Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Do It!

Do you ever spend more time trying to decide than it would take to just do it?  Today I will be packing the trailer for the Oregon City Show and for the Fall Premier Show at Monticello.  I am looking (in my mind) for a great idea.  I keep coming up blank… Maybe that is where the saying, “my mind went blank came from?”  Or perhaps, “ I keep drawing a blank?” 

Not as if I don’t have something to wear while I work, there is my new apron, maybe I should save it for “special”?  But if I wear it for this dreaded ordeal maybe today could be “special”?


apron and chaps 006

Or should I wear this, while I work?

Now that would certainly be “special”…

apron and chaps 028 See what I mean?

So many important decisions??

Is this enough jewelry?

apron and chaps 029

And if that weren’t

enough to worry about…

What should I eat?

These yummy looking tomatoes?

apron and chaps 044

Or these lovely peppers?

apron and chaps 046

Or should I have both?

apron and chaps 050

And you thought I had nothing to worry about?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Molly Mo’s Antique Faire

Saturday was the perfect day for an outdoor show. The weather was just right, we had a great time visiting with each other and the steady stream of customers that came to the show at Molly Mo’s on Saturday. I decided last minute to take Dumbo,originally I had planned to just take a small load in the pickup. Well did I ever make a good decision, by bringing it all since we had an amazing amount of buyers and everyone had great sales.molly mos 038

My sister Toni and I stayed the night in Dumbo and she helped me get set up at daylight. Did you know we were twins?

molly mos 022

Well not really, but we did have to have a new apron since Carol Curtis was there selling her creations. There were so so many cute ones, I couldn’t decide. I just got the same one Toni did, it seemed like a good idea at the time. It is overwhelming trying to choose, I love all of them. Carol says its like picking a puppy…

This was a close runner up.

molly mos 011

Chandra, a vendor bought this one at the 4th of July Show.

molly mos 023

This is Carol’s booth, (she is on the left) Martha another vendor (Vintage Trifles) is out and about…

molly mos 037

Jay and his metal garden art. Diane and Laurena

molly mos 003

molly mos 002

Happy shoppers!

molly mos 028

molly mos 040

Sweet Baby Reese, enjoying the day.

molly mos 046

Out shopping with her Mama.molly mos 047

molly mos 008

molly mos 019

A great day in the country!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Do Best

If you think I haven’t posted because I am on a holiday having some great summer vacation, buzz wrong…

This pretty much sums up what I have been up to.

Actually I spent four days last week working on my mom and dad’s house.

house 002

The problem is…

house 003

When I tape, it pulls off the paint I’m trying to protect,

I know I should let it cure, I am much too impatient for that…

So I am careful and trust me when I say I have logged in about a million hours of painting, I can paint a near perfect line. But inevitably a little gets on the wrong color, so I go back and touch that up, oops a little on the one that was perfect…

Then, I can’t help notice a place where I didn’t get enough paint, so the color is off. So a little touch up there, opps got a little in the wrong place.


On and on and on…

So much fun and the whole time I’m thinking what else I should be doing. Just a random question,

how does the mouse get off the wheel?

I don’t think I have ever seen that, no wonder I am having a problem.

Actually we are making great progress and only a few little piddley things left and we will be out of there!

We took a few hours Saturday and went to the family reunion, you may recall the one from last year…

This year we actually saw lots of people when we got there, just a wee bit late…

This is a reunion of my dad’s family. When I say big you need to consider my dad’s mom had 18 children, 3 sets of twins, all with the same husband. This is a seriously big bunch of people. My dad is the oldest son and he will be 86 next month.

family reunion 033

He really enjoys this annual get together.

family reunion 049

family reunion 107

family reunion 081

family reunion 094

With his brothers and sisters.

family reunion 083

Here is my favorite picture of the day, pretty much sums up family.

family reunion 106

Now it is time to get back to business and get ready for the Molly Mo Flea Market, this Saturday.

