Saturday, January 26, 2008

Look What I Can Do!

If you have been reading for long, you will remember that I am faking this whole computer thing...I know next to nothing about computers... When I was in college PC's were but a twinkle in some computer guru's eye...And further more I resist all new fangled things on principle...who really needs them anyway??? Well..I am coming along in the tech world.. I got this program from my friend Jori who sells Creative Memories. I have had it since before Christmas and I have enjoyed playing with it, but I didn't know how to get it from one place in the computer to the blog... some might say "oh that's easy" those are the ones I want to hurt... (by the way, I actually said that to someone about a computer question the other day..yikes...I'm becoming one of them!!)

Jori did a presentation at my friend Gayle's on Thursday. I took some pictures, and look what I did...

and then I did this ...

and here is Noreen, she is Gayle's mom. I adore Noreen, she is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I want to be like her when I grow up!
Someone at the party wondered if her sweater was leftover from her days at 'HOOTERS'!!This is the same picture I had on the previous post, but now ..
My intention was to use the program to design postcards for the sales and events that I am doing, using pictures that I have so inexpertly taken...

The other idea I had was for cards. This was to be the outside of our Christmas card that I didn't finish...(couldn't figure out how to get it off the computer..)
and you can do the inside as well or in the case of a postcard, the back.
No doubt those of you that are computer savvy have other ways that you do this, but for me this is nothing short of magic!!! Jori says it's "user friendly" I say," I love, love, love it..." it's easy !!


  1. Well, awesome job Joy! You'd have to teach me that one! VERY artistic dahling! (And very comuter savvy of course)!


  2. You are certainly coming of age in the techie world!!!!

  3. Welcome to the computer age, my dear! Great stuff! I'm sure you are having so much fun playing with your new toy.



  4. ok nice lady, when you get this program figured out please let me know. My program is still in the bag and I have NO CLUE what to do!!Tata for now Pam

  5. Wow, how nice ! You did a great job ~

  6. Hi Joy! You did an awsome job...but share with me!! I need that program if it is easy! You've gotten further then me with this computer stuff!! Heres my email so you can pass along your

  7. ya well....I'll be e-mailing Jori next!

  8. It will be great to see you at the Farm Chicks, should be fun!!


  9. Thanks Joy! I'm really excited to see how this program works,Jori makes this sound like a piece of cake...we'll see!!lol. Laurie

  10. Thanks Antie Joy for PUMPING up ME AND MY GOODS! I would be happy to do a show and tell so all of your friends can be "smarty farties" just like you! Download the program TONIGHT at or email me at and we'll meet for coffee! It is easy, intuitive, and will seriously make you wet your pants with all of the coolness built right in! You are doing some super cute cards there lil' Missy!