Friday, May 30, 2008

Farm Chick-ens!

I told you that I was going to Barn House Sale on Saturday. I am so sorry that I have been lame about getting this post done as it was absolutely WONDERFUL ! We were having such a good time, we hated to leave. I was concerned for the weather, but it was sunny and beautiful!! I took lots of pictures and I haven't had time to read any one's blog lately, but I am sure you have seen pictures from everyone because we were all so impressed and proud for Joe and Jermone.

So let me tell you a little about all the charm of their place. You drive up and there was a virtual buffet of sweet treats and coffee. The outside was adorable and these farm chicken's were there to welcome you. Everything was neat and tidy, these guys obviously know about... a place for everything and everything in its place!! It looks like this little chick in front even got a morning bath she was so clean and white!

We saw many old friends and it was fun to meet new ones as well. I ran into the Farrier's Daughter and that was a nice surprise, since I have been reading her blog but had never met her. I also met Natalie who I have seen at different places but had never actually met before, she was a vendor at the sale. Of course Miss Cindy the Tarte I mean of Tarte was there also as a vendor with all her fabulous treasures!!

Here is Diane, (Molly Mo's) Cindy, in the middle and Isabel on the right

She had some very cute aprons made from linen she is wearing one in the photo and I happen to know she has some very, very, cute things she is taking to Farm Chicks. She is creating with glitter and fabric and I know we will all want one!! (Don't tell her I told, because it is top secret!)

This guy, his name is Turkey -Turkey was hiding in the back room.

That is his wife in the straw behind him, she was having a little rest and I didn't catch her name, maybe hen-hen or henny-henny?? There were also goats out back but I didn't get their picture..

Here is Diane again, still shopping.. It really was hard to choose there were so many things we would have all loved to have taken home!

A very cool cupboard..
Sweet little display.. I told you a place for everything and everything...
I loved this little green set of drawers, one of my favorite things! This is the check out desk. That is Jermone in the back, I was so busy taking it all in I didn't get a picture of the two of them. But not to worry I will definitely be going to their sales and next time.... And who knows maybe by then I will have figured out how to use my new camera!!
This is the garden from the barn headed to the house, hence Barn House Antiques, go figure..

It was such a great time I hope if you are anywhere in the vicinity during their next event, that you will make it a priority to attend!

I am so happy to say that Baby Jack is recovering from his second liver transplant nicely. He came out of ICU early this week and has been enjoying being held and rocked by those that love him so. Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes for this darling baby boy and his family.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Update on Jack

This morning as I wait for my friend Diane to pick me up for our trip to the Barn House Antiques I wanted to give you an update on Baby Jack. I got a call yesterday from Cousin Judy, his Mimi. She said that he would be getting out of ICU later that day, and his counts were very good. She was so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers that have been given on their behalf. Here is an old picture, taken last summer of Sam with a couple of Judy's other grand babies. The little guy on the right is Henry, he is Jack's big brother. I thought the picture looked as if he was looking for his mommy and baby brother, hoping they would coming home soon from the hospital.

I promise to take lots of pictures of todays 'great adventure'. Have a wonderful Saturday! And yes I know, I should be staying home getting things done for Farm Chicks!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Love-Hate Relationship

This is the third day in a row that I have painted furniture. Whenever I can I prefer to spray, it goes on smoother and faster. I have had a few different sprayers and they are all very temperamental. When they are working right, nothing can be so fun. I love it!! When they are not working right OH MY GOODNESS what a hassle! I hate it!!

When I first got my sprayer, well actually for the first couple of years I didn't know it came apart in all the places where paint can get and dry causing the monster to stop working. Then one day I was messing around with Goof Off and a toothbrush and discovered it came apart in all kinds of places... I even discovered these tiny little O rings that need to be in certain places... And definitely strain the paint before using!
Another detail I have noticed, the hotter it is outside the better the paint flows. Paint flow is a good thing, without it, you might as well be using a brush!! Then of course wind is not a friend of the sprayer. Truthfully I think the sprayer likes wind, it is the person on the other end that gets paint in the face that hates it!! With all that said, whenever the weather is right I try and spray paint. Here in Oregon we generally have wind or rain or some other reason that makes it just not worth it.

Sunshine for three days in a row, that must be a record for May!! It is suppose to rain tomorrow, so I painted for 13 hours today... I had quite a collection of furniture from winter!!

