Friday, May 30, 2008

Farm Chick-ens!

I told you that I was going to Barn House Sale on Saturday. I am so sorry that I have been lame about getting this post done as it was absolutely WONDERFUL ! We were having such a good time, we hated to leave. I was concerned for the weather, but it was sunny and beautiful!! I took lots of pictures and I haven't had time to read any one's blog lately, but I am sure you have seen pictures from everyone because we were all so impressed and proud for Joe and Jermone.

So let me tell you a little about all the charm of their place. You drive up and there was a virtual buffet of sweet treats and coffee. The outside was adorable and these farm chicken's were there to welcome you. Everything was neat and tidy, these guys obviously know about... a place for everything and everything in its place!! It looks like this little chick in front even got a morning bath she was so clean and white!

We saw many old friends and it was fun to meet new ones as well. I ran into the Farrier's Daughter and that was a nice surprise, since I have been reading her blog but had never met her. I also met Natalie who I have seen at different places but had never actually met before, she was a vendor at the sale. Of course Miss Cindy the Tarte I mean of Tarte was there also as a vendor with all her fabulous treasures!!

Here is Diane, (Molly Mo's) Cindy, in the middle and Isabel on the right

She had some very cute aprons made from linen she is wearing one in the photo and I happen to know she has some very, very, cute things she is taking to Farm Chicks. She is creating with glitter and fabric and I know we will all want one!! (Don't tell her I told, because it is top secret!)

This guy, his name is Turkey -Turkey was hiding in the back room.

That is his wife in the straw behind him, she was having a little rest and I didn't catch her name, maybe hen-hen or henny-henny?? There were also goats out back but I didn't get their picture..

Here is Diane again, still shopping.. It really was hard to choose there were so many things we would have all loved to have taken home!

A very cool cupboard..
Sweet little display.. I told you a place for everything and everything...
I loved this little green set of drawers, one of my favorite things! This is the check out desk. That is Jermone in the back, I was so busy taking it all in I didn't get a picture of the two of them. But not to worry I will definitely be going to their sales and next time.... And who knows maybe by then I will have figured out how to use my new camera!!
This is the garden from the barn headed to the house, hence Barn House Antiques, go figure..

It was such a great time I hope if you are anywhere in the vicinity during their next event, that you will make it a priority to attend!

I am so happy to say that Baby Jack is recovering from his second liver transplant nicely. He came out of ICU early this week and has been enjoying being held and rocked by those that love him so. Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes for this darling baby boy and his family.


  1. I'm soooo bummed I didn't get to go!

  2. I had signed up for a class and couldn't time!! I do want that big white cabinet!! Love those chickens, Lindsey wants to get some...dye them pink...ha ha, how cute would that At Farm Chicks see if you can meet Stephanie Lee. Shes the one I took the class from. Laurie

  3. Well WOW! I am so happy I finally found you...and all your friends...and's like I died and went to Blog Heaven! I will be a regular! Iowa seems worlds apart from you...but if I can find an engine my 1969 Dodge RV is a headin your way! Smiles, Lorie

  4. Joyful...thought you'd get a kick out of this. I did a celebrity look alike collage...guess what? I look like your best friend Katie Couric. Yep. You betcha. Check it out on my'll laugh.

  5. Hey Joy!! Thanks so much for the kind words and coming out to our opening event. We LOVE your store and it really has been an inspiration for us...Country Living at its finest!! Just for clarification, "Turkey-Turkey" is also known as Big Daddy, Big Poppa, Big Boy...but never "Big Delicious." :o)

    J & J

  6. You're doing great, youi'll be ready for FC! Looks like I missed a good one at J&J's place. Looks beautiful.

    Miss you,

  7. No Fair =C!!! i want to go there really bad! those chickens are darling...I need to get some ideas for mannequins. I have one kinda like the ones you have and dont know what to do with it...good luck at Farm Chicks =D Do you have a summer sale?

  8. thank you Joy! it was very nice to finally meet you! i'm glad baby Jack is doing well. i will see you soon!


  9. I'm not sure if you'll get this in time or not but have a GREAT time at Farm Chicks! I soo wish I could go but maybe next time...thinking of you, Lisa, and Isabelle!
    ps soo glad baby Jack is doing better!

  10. Hi Joy, I cant wait to hear how this weekend at farm chicks went!! I guess I missed the get together Jori had going on. Hopefully I can go this mo. Do you get a chance to learn new stuff or just saw what Creative Memories had new? Let me know. Laurie

  11. I have to say while I loved your blog posts, the most dear one is of this sweet precious child. I have also been here too. My two little babies both needed a liver transplant. One got a transplant and the is unthinkable, God bless those who know how to care for these little ones. Live life joyously, Deb