Friday, October 31, 2008

The Secret is Out

I know you have heard me talk about my friend Lisa and I told you awhile back that she and Tiffany, had a secret that they were smiling about.
well the secret is out and in PRINT they are indeed Artful Bloggers !! I tried Monday to hurry out and get a copy at Borders, but they weren't there yet... You know I will keep trying because I will want an autographed copy, that I will treasure forever!! Seriously, I am so happy for both of them it is so cool to get recognized, or validated what ever you might call it, for what you do.

You will need to check out their blogs and let them tell the whole story!!

There are other bloggers in this magazine that have some amazing pictures and ideas. I have enjoyed all of the issues!!

Today is Halloween, this is the only picture I could find of the big boys dressed up, back in the old days we took slides. It is not something I have ever been very "into" so these guys never had very elaborate costumes. Mostly they were Karate Kids and that was wearing Karate Kid pajamas.. not too creative...this was the year their dad and I were out of town and their aunt dressed them up.

It doesn't look like that middle child was too thrilled.

Here are Emily and Tyson, maybe they were a 2 headed monster??I'm pretty sure that wasn't a Halloween costume but aren't cousins fun!
Here is Sam on his first Halloween, he loved being a duck!
Tyson has enjoyed this Tigger costume way to much! He is no doubt wearing it tonight, he's only 22, I suppose that's almost normal..

Then there was the year Sam was Tigger and Cousin Kyle was Pooh.

Sam has adored Kyle from the first time he met him.
Here they are as Siamese Twins...

I loved Sam as a Bumble Bee.

I can remember when I was little we were more excited for Halloween than Christmas. To say we got tons of candy was an understatement, what a time we had literally running from house to house with enormous bags okay they were pillowcases... and we would get them full of candy!! What could possibly be more fun than that?? I was still trick or treating in High School. Sadly I must admit, the fun has diminished over the years. Running from house to house with a wet dirty pillowcase just isn't as fun for me as it once was.. Not to mention, has anyone noticed how teeny tiny the candy is now adays?? Goodness I sure miss the good ole days!
Yikes is this a scarey monster?? With abnormally large muscles??
This is Iron Man (we have moved on from Power Ranger)

But you can be certain Sam is totally up for a full night of trick or treating!! Luckily, his dad will take him for as long as his little legs will hold out. The crazy part is, there are not very many candies that Sam would let past his lips. All I can say to that is... gee that's too bad!


  1. Wow, what a great post! Thanks so much for the shout out. Love your new layout too. Very cool. The kids in costumes pictures are so fun. Thanks again for coming over this week. We need to do that more often. Maybe next time I will actually get something done.



  2. How precious they all are/were! -Thanks for trick-or-treating over here! So glad we figured out it was you before you got in the car and left!

    Love ya.