Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deja vu...

Last March, I was at Portland Expo, in a booth, next to Isabel...

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So... this weekend, I'll be at Portland Expo, in a booth, next to Isabel...
Come by and say HI!!


  1. Just wanted to stop in... Wishing you the best of sales & friendships at your up-coming show...

    Blessings 2 you on this AuTuMn DaY, Pamela

  2. Hi Joy , Happy day ! I will see you there, Sue

  3. You ladies have fun. I will be thinking about you. Today we shipped 2315 trees and have more to go out in the morning. I guess the sooner we get started the sooner we get done. Then we can have time for cookies and such. Tata for now. Pam

  4. I wish I COULD be there!! Hope it's a great weekend for you. Looking forward, hopefully, to pictures........

  5. Couldn't have chosen a better neighbor...!! Love you!

  6. BOO!!! You have been "BOO-ed"! Please stop by my blog to pick up your treat :)
    Happy Halloween ,

  7. Hi! Ok, you know I love you and I can ALWAYS admit when I'm wrong, so here I go eating crow! I am publicly very sorry for teasing you about making a slide show. Not only does it look GREAT, but it would also be wonderful to help me sell charms! Now I'm (sheepishly) asking you if you'll help me make one!

    Yours in Errors of Judgment,