Saturday, May 24, 2008

Update on Jack

This morning as I wait for my friend Diane to pick me up for our trip to the Barn House Antiques I wanted to give you an update on Baby Jack. I got a call yesterday from Cousin Judy, his Mimi. She said that he would be getting out of ICU later that day, and his counts were very good. She was so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers that have been given on their behalf. Here is an old picture, taken last summer of Sam with a couple of Judy's other grand babies. The little guy on the right is Henry, he is Jack's big brother. I thought the picture looked as if he was looking for his mommy and baby brother, hoping they would coming home soon from the hospital.

I promise to take lots of pictures of todays 'great adventure'. Have a wonderful Saturday! And yes I know, I should be staying home getting things done for Farm Chicks!!


  1. So good to know about baby Jack...!! Keep us posted!
    How much fun did we have today?!! It was great to spend time with you girls!!

  2. Dont forget to pick me up on the way up there! I'll be ready =D

  3. I cant wait to see and hear about your venture to the Barn House. I hopefully will make it to the next sale.
    Farm Chicks is right around the corner and I can not wait!!!
    Take Care,

  4. Joy, it was so great to meet you in person! It certainly was an inspiring day for me. I loved it! Funny you mentioned the sale on the 4th...I have been meaning to ask you about it. I would love to take part in it. I am going to be in Silverton this week, maybe I can stop by and grab an info packet. Let me know.