Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last week I was invited to a party, and not being one to miss a party, I said count me in. The invitation said knotty blanket which I thought was a misspelled word. Well it wasn't a naughty it was a knotty blanket made of fleece and so adorable.
My friend Jori and her friend Kathy volunteered to host a party

for their friend Monica, she has twin 7 year old girls that have

Cystic Fibrous
the goal was to get together and make blankets to raffle off for a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrous.
Friends gathered with two pieces of fleece, each one and a half yards long. They put them on top of each other
Cut strips along the edge, tied knots, and before you know it we had finished blankets!!

A big pile of blankets!!
That will be used to raise money to further research for

a disease that these little girls and many others live with everyday. Thank you ladies for inviting me be part of this.

I'm still working along on the RV, thankfully it is small and won't be much longer before I am finished. I will be sharing pictures soon. We took a trip to Bend this weekend and this little guy decided to share Sam's breakfast, even though it was being guarded by this Power Ranger .
The little chipmunk is thinking about checking out the RV where I was standing taking pictures, he got to the step when he looked up and saw me in the doorway! I'm serious when I say I would have rolled the RV if that is what it would have taken to get OUT had the little guy come IN!!
He might look small and sweet but I'm fairly certain they can become ferocious beasts at any time!!


  1. What a great idea for a fundraiser... I hope they get lots of money! Now, Joy, scared of a tiny chipmunk...?!! That's ok, I would probably do the same!!

  2. Oh, but he is sooo cute!! lol. Cant wait to see your do over motor home!! Laurie

  3. Nothin' "naughty" about that!!!!~