Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Making of a Saint

This past weekend while I was at Expo, I was visiting with my friend Carrie. She was asking about Dave the Driver, I told her he was at the hospital having some metal taken out of his eye. (he is fine now) after I told her about our last trip in Dumbo, she said his name should be

Saint Dave.


It is a lot more fun to pick on him than to elevate him,

but as today is his birthday and all…


This is how that fateful day played out…

We left town a few hours later than preferred but, we still had a few things to pack in the trailer and I did a bit of shopping on the way, so it was a late start. (What’s new?)

For once I was sitting up front instead of lounging on the bed in the back.

(Just in case you are new to this blog, Dave is my husband, Dumbo is the rv and the trailer behind is 20 feet.molly mos 038

We were going down the freeway and I noticed that we were going rather fast, so I ever so sweetly mentioned, “seems like you a going a little fast.” To which Dave so sweetly answered, “I’m just keeping up with the traffic.”

I didn’t say that we were about 45 feet long and over 16,000 pounds and it was dark and raining…

About that time there was a big loud pop and I said,

“something happened!!”

I could be accused of stating the obvious…

Dave said,

“we’ve had a blowout.”

You know I was thinking, maybe you shouldn’t have been going so fast… I kept that to myself though.

It seemed like a 100 miles before we could pull off, but it wasn’t quite that far.

And this is where the story really gets good.


When Dave gets out to check the damage, it seems that the inside tire of Dumbo’s right rear tires, not only was flat, but also the tread had completely come off and made a BIG HOLE in the

black water tank

aka the septic tank…

I’m sure you can just picture the fallout (excuse the pun) and I’m also sure that you’re glad you weren’t the car behind us…

Now is when I’m so very glad,

“I don’t know a thing about changing tires…”

especially when the spare is located underneath the rv, right next to the dreaded

black water tank.

I turned the outside light on and pulled the shade, pretending I had no part in this roadside misadventure. Wondering when the police would show up and arrest us both for??


Illegal dumping of toxic waste???

Who knows what kind of laws were broken?

I’m busy planning my defense,

you know I’m telling who ever will listen that I told him he was going too fast!

Evidently taking the inside tire off of a dual wheel is quite a challenge, in the dark and even less fun with the cold rain whipping. One must get under the rv and do some kind of magic to get the tire off, and then a different magic trick to put the yucky spare in it’s place.

Only once did I open the door to ask,

“how much longer?”

And that is why some may think Dave should be canonized. pullman 014

farm chicks 027

madhatter 044 tonis flowers 308

kimmys wedding 044

Happy Birthday Saint David!

pullman 018

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Portland Expo

expo 001 It makes for a pretty long weekend, but it is always a lot of fun doing Expo.

expo 027

I took a of bunch of pictures but, mostly of the same things.

expo 058

expo 050

I made a few necklaces using the techniques I learned at Art Retreat.

I am always so glad when people stop by to say hi!

I was happy to see my new friend from Art Camp, Lonnie. As well as all the others who I didn’t get a picture of…

We did however get Maryann to take this,

expo 078 Isabel and I were glad to visit with Tracey when she stopped by to say hi!


  expo 025

This is Sophie, she came styling her Halloween collar.

expo 034




This little lady reminded me of June Cleaver.




expo 032There were crows everywhere!

And vendors were acting crazy!

expo 013

expo 011

I told you we were having fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well, Thank You Very Much!

My friend Lulu gave me this,blog-award

Thank-you for thinking of me. This was a really fun one to do, and I appreciate you passing it along to me. Rules to the award...

1.)Thank and post URL to the blog that gave the award. And again I say, Thank you Lulu (I think) and here is her URL

2.)Pass the award along to 6 brilliantly over the top blogs (blogs you love!) Alert them so they know to receive the award. I am still trying to think of the most brilliantly over the top blogs that would enjoy getting this, you know I love all the ones I have listed on the sidebar and I don’t want to leave any of them out…

3.)Copy and paste this quiz... Change the answers, ONE word only!!

Lulu said,

“I am so sorry, but one word just is not going to happen.”

And if she can be a rule breaker so can I!

4.)Have Fun!


1.) Where is your cell phone? I usually don’t know for sure, but I can locate it most of the time when it rings. Happens to be I left it here on the table last night, so it is right next to me.

2.) Your hair? It’s on my head, thankfully I don’t have to keep track of it! Or do you want to know what I think of my hair? It’s fine, well actually thick, I’m pretty sure gray, but I don’t intend to find out anytime soon…

3.) Your mother? She is definitely gray. Not to mention mini…94lbs and about 4’11”

4.) Your father? 86 years old, and very sharp, makes me laugh every day, they live with us.

5.) Your favorite food? Something I didn’t have anything to do with preparing..

6.) Your favorite drink? diet coke, if you know me at all you wouldn’t have to ask…

7.) Your dream last night? I don’t usually remember my dreams, but last night I dreamt someone broke into our house and stole, my camera and computer! Boy was I mad!

8.) Your dream/goal? To be organized.

9.) What room are you in? Entry room, which has also been, the dining room and the living room at different times. I like to mix it up at times.

10.) Your hobby? Photography

11.) Your fear? Time, I seem to have a hard time controlling it…

12.) Where do you want to be in 6 years? Still here, looking forward to Sam going to High School…

13.) Where were you last night? In my shop getting ready for Expo.

14.) Something that you aren't? Organized

15.) Muffin? Scone

16.) Wish list item? Adobe photoshop

17.) Where did you grow up? Am I really?

18.) Last thing you did? Read my email, and told Sam hurry and get ready for school, and no he wasn’t wearing sweats.

19.) What are you wearing? Sweats, no just kidding, my robe!

20.) Your TV? Off, if I have anything to say about it, unless it is late and I am in the shop, where I watch weird how they catch the murderer shows. Or late night talk shows.

21.) Your pets? Outside.

22.) Friends? The best!

23.) Your life? Busy

24.) Your mood? Harassed, getting ready for a show.

25.) Missing someone? Lance (deceased husband)

26.) Vehicle? Whichever one I can find the keys for.

27.) Something you aren't wearing? Gee, I said my robe…

28.) Your favorite store? Not sure I have a favorite, but anywhere there is old stuff.

29.) Favorite color? Pink

30.) When was the last time you laughed? Few minutes ago.

31.) Last time you cried? Yesterday

32.) Your best friend? I love the one I’m with best.

33.) One place you go to over and over? Why can’t I find my keys?

34.) One person who emails you regularly? Sheila

35.) Favorite place to eat? At friends.

Now I get to pick 6 blogs that I visit. I’ll get back to that…

Okay… now that I finally finished that, I wanted to let you know that this weekend is Expo and I am getting all the treasures packed and ready. Here are all the details, I hope you can make it.

I had decided to try and start showing more photo’s of projects and old stuff, things that would be of more interest to people who might be looking for great ideas and inspiration.

Well, I will try and do that but I still have to throw in some family fun and random baby pictures, because I love them and that has to be good enough reason…

apple party 