Saturday, May 17, 2008

It Was Blue Saturday

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get the shop organized and start pricing and packing for Farm Chicks.
Finally we had some warm weather!!! Actually from rainy and cold to hot and sunny over night, regardless it was a perfect day to paint. So paint I did!! Everything is blue, everything except me I'm definitely on the pink side, just a little sunburned!! If I wait until a nice hot day especially one without wind, the paint cooperates and I can get several things painted in very little time. The paint I used was a very light aqua, the picture makes it look darker, it is closer to the color of the writing on the picture. Tomorrow I hope to paint again and I will pick a different color... perhaps pink to match my shoulders and nose??

I think I will use the ladders for shelves at Farm Chicks

I'm still having a hard time figuring out how to use my new camera, all of these are actually the same color except the sewing box, which is white.

The sun is certainly helping the plants start blooming. Here are a few that I have eagerly been waiting to see.
I have decided not to plant pots on the deck this year, we are planning a 2 week trip in Dumbo (the RV) and they will die, unless I have one of my friends water them and they all have enough watering on their own flowers that I wouldn't want them to take on mine as well. Generally I plant 30 or 40 so it is quite a job!! I love to water the pots on the deck when I am home. I also enjoy dead heading, which I know is strange but for some reason I just love plucking off the dead ones and making them all tidy and clean...not to mention it makes them continue blooming. It is fun to plant in things other than pots, like watering cans or buckets. I also enjoy moving them around and creating little sitting areas with the plants and furniture. I hope I don't have flower withdrawal this summer... I will plant some annuals in the garden so I will have some that I cut to bring in for bouquets. I have lots of roses and peonies so I will have to take extra good care of them so they will bloom all summer.

The update on Baby Jack is that he has developed an infection and is in very critical condition. Please remember him and his family in your prayers. His Auntie is doing good and should be able to go home to recover early next week.

I hope all of you are having a nice weekend, hopefully you are enjoying your spring!


  1. Sunshine!!!! It hurt my eyes.LOL. Love your color of blue!! Happy painting!! Laurie

  2. sorry to hear baby Jack isn't doing well. Tell Kay and her family they are definitely in our thoughts.

    I saw a picture of your booth in Portland on Gayle Tweed's blog awhile back...meant to tell you.

    Good idea with the ladders for shelf display for Farm Chicks. You must be getting excited for the show!

    Plant some containers to take camping when you venture out with Dumbo. Always fun to have posies along to make your campsite cute.

  3. Love all the blue! Pretty, pretty!



  4. I am so sorry to hear about Baby Jack, I'll be praying hard!

    Pretty colors, and great idea for shelves! You DID have a productive weekend! I did too. I only have one burn on my pinky!

    Call soon. Hugs!


  5. Poor little fellow :( He will be in my thoughts and prayers as well (((hug)))
    Such a great job painting!

  6. Praying for baby Jack and mommy, too. Such a hard time.
    Doesn't it feel good to get outside and paint? I love to paint outside; but now it is too *hot*! Love that blue!
    Have fun getting ready for FarmChicks~I would be soo nervous!