Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Dawn

Thought you might like to meet my friend Dawn. She came home with me from the Coburg Antique Show. I meet her early in the morning, dawn to be exact. She has been anxious to make he debut as a model, but I have been busy and preoccupied, so I am just now getting around to introducing her. She loves jewelry and I am constantly finding MY jewelry on her!
Today I finished this apron. I got the fabric on Monday, my sister Terri and I made a quick dash into my friend Celia's fabric store located downtown Silverton. She found the perfect fabric for an apron in the first 2 minutes and I hemmed and hawed forever, but finally decided on this combination. I loved the little crows, kinda a fall theme going on here, and then I had to find the perfect floral to go with it...

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The name of the apron is Lily. I made it about 5 inches longer and changed the pocket around. I'm happy to have a new apron and I'm hoping Dawn doesn't think I made it for her!

Dawn thought we should show you some of the areas in the house, since she is wearing the fall apron all dolled up with no place to go, she might as well give a house tour.
Here is Dawn, standing near the back door.

This doily is one that one of my customers brought me that came from Belgium, where they make lace. She saw that I use lace where ever I can find a spot and thought I should have some real lace, so she brought me some of hers. I was delighted!
I love this metal basket holding the tin can, at times I wonder what makes things appealing to me.
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Dawn is in the dining room now, she is eying the chocolate malt balls, but everyone who lives here knows the candy is decorations, and we don't eat decorations!

The collection of ice picks has nothing to do with the don't eat the decorations rule...
Ironic though that they are next to one another on the cabinet.

Have you ever seen the candles that look like fruit? I have seen pears, apples, peaches...
These are actually fruit that are suppose to look like the candles of fruit... Does that make sense??
Dawn is a little bored with the tour so she is turning in for the night...
With any luck the rest of the house pictures will be a slide show you can see soon!

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  1. Dawn did a lovely job with the tour.

    Love the fabric combo in the apron.

    Ok....what did you do on the walls? Paint and glaze? It looks fab.

  2. I love that apron, in fact I would wear that to work its so cute !! Those necklaces are cute too!
    I loved your house and shop , everything was pretty and fun.
    I need you to come do a make-over in my house next, lol!!!


  3. Dawn looks great in her cute apron with all that jewelry! Glad she was able to come home with you.

  4. Dear Dawn, do I EVER have some good stories to tell you! (Don't tell Joy)!



    p.s if that darling apron had arms and a back I'd wear it as a dress! Love it!

  5. I want that apron pattern. It would look so adorable over a simple dress. You know like a pinafore. Did I ever mention to you that I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was a girl? Apparently I still do. Love it!