Friday, October 3, 2008

The Count Down Continues...

Actually I have been so busy I lost count of the days until the Open House. Quick do the math... ummmm....8 days actually 7 it is after midnight!! Oh gee I have to go, only 7 days!! Just kidding, what the heck I have important news to report!! And to think I was going to post every day for the 2 weeks prior to the Open House...

Have you ever noticed, especially when you have lots and lots to do how it all takes a lot more time than it should?? Or shall we say, a lot more time than you planned? For instance, who would have thought it could take so long to glue a few spoons around a barrell? And such a clever idea...

Then there is the little pumpkin, that I am constantly going to the garden to check its progress... at least it looks like a pumpkin and that is where last years jack-o-lantern was carved...

I have been encouraging it along, hurry little pumpkin, hurry!

I'm not holding out much hope for the little guy, he has a way to go..

I won't bore you with the details of, how long could it possibly take to paint 2 rooms, or how many ways can furniture be moved around and on and on and on.

Mr. Sam kinda summed it up last night.... I'm working on a shelf under the chalk board, which I moved to the kitchen above the stove. The one that was by the back door, which when I moved it I discovered, I should have moved it last time I painted... Because now that wall has to be painted ...

But back to Sam... "Mom, is there a judge?" Hmm, I ask.. "Will there be a judge to give a medal to who has the best house?" Well.... I'm thinking, have I taken this just a little to far??? No, I assure myself, I wouldn't be a little compulsive about all this, maybe I'm just hoping for a gold??? But I did go ahead and let him draw a picture on the chalkboard, even though what does a train have to do with harvest??

So you will be happy to note, that we went to Toni's for dinner tonight so we could, take five and see Brynne and Addie. We had a little treat for the princess...

We were so glad that Sarah one of Brynne's, best friends from college was going to be there with her husband for dinner. We had a few prizes for her baby too. She's at the melon stage, and Bee's baby is at the avacado...

Such a fun time to be with them, glad we took the time...

And I ask, what could be more precious??


  1. Jeez...I thought the wooden spoons on the barrel was rope!

  2. Fun stuff!
    I thought the wooden spoons was rope also. Crazy! It looks fabulous.
    I had talked to Lisa at A Thing For Roses about fun and fantastic places to go in Eugene and Coburg. She suggested I chat with you. If you have time (I know your getting ready for your show) could you e-mail me? I would like to chat with you. I'm trying to figure out how I can get to your open house while I'm down that way. That sounds like a lot of fun
    Thank you

  3. Pretty darned cute girls, and No Charmaine, you know Joy better than that! Look close, she actually DID glue those little ice cream wooden spoons on a barrel!
    As my Grandson would say "Oh my gosh, You gotta be KIDDIN' ME!"

    Hugs and Get ahold of yourself, JOY!

  4. That barrel takes the prize! You got a GOLD right there ;o)

  5. Joy, please tell me you did NOT glue all those spoons....!! You're insane! That's why I love you!

  6. Spoons! Where in heavens name did you get all those Spoons! I love the effect,always the unexpected.It's going to be fun to see your house morphed again. When someone sez "Oh, you changed your house around (again)my standard reply is "well it keeps me outta the bars."They don't say much after that. Hopefully see you next week. Happy Junken trails

  7. Honey-Joy, we can't wait to get back down to your place! UNfortunately I have to work on Friday, so be sure to just set aside everything WE need so the shopping vultures don't take OUR stuff before we arrive!! ;o)

    And another thing, what's up with the "Creative Directors" of the world???? Joe is trying to take on some "UN-necessary" BH Home redecorating projects in addition to getting ready for Oct 18th. Y'all are crazy!!! LOL