Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year !!

We had a small New Year's Eve Party. Well actually there were four of us.

I 'm sure you recognize Sam, that is me in the middle and Gabi on the other side of me. I seem to have misplaced my head...Did I mention I was going on a diet...and you were thinking, she looks pretty svelte for so soon after the holidays... No that is not Dave holding the flag.. Someone had to take the picture..

Just wanted to wish you a happy 2008!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Afterglow..

The middle snowman is actually a picture of how I feel, kind of stuffed, melted down to my neck, but still sporting a silly grin... Is that a bird perched on my head?

It is hard to believe that Christmas was yesterday and now I don't really have anything I must do. I can fiddle with this and mess with that and it's okay!! I love a party, a holiday, an event, anything you can get people together to and eat, laugh, dress up or decorate for... I think old age is creeping up on me because I'm ready to just hang out at home and revive after all the Christmas fun times.

I must say, this year I did everything I wanted to do, and a few things I didn't.. I was a beat or two behind most of the time, but.. Oh wait, I forgot, my most favorite Christmas treat is Christmas Cards! I love getting them, I absolutely love cards with pictures and letters. I keep them all, I have a file for them and some of them get in the file, others are... who knows where but I never throw them away. Sometimes I try and organize them by family, and it is sooooo fun to see how much the babies grow over the years.

It is always one of my biggies when I get the picture of our group chosen, and made into a card and then sent. Well sadly I must confess, I failed miserably this year. I got a program to make a cool card on the computer, I took some specific pictures, made the card, even made a computer list of addresses. The adorable card is still in the computer... the addresses were never printed out.. and I know I could send them as New Years Cards, however I have lost my enthusiam for the project so, I think I will admit defeat and move on. If I get a card from you, I want to say a big THANK YOU, please don't cut me from your list as an inactive... I will try harder next year! I think I will just...
this is a tag on a sweet container, actually a little tin of fudge that I got at my friend Pam's cookie party last week. I will truthfully be more merry when I eat the the fudge. Do you believe I like Christmas Cards better than Christmas Cookies? It's because they last longer, have you ever enjoyed a 20 year old Christmas Cookie??

I got a shot (obviously I wasn't the first) of these guys at the party. I bet Santa thinks twice, before landing on these people's roof again.

These are a few shots from my friend Diane's Christmas party. The woman on the left is Diane's friend Tracey, and the one on the right is our friend Martha I took lots of pictures at Diane's but I thought I should show you the one that included things Martha had made. She made the long stockings hanging on the mantle.

She made the sign above the lighted wreath.

She also made the scene in the jar and the vintage picture on the shelf above.

No doubt you have figured out I enjoy the decorating and entertaining that the holidays bring. However it is my opinion that babies make Christmas, starting with the very first Christmas...

This is my original baby Ty, my baby for 15 years having a little Christmas tea with Miss Addie our sweet little grandniece.

It was so special having all my babies home for Christmas this year. Last year our oldest baby Dusty, was on deployment with the Navy. It leaves a hole in my heart when one is missing. We all spent time on the computer emailing back and forth, but its just not the same.


I'm sorry if you were missing your love ones this year. No matter how many Christmas Cookies you eat, it doesn't fill the void...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa needs help!!

Not much time this morning for a long post, but I did want to wish you
I hope you are further long on your holiday preparations than I am!!! Here is what I want for Christmas!!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who would have known??

Here is picture of my very computer savvy friend Lisa and I earlier this fall. I hope you noticed as you clicked on to my blog today that you can see the whole picture across the top (banner). If you think I finally figured that one out... nope that would be Lisa, she emailed it to me this morning!! She also taught me the trick about how to hyperlink to another site. Which if you didn't know how pathetic I was on the computer before I guess it's obvious since it was suppose to highlight Lisa not she...

No time for a full length post this morning I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!! LISA (I did it that time) Maybe I can learn!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

One More Time

If you think I haven't been trying to post, you are so very mistaken. I would like to list all the obstacles I have run into but if I did I wouldn't have time to try one more time. It seems a little redundant to write about what I have for the past week, so I guess I will move on, since I'm bored with it and you most likely would be too.

Thursday I hosted a tea for my friend Jori's Bible Study Group. It was fun to met 10 ladies from my community that I hadn't known before. The first person through the door however was a sweet customer that I have known for quite some time but hadn't seen her for awhile, that was a pleasant surprise. It was a varied age group, when was it that I became on the older side of the average?? That is a little shocking sometimes, you are just living your life the way you always have, watching your babies grow up, having birthdays year after year, doing the dishes, taking care of business and then boom when did I all of a sudden become the old wise one... Actually the truth is, just old not wise...

These pictures are from the Open House but I added another table and used the same place settings for the tea.

I am having another dinner party this Friday there will be 15 of us, so I will have to find some plates that will work with the clock faces and more silver trays....hmmm I guess I will have to check out some 2nd hand stores .... What I need to be buying is Christmas gifts, haven't thought too much about that yet. It gets a little old buying boy things year after year..did I mention I have 4 boys and a husband to buy for??? Wonder if any of them would be interested in getting table place settings this year???

These are the pictures taken of the guest room. I was inspired to redo it for the Open House.

I love the little glass lamps on the dresser, I got these at my friend Diane's Christmas sale a few weeks ago. I had been in love with them for along time. I am always so happy when I finally get something that I have admired for what seems like forever...I didn't notice I am in the mirror, I was going to say, "I won't be wearing this dress for Christmas," but I bet you could figure that out... Maybe the cowboyhat would work with the moo-moo..

The little pink chick above was made by Martha. I got it last spring but she fits right in for Christmas!!

The big boys made these in an art class a few years ago.. well actually...

18 years ago

I'm pretty sure the date on the back, etched in the plaster has to be wrong...