Monday, May 12, 2008

Queen of all Aunties!

My cousin Judy, has a son Justin and a daughter Dana. Justin and his wife Melissa had a baby in November. Soon after Baby Jack was born it was discovered that he had medical problems, recently they were told he would need a liver transplant to live. Today his Aunt Dana gave part of her liver to her nephew. What an incredible gift, what an amazing sacrifice she is willing to make for her family.
Dana is a Kindergarten teacher, she and her husband Ric have 2 sweet little girls. Aunt Dana was willing to put her busy life on hold, in order to give the gift of life to her nephew. I am so proud and impressed with her courageous selflessness. She is certainly Queen of Aunties in my estimation!

This is a photo taken while they were at dinner last night that I got off my cell phone so it is not the best quality, but I wanted you to see what a hero and her nephew look like.

They both made it through their surgeries today and were in recovery doing as good as could be expected. I will keep you updated on their progress.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day, I had a great day with 3 of my 4 boys. The very best gift is having time with the ones you love. I can skip the cards, flowers and gifts, just come spend time with your mama...

We had our first t-ball game Saturday, I think Sam is probably a better actor than athlete he was certainly cute in his uniform.

If you think you need 2 kids in order to have them fight and argue, no that is not true. Sam often argues with himself playing one self against the other?? This week I heard him "echoing" himself, you know mom, mom,make him stop, make him stop, stop copying me, stop copying me, MOM, MOM, he won't quit, he won't quit, and on and on and on. And all this time you thought you needed 2 kids to really get on your one last nerve!!

Last week I got a call from the girls that own a wonderful shoe and clothing store "Stomp" in Silverton, they recently bought the coffee shop across the street, they named it "Stomping Grounds." They asked me to make a couple of umbrellas to use on their tables on the sidewalk

No pink, no ruffles, no lace. but they turned out very cute and look great in front of their building. Many times I have said how great our little town is, it seems to be better all the time, I would like to personally invite you to come check it out for yourself!!


  1. I love Silverton. I think it's about time I take my dear little mother for a drive through the countryside so we can enjoy one of our favorite neighboring towns. We were just talking about it the other day. The umbrellas are just too cute. We will have to check them out ourselves! ~Adrienne~

  2. We were in town briefly on Sat. to spend time with Mark's mom. Saw the umbrellas and thought they were cute...had no idea they were a Joyful creation though. How confusing! No pink, no lace....???

  3. Silverton is wonderful. I found it funny (sad)that the Thai restaurant made it into the news because they have a "no kids allowed" policy, they don't think they behave properly.Your umbrellas are wonderful and will make that street just sparkle!!Way to go.Laurie

  4. What a selfless thing for your cousin's daughter to do...!!
    Sam looks so cute in the photo...! Why do our babies have to grow up? I always ask Alex for a kiss before I leave him in preschool, and today, for the first time, he said "No thank you"... Buh huh!
    Those umbrellas turned out super cute!

  5. Hey Joy!! The story about your son made me laugh hysterically. It really reminds me of listening to Joe talk to himself and fight with everything from the weather to the water hose!! Too funny!! :o)


  6. Organic it possible?? anyways these are very cute things! See you at Farm Chicks

  7. OK...what a sweet face on that Sam!
    And I pray your nephew and his auntie continue doing well!
    What a wonderful thing to do....