Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guest Blogger-Emily Colvin

A Different Point of View
Hey, this is Emily, or Miss Molly, Joy's niece. I have temporarily taken over the blog writing. You may remember that I was the one that helped start this little addiction of hers. At the moment she is too busy to write, she is trying to get her house ready for her open house that is at 10 on friday. As you can see she still has some work to do, but she will have it finished. . . at 9:45 on Friday morning (have no fear, she always does it!).
So yesterd
ay Auntie was having a difficult day. At midnight, while at the 24 hour market, she about snapped under all the pressure. She started questioning why she even bothers decorating, wondered if anybody cares, and was ready to cancel her open house all together. In this tramatic time of need she headed to the magazine aisle for some theroputic inspiration. Now mind you, she selected this particular magazine for absolutly no reason, it is not one of her favorites, but when she opened to a radom page she found the sign she was looking for. She found a picture of HER house. There was no name and the picture was four years old, but those were minor details. It was all she needed to get her spirit back. Now I would like to point out again how this discovery was meant to be, she does not typically read this magazine and pure spontaneity was the only reason she picked up that certain issue.

Now I would like to tell another story that happened to her at a 24 hour market, yet was not so positive an experience. As she was in the fast food line at 6 am she ordered a small Diet coke, which costs a dollar. So to her surprise the cashier gives her back 40 cents. She is so confused until she realized. . . THIS LADY HAD CHARGED HER THE SENIOR CITIZEN RATE!!!!!! As traumatic as this experience, she does seem to have bounced back and has returned to her normal crazy self.
And now a quick note on the spoon blog, this was a joke, she DID NOT glue all of those spoons on the barrel; she was only stating how long it must have taken. Although she is crazy and does spend inordinate tim
e on projects, she does see the craziness in that particular project.
This picture is of me, dressed up for my school's homecoming dance. This dress cost 13.99, I must have inherited the family gene of buying cheap stuff. I liked it because it looked vintage, that must run in the family too. On that same day we dressed Addie up as a pirate and took a picture on this old tractor, it was such a cool tractor and she looks so dang cute i could not resist adding this picture.
Well this is my goodbye to all her avid readers!

xoxo Miss Molly

P.S. I hope you like my song addition to her blog


  1. Hi Emily, you're doing a good job on Joy's blog! Would you please email me the invite that Joy emailed to everyone? I deleted it thinking that it would also be on the blog, and it isn't... I want to advertise for it on my blog. Great job, see ya soon!


  2. Emily, I 'm glad you blogged for Joy. I know how busy she is. I don't think h\she ever sleeps. Who goes to the am/pm at those hours. It scares me just thinking about it. I for one LOVE to see all the cool stuff she does to her house. She is my inspiration. Tell her that for me will you. Pam

  3. Awesome job Emily! Joy is so lucky to have you pitch hit for her in this stressful time. Joy, I know you're reading this. Take a deep breath and relax. I know you will pull it all together, you always do. Love you bunches!


  4. He, he, he, that Auntie Joy! Would sure like to see her "in action"....
    Thank you, Ems, for keeping us updated on this marvelous lady!

  5. Good job and so nice that you can help out your auntie! Hey, stop by - I gotta a giveaway goin'g on! M.

  6. Good job Emily! And the song addition is great! Your Auntie Joy is in good hands!

  7. Good golly, miss Molly, you are doing a great job!!!! Joy, help is a'comin... As for the senior citizen discount thing, just listen to this one: my daughter Clara looked at a vintage picture of a group of women from the 1930's and asked me if I was IN the picture....!!!

    P.S. I am SO relieved you did NOT glue those spoons... I did not want to go look for a straight jacket!!