Sunday, October 19, 2008

Full Recovery

In case you have been concerned, the arm I broke while patting myself on the back over my success with the slide show is fully healed! I need to be careful about that as old bones are easily broken you know...
Thankfully I had the use of both arms Saturday when Sheila and I went north to discover what our friends in that part of the country were up too. I had met Cheryl
in line last month while we were waiting to pay at Barn House. And next thing you know we are the best of friends and she came last weekend to my Open House and this weekend I went to her sale!! Yip friends are FUN!! Everyone said this was a great sale, that happens only twice a year so we didn't want to miss it. We met up with Lisa and Isabel and stood in line with them, met some new friends and got some great treasures.

Then off we were, off like a herd of turtles to Barn House!
It was nothing short of the blind leading the blind! No one knew how to get there, so first Lisa and Isabel would lead and then it was Sheila and my turn. I kept saying this looks right, I think I remember this tree... I know that telephone pole looks familiar... Yeah this looks right, turn this way (it was the only option) then I saw a sign that I really did recognize, whew that was close, but we made it!

Did we ever see some scary characters once we got there!
And of course we weren't disappointed in the merchandise either!
Sorry that's Michael Jack, I mean Prince, I mean Joe and he's not for sale!

I know Jermonne will have the most wonderful slide show of this posted soon so check it out. His pictures will be, before the buying frenzy began!
It was good to see Charmanie there, she made a long trek across the mountain to see for herself what all the buzz about the Barn House Boys was about. Here is the purse she bought from
We had a great time there and as we were leaving, who should we run into but our buddy Timmi and her friends

from Snoquomish, Washington... We chatted awhile and then off again!!

We caught a couple more sales and saw other friends.
visited with Tiffany, she and Lisa are happy and they have a secret so be watching their blogs to hear what it is...

Next off to Monticello where we ran into Timmi and her friends again! We joined them for a late lunch.
All in all a great day!
Here was a sign outside Barn House that I keep thinking about,
I'm glad I got a picture of it and if I was half as clever as I wish I was, I would have it playing on my play list that Miss Molly did for me, but... not so clever


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  2. good to see you at the sale. Thanks for the editing!

  3. Hi Joy! So nice to see you nad the other girls at the sale this weekend! Keep that Guest Room clean, I might be taking you up on your offer! :)
    xoxo, Tiffany

  4. We(Pam & company!) were there bright and early but no Joy........ wasnt that sale the greatest?! We even hit some of the others in the area- those were good too!!
    Will you be atleast decorating your home for Christmas this year and posting pics of it?! It just wouldnt be Christmas without seeing your house, well atleast pics of it!
    Take Care,

  5. So glad you took lots of pics. I'm sending everyone here and Isabel's. I was too buy visiting to take pics. It was so much fun on Saturday. We need to plan another shopping day soon. See you on Friday if not sooner.



  6. Great photos the collage. I am so glad you came...we had such a good time!! xoxo Cindy

  7. Wasn't it a great day? Debbie and I hit both sales too. We saw Sheila at Vintage Secrets but missed you! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  8. Thank you!!
    We had so much fun with you ladies. Thank you for joining us for lunch it was great to visit with you and Shelia. You inspired me to get off my duff! Thank you!

  9. So thats what all that cackling was at The Monticello cafe as i was working so hard to pull my booth into some kind of order.Sounded like you were having too much fun!! It was great to see you Joy and always a pleasure to hear your laugh. Kathy