Something I thought of today... it is a lot more fun to buy the product than it is to deal with it, once it becomes yours! Projects tend to "pile up" and eventually have to be tackled! I'm feeling like I made some definite headway with my pile, but there is always more calling my name. (I am not listening)

Here are a few of the things that I painted in the last couple of days. I decided to go with cream, sometimes practical gets the best of me... I'm always mixing from different cans, so I have some variety of cream, tan and off white. Today I opened a can that I though was gray, it was actually light light aqua, I mixed it with a tan, I thought the mix was cream, in the can with the sun shining on it... Well, after 27 of these little drawers and the cabinet they go in was painted and dried, I discovered they were actually light green!! I decided that was the base coat and I repainted them cream!! Just one of those kinda days. Those little O rings I mentioned earlier, I had to go to the store twice to get more, I kept loosing them... I think maybe I'm glad its going to rain!!
Here is part of the 27 drawers...

I already have the seat recovered for this bench.

This is going to be my check out desk.. I think it will put some wallpaper on the door and shelves.

This was a bad color of blue, it was missing the bottom drawer when I got it. Dave is going to make a shelf on the bottom and I will get some baskets to fit in the space.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for Baby Jack, yesterday he got a second liver transplant, this was one from a little 3 year old girl who died and her parents donated her organs. He seems to be doing much better so far. What a heartache for the little girls family, but what a miracle for Jack and our family. It is so sad that she died, but so generous that they would give the gift of life to another child. Actually more than one child and their family will benefit as they were also able to use her heart and kidneys. I would hope that if I was ever in a position to do something so selfless that I would make a choice that would be as compassionate as their's.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It Was Blue Saturday

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get the shop organized and start pricing and packing for Farm Chicks.
Finally we had some warm weather!!! Actually from rainy and cold to hot and sunny over night, regardless it was a perfect day to paint. So paint I did!! Everything is blue, everything except me I'm definitely on the pink side, just a little sunburned!! If I wait until a nice hot day especially one without wind, the paint cooperates and I can get several things painted in very little time. The paint I used was a very light aqua, the picture makes it look darker, it is closer to the color of the writing on the picture. Tomorrow I hope to paint again and I will pick a different color... perhaps pink to match my shoulders and nose??

I think I will use the ladders for shelves at Farm Chicks

I'm still having a hard time figuring out how to use my new camera, all of these are actually the same color except the sewing box, which is white.

The sun is certainly helping the plants start blooming. Here are a few that I have eagerly been waiting to see.
I have decided not to plant pots on the deck this year, we are planning a 2 week trip in Dumbo (the RV) and they will die, unless I have one of my friends water them and they all have enough watering on their own flowers that I wouldn't want them to take on mine as well. Generally I plant 30 or 40 so it is quite a job!! I love to water the pots on the deck when I am home. I also enjoy dead heading, which I know is strange but for some reason I just love plucking off the dead ones and making them all tidy and clean...not to mention it makes them continue blooming. It is fun to plant in things other than pots, like watering cans or buckets. I also enjoy moving them around and creating little sitting areas with the plants and furniture. I hope I don't have flower withdrawal this summer... I will plant some annuals in the garden so I will have some that I cut to bring in for bouquets. I have lots of roses and peonies so I will have to take extra good care of them so they will bloom all summer.

The update on Baby Jack is that he has developed an infection and is in very critical condition. Please remember him and his family in your prayers. His Auntie is doing good and should be able to go home to recover early next week.

I hope all of you are having a nice weekend, hopefully you are enjoying your spring!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Queen of all Aunties!

My cousin Judy, has a son Justin and a daughter Dana. Justin and his wife Melissa had a baby in November. Soon after Baby Jack was born it was discovered that he had medical problems, recently they were told he would need a liver transplant to live. Today his Aunt Dana gave part of her liver to her nephew. What an incredible gift, what an amazing sacrifice she is willing to make for her family.
Dana is a Kindergarten teacher, she and her husband Ric have 2 sweet little girls. Aunt Dana was willing to put her busy life on hold, in order to give the gift of life to her nephew. I am so proud and impressed with her courageous selflessness. She is certainly Queen of Aunties in my estimation!

This is a photo taken while they were at dinner last night that I got off my cell phone so it is not the best quality, but I wanted you to see what a hero and her nephew look like.

They both made it through their surgeries today and were in recovery doing as good as could be expected. I will keep you updated on their progress.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day, I had a great day with 3 of my 4 boys. The very best gift is having time with the ones you love. I can skip the cards, flowers and gifts, just come spend time with your mama...

