Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Do Best

If you think I haven’t posted because I am on a holiday having some great summer vacation, buzz wrong…

This pretty much sums up what I have been up to.

Actually I spent four days last week working on my mom and dad’s house.

house 002

The problem is…

house 003

When I tape, it pulls off the paint I’m trying to protect,

I know I should let it cure, I am much too impatient for that…

So I am careful and trust me when I say I have logged in about a million hours of painting, I can paint a near perfect line. But inevitably a little gets on the wrong color, so I go back and touch that up, oops a little on the one that was perfect…

Then, I can’t help notice a place where I didn’t get enough paint, so the color is off. So a little touch up there, opps got a little in the wrong place.


On and on and on…

So much fun and the whole time I’m thinking what else I should be doing. Just a random question,

how does the mouse get off the wheel?

I don’t think I have ever seen that, no wonder I am having a problem.

Actually we are making great progress and only a few little piddley things left and we will be out of there!

We took a few hours Saturday and went to the family reunion, you may recall the one from last year…

This year we actually saw lots of people when we got there, just a wee bit late…

This is a reunion of my dad’s family. When I say big you need to consider my dad’s mom had 18 children, 3 sets of twins, all with the same husband. This is a seriously big bunch of people. My dad is the oldest son and he will be 86 next month.

family reunion 033

He really enjoys this annual get together.

family reunion 049

family reunion 107

family reunion 081

family reunion 094

With his brothers and sisters.

family reunion 083

Here is my favorite picture of the day, pretty much sums up family.

family reunion 106

Now it is time to get back to business and get ready for the Molly Mo Flea Market, this Saturday.

I will posting some of the things I plan to take. This is such a fun event, I hope you can join us.



  1. Miss you hamster! Hope we can get together soon (before Coburg). Give me a call when you figure out how to get off that wheel. ha ha

    Love ya!


  2. I know exactly what you mean! I want off this crazy train...it's going to be September soon (Fall???) -- where has the Summer gone??? Poor us!

    J & J

  3. Is August not the craziest time of the year besides December?!I love the fall season after August..it slows down just a little..I get the kids off to school and there is a little more calm around here..a little i say! lol

  4. I know exactly how you feel. But seriously, you are the busiest person I know. I keep hoping things will slow down but for me that will probably will be in January. See you Saturday. Pam

  5. How can I get that silver hair, it is so beautiful. Everyone in my family just got mouse gray and died.

    One other thing, when your done with that paint project can you come finish my kitchen?

  6. I will see you on Saturday. I am great full for the cool down. Good luck with that painting. I hate painting and do not enjoy it at all.

  7. What a precious pic of Sam and Dave!

  8. Hey Bella Joy , I think the mouse gets off the wheel when show season is over. No , maybe not , then we are planning for next year. I'll see you at Oregon City , I'm a shopper , not a seller. :0) Sue

  9. Hi There
    I really enjoyed reading about the family reunion. What a great day.

    I met you at the Portland Expo show in July. I even took your picture, also some good looking man that was helping you set up.(husband)

    Janice In Missouri