Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fun!

Portland Expo was great! I love the summer show, because we are outside and for some reason that is more of a party, but Fall Expo is a lot of fun. It is always great to be with my friends, Isabel was on one side and Maryann and Shannon on the other. But I also enjoy meeting new people and over the 3 days it seems like I always get acquainted with someone new, then the following sale it is exciting to see them again! It is also great seeing customers and they become friends as well even if you only see them at sales. Seems kinda strange, but it isn't so much the sell, but more the relationships that makes this business so much fun... Although I suppose if there weren't any sales then it would be a pretty miserable business...
We took Dumbo (the rv) and stayed in the parking lot at Portland Meadows (the racetrack). That really makes it a lot more enjoyable, because it is at least an hour one way from Silverton to Expo. I know you will all be glad to hear the water pump had been repaired and I didn't have to wash my hair in the sink at the restaurant! My pictures turned out pretty bad, so I took this from Isabel's post.It shows Maryann's in front, mine in the middle, and Isabel's booth in the back. A 10x10 foot booth seems to shrink every time we get one! We might just have to step up and get 2 each next time!
Here is the sweet baby I let Maryann borrow for her bassinet. She thought I should take it out, until we could get it a shave!!

Something I'm sure all good moms love to do is go on field trips with their child's class. Okay, now it is out... I hate field trips!! Naturally, I feel the pressure to go... So Monday, I found myself at school, lining up for our trip. Thankfully it was a walking field trip, no smelly, car sick, bus ride for me!!

Great the Police Station!!
He seems too happy to see us!! Could this be a set up?? Actually this is our meterman, he walks around town keeping everyone honest when it comes to parking.

Does it look like these children are listening??Am I the only one who think both the teacher and the policeman look very young?
Here is a trio, cooling their heels in the holding cell... It doesn't look like they are ready to talk...
Now they are all getting a major time out!!

What is it about this picture that really creeps me out??
Thankfully we all got out without further incident...

With a quick stop at the city park, enjoying the scenery along the way...

I said goodbye at the door and I was out of there!!


  1. Glad Expo went well.

    I can't believe you did the field trip thing!

  2. I found your blog and I really enjoyed reading it!! I missed out on the expo last weekend, darnit.. There's always so much to choose from I can't hit everything I want to! Loved your beautiful pictures from the field trip too! Karol

  3. What a "Joy" it is to read your blog. I must admit I have become addicted to reading blogs! As I work at my job all day I take little breaks to get a breath of enthusiasm by reading your blog daily. Oh, I know you are sooooooo busy that a day or two may pass so I just re-read your past blogs or one of your friends. I have had the pleasure of meeting you at a few shows but I was so crushed that I had a previous comment I didn't make your or this past weekend Expo. Darn, life sometimes gets in the way of having fun. I think back a couple of weeks to the Barn House and hearing your voice coming into the barn just put a smile onto my face. You may not know that your laugh, love of life effects total strangers out in this wonderful world of ours. Keep smiling and doing what you are doing for you have a very special gift!

  4. Darn, darn...I missed the fall expo! My friends all want to go to this, so maybe next year.

    Cute post on the kids' field trip. Yes, the cop and teacher both look young. What amazed me was the old ink fingerprinting method. Nowadays they have computerized ones that most use.

    Have a lovely day,

  5. What a nice Mama you are! They can wear ya out, I tell ya!