Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Sheets and a Moo Moo

I found a darling Moo Moo in a box of linens not long ago, a friend saw it hanging to dry on the bedroom door. She ever so sweetly said.. we can't be friends if you wear that.. But I really love the fabric

and who doesn't need a nice house dress?? But I certainly wouldn't want to loose a friend over a moo moo ?? I realize I would have looked like a cow in it and I probably wouldn't have worn it out of the house, but I loved the fabric and I just couldn't part with it.
Shortly after that I went to Lisa's to make a cart liner and I wore, I mean I took the moo moo. I also took a car load of other fabric but naturally I liked what Lisa had best, it was a Ralph Lauren sheet with a wonderful ruffle. I used it to line the cart And the mmo moo fabric for the outside.. Now I think everyone can take a deep breath, I won't be wearing the moo moo..
The pocket is the backside of Sam's old Levi's. I thought the little back pockets would be great for keys and phone. I think it is a hassle when eveything falls to the bottom and gets covered by the big stuff.

There was enough of the sheet left to make curtains for the RV. The top valance is some that I bought that has a western theme.
I love the ruffle on the bottom, it is hard to see in the photo. I found some faux leather fringe that I glued to the shade. The tiebacks are a piece of vintage lace and the velvet roses are some that I found at the flea market not long ago.

There is still fabric left over from the sheet that I would like to use for a sham or pillow for the bed. It is so economical to use sheets for decorating or any sewing projects, that is especially true if your friend gives them to you!! Thanks Lisa!!

Lisa also offered me this sheet to use as the bedspread, it is also a Ralph Lauren.

I might make a duvet cover or line it or just leave it as a thin spread.

I know the RV is suppose to be cowboy, but the bedroom has a floral twist. The lampshade I got from Sheila is perfect hanging above the bed.

Here is the picture I will hang on the wall.
I hate to use anything that is not wonderful, because we are taking Dumbo the RV to Texas this summer and I want to save some wall space for any cowboy treasures I may find between here and there...
I have been in a sewing frenzy the past couple of weeks, here are a couple of aprons I have made out of overalls.

My old camera bit the dust so I got a new one and these were my first pictures, of course I was anxious to get a post done so I took them last night. I will try taking more today and hopefully they will be better!


  1. Oh, my!! It's starting to look like a true home away from home...!! Lovely touches!! Miss you!

  2. Wowzer! You are a busy girl! Your fanny looks so skinny in those apron pictures too!


  3. You are having *too* much fun with that RV! As women, we just *have* to play house, don't we? Seriously, it is vey cute and homey. Just right for family time!
    Love those aprons-I love denim and roses together!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh I am loving those overall aprons.... where can I buy One??? Do you have an Etsy shop??
    I also adore the lining for the cart. I have a junkin' cart that I take to flea markets so may I borrow your idea??? I found your blog via Ms Gracie and I love what you girls and all of that wonderful talent that you both have!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Love how your cart turned out. So very cute and the jeans pocket was a great idea. Love your little curtains for the RV too. Sew much fun! Let's get together next week, okay?



  6. What fun to decorate that RV of yours!! LOL about the MOO MOO! I think it serves the cart nicely. Great job!!!! I need to do this for mine as it is all rusty and old.


  7. Love the moo moo fabric....
    the cart looks fabulous!
    You always amaze me...