Monday, May 19, 2008

My Love-Hate Relationship

This is the third day in a row that I have painted furniture. Whenever I can I prefer to spray, it goes on smoother and faster. I have had a few different sprayers and they are all very temperamental. When they are working right, nothing can be so fun. I love it!! When they are not working right OH MY GOODNESS what a hassle! I hate it!!

When I first got my sprayer, well actually for the first couple of years I didn't know it came apart in all the places where paint can get and dry causing the monster to stop working. Then one day I was messing around with Goof Off and a toothbrush and discovered it came apart in all kinds of places... I even discovered these tiny little O rings that need to be in certain places... And definitely strain the paint before using!
Another detail I have noticed, the hotter it is outside the better the paint flows. Paint flow is a good thing, without it, you might as well be using a brush!! Then of course wind is not a friend of the sprayer. Truthfully I think the sprayer likes wind, it is the person on the other end that gets paint in the face that hates it!! With all that said, whenever the weather is right I try and spray paint. Here in Oregon we generally have wind or rain or some other reason that makes it just not worth it.

Sunshine for three days in a row, that must be a record for May!! It is suppose to rain tomorrow, so I painted for 13 hours today... I had quite a collection of furniture from winter!!

Something I thought of today... it is a lot more fun to buy the product than it is to deal with it, once it becomes yours! Projects tend to "pile up" and eventually have to be tackled! I'm feeling like I made some definite headway with my pile, but there is always more calling my name. (I am not listening)

Here are a few of the things that I painted in the last couple of days. I decided to go with cream, sometimes practical gets the best of me... I'm always mixing from different cans, so I have some variety of cream, tan and off white. Today I opened a can that I though was gray, it was actually light light aqua, I mixed it with a tan, I thought the mix was cream, in the can with the sun shining on it... Well, after 27 of these little drawers and the cabinet they go in was painted and dried, I discovered they were actually light green!! I decided that was the base coat and I repainted them cream!! Just one of those kinda days. Those little O rings I mentioned earlier, I had to go to the store twice to get more, I kept loosing them... I think maybe I'm glad its going to rain!!
Here is part of the 27 drawers...

I already have the seat recovered for this bench.

This is going to be my check out desk.. I think it will put some wallpaper on the door and shelves.

This was a bad color of blue, it was missing the bottom drawer when I got it. Dave is going to make a shelf on the bottom and I will get some baskets to fit in the space.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for Baby Jack, yesterday he got a second liver transplant, this was one from a little 3 year old girl who died and her parents donated her organs. He seems to be doing much better so far. What a heartache for the little girls family, but what a miracle for Jack and our family. It is so sad that she died, but so generous that they would give the gift of life to another child. Actually more than one child and their family will benefit as they were also able to use her heart and kidneys. I would hope that if I was ever in a position to do something so selfless that I would make a choice that would be as compassionate as their's.


  1. Oh wow...a 2nd transplant for Jack, and heartbreak for a family who lost their little girl. I think the gift of organs is one of the best things about our fleeting lives.

    On another note.....13 hours?!!! Oh my. Only you Joy. Your Farm Chick booth will look fantastic though.

    Probably don't have time pre Farm Chick frenzy, but when you do, check out Sweet Repose in my blog roll. She's in Iowa, has a shop and does shows. Think you'll like her!

  2. Good thing you painted...for the rains have come. YUK!! I did quite a bit of spraying myself yesterday. It was such a lovely day!! You find the best stuff!!!!! Be sure and keep taking pictures..I wont be able to go ,but I sure want to see what I am missing out Laurie

  3. Oh, Joy, I hope Jack will pull through this one.... Keep us posted. Loving your pieces!! Call you soon!

  4. Joy~
    Just wanted to let you know baby Jack has been in our prayers (my daughter made a special intention for him at school today). Keep us posted.

  5. I hope Jack makes a smooth recovery.
    I love your furniture and style. :)

  6. Oh...that makes me so sad and yet so happy at the same time. That little girl will live on through Jack!! Best wishes for him and his family.

  7. I totally agree that the hunt is where all of the fun is! Looks like you really got a lot done though. I can't wait to see pictures of those many drawers in their cabinet...please do share pics.

  8. I gotta tell you I loved those metal drawers in the rustic look - why go to all the hassle with the darn sprayer if the patina is already so beautiful? I would've bree-waxed 'em I think. My husband would love you as he detests my obsession with "patina" also known as rust!
    Good to find your pretty blog - will check back often! I'm an Oregonian living in LA now.