I will posting some of the things I plan to take. This is such a fun event, I hope you can join us.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


clayson farms 066

Way back when I started blogging my intention was to keep people informed in advance as to where I was going to be. The idea being if they were in the area and wanted to come to the show, they would have the choice. Well, that doesn’t always work out the way I had hoped. I could also put the information on the sidebar but, that also seems to get away from me…

So SURPRIZE we spent the weekend at the Ponderosa this weekend.

clayson farms 064

clayson farms 068

I had such a good time last year, that I was looking forward to doing the Clayson Farm Antique Show again this year.

clayson farms 036

The show is in Yakima, last year we stayed in Dumbo (the rv) on the property next to Clayson Farm.clayson farms 007

Much nicer than most of the spots we stay the night, but when Kim asked if we would like to be her guests, along with the boys from Barn House, (now to be know as Adam and Little Joe) Dave the driver (now to be know as Hoss) and I were delighted. A mere 30 minutes from the show (unless your behind Little Joe as the driver) up a beautiful scenic highway.

Their home is just 5 minutes away on the top of one of the neighboring mountains, and someday they will move down here. But for now this is where they keep their animals and rowdy company??

Actually the place is incredible, with all sorts of barns, outbuildings, corrals a darling newly renovated cabin, and hookups for rv’s. Not to mention all kinds of graveled area for maneuvering the big rigs.

There are horses

clayson farms 073


clayson farms 052

and other miscellaneous animals.

clayson farms 055

Unfortunately the rooster, that also acts as an alarm clock

(without a snooze button)

was no where to be found, come picture time.

I certainly hope I didn’t permanently maim him when I threw my shoe at him.

It was amazingly beautiful and peaceful. The terrain is much different from the Willamette Valley It is rugged and yet charming, and really did remind me of days gone by at the Ponderosa, with Hoss, Adam and Little Joe…. We had a hard time figuring out what parts the rest of us were suppose to play since there weren’t women on the original Ponderosa. Thank you Kim for your hospitality, we had the greatest time!

And remember, that someday there will be a guest room available for you and the other girls from Flutterby at my house…

clayson farms 042 Kim, Denise and Claudette the Flutterby girls, facing forward…

It was so much fun having my sister Terri there to help me. We had so much fun laughing and getting to know so many different people. We both love babies, and these 2 were so funny we could not stop laughing.

They are twins and if you will notice the little girl is having a great time,

smiling, entertaining us, but her brother…

clayson farms 024

clayson farms 026

clayson farms 025

He was not amused.clayson farms 028

clayson farms 027

We could not coax a smile out of him, which made us laugh even harder, and when we would laugh, or Terri would talk to them, the little girl would smile and kick her feet as if she had never had such a good time. The little boy on the other hand, no way were we getting a smile from him! These silly babies nearly got us thrown out of the place with their crazy antics…

This is such a great show, there are lots of vendors, food and people just having a great time. Sorry I didn’t let you know ahead, so you could have joined the fun!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Lovely Wedding

beach setup kimmy 092 They were filled,

beach setup kimmy 097they were hung,

beach setup kimmy 099

all lined up and ready.kimmys wedding 007 kimmys wedding 008 Saturday was the day.

The flowers werekimmys wedding 012 beautiful.

kimmys wedding 070 kimmys wedding 037

kimmys wedding 074

kimmys wedding 081The cake was delivered.

kimmys wedding 040 kimmys wedding 060 The guests were gathered.

kimmys wedding 058 kimmys wedding 057

The helpers were helping.

kimmys wedding 087Just waiting…kimmys wedding 037-1

for the love birds.kimmys wedding 027

Sadly this is when my camera battery died… Thankfully there are professionals on the job!

When I recharged the battery it was reception time. Let’s eat!kimmys wedding 025

kimmys wedding 066 Let’s dance!kimmys wedding 064

kimmys wedding 071-1

A perfect day!

kimmys wedding 096 kimmys wedding 085