we cant add glitter ?!

  4. Hi Joy...I made a blog, check me out! I'm just slow (mentally & physically) haha I be bloggin baby.

  5. Your quilt is fantastic, I love love love the design :)

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