We had our first t-ball game Saturday, I think Sam is probably a better actor than athlete he was certainly cute in his uniform.

If you think you need 2 kids in order to have them fight and argue, no that is not true. Sam often argues with himself playing one self against the other?? This week I heard him "echoing" himself, you know mom, mom,make him stop, make him stop, stop copying me, stop copying me, MOM, MOM, he won't quit, he won't quit, and on and on and on. And all this time you thought you needed 2 kids to really get on your one last nerve!!

Last week I got a call from the girls that own a wonderful shoe and clothing store "Stomp" in Silverton, they recently bought the coffee shop across the street, they named it "Stomping Grounds." They asked me to make a couple of umbrellas to use on their tables on the sidewalk

No pink, no ruffles, no lace. but they turned out very cute and look great in front of their building. Many times I have said how great our little town is, it seems to be better all the time, I would like to personally invite you to come check it out for yourself!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Sheets and a Moo Moo

I found a darling Moo Moo in a box of linens not long ago, a friend saw it hanging to dry on the bedroom door. She ever so sweetly said.. we can't be friends if you wear that.. But I really love the fabric

and who doesn't need a nice house dress?? But I certainly wouldn't want to loose a friend over a moo moo ?? I realize I would have looked like a cow in it and I probably wouldn't have worn it out of the house, but I loved the fabric and I just couldn't part with it.
Shortly after that I went to Lisa's to make a cart liner and I wore, I mean I took the moo moo. I also took a car load of other fabric but naturally I liked what Lisa had best, it was a Ralph Lauren sheet with a wonderful ruffle. I used it to line the cart And the mmo moo fabric for the outside.. Now I think everyone can take a deep breath, I won't be wearing the moo moo..
The pocket is the backside of Sam's old Levi's. I thought the little back pockets would be great for keys and phone. I think it is a hassle when eveything falls to the bottom and gets covered by the big stuff.

There was enough of the sheet left to make curtains for the RV. The top valance is some that I bought that has a western theme.
I love the ruffle on the bottom, it is hard to see in the photo. I found some faux leather fringe that I glued to the shade. The tiebacks are a piece of vintage lace and the velvet roses are some that I found at the flea market not long ago.

There is still fabric left over from the sheet that I would like to use for a sham or pillow for the bed. It is so economical to use sheets for decorating or any sewing projects, that is especially true if your friend gives them to you!! Thanks Lisa!!

Lisa also offered me this sheet to use as the bedspread, it is also a Ralph Lauren.

I might make a duvet cover or line it or just leave it as a thin spread.

I know the RV is suppose to be cowboy, but the bedroom has a floral twist. The lampshade I got from Sheila is perfect hanging above the bed.

Here is the picture I will hang on the wall.
I hate to use anything that is not wonderful, because we are taking Dumbo the RV to Texas this summer and I want to save some wall space for any cowboy treasures I may find between here and there...
I have been in a sewing frenzy the past couple of weeks, here are a couple of aprons I have made out of overalls.

My old camera bit the dust so I got a new one and these were my first pictures, of course I was anxious to get a post done so I took them last night. I will try taking more today and hopefully they will be better!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last week I was invited to a party, and not being one to miss a party, I said count me in. The invitation said knotty blanket which I thought was a misspelled word. Well it wasn't a naughty it was a knotty blanket made of fleece and so adorable.
My friend Jori and her friend Kathy volunteered to host a party

for their friend Monica, she has twin 7 year old girls that have

Cystic Fibrous
the goal was to get together and make blankets to raffle off for a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrous.
Friends gathered with two pieces of fleece, each one and a half yards long. They put them on top of each other
Cut strips along the edge, tied knots, and before you know it we had finished blankets!!

A big pile of blankets!!
That will be used to raise money to further research for

a disease that these little girls and many others live with everyday. Thank you ladies for inviting me be part of this.

I'm still working along on the RV, thankfully it is small and won't be much longer before I am finished. I will be sharing pictures soon. We took a trip to Bend this weekend and this little guy decided to share Sam's breakfast, even though it was being guarded by this Power Ranger .
The little chipmunk is thinking about checking out the RV where I was standing taking pictures, he got to the step when he looked up and saw me in the doorway! I'm serious when I say I would have rolled the RV if that is what it would have taken to get OUT had the little guy come IN!!
He might look small and sweet but I'm fairly certain they can become ferocious beasts at any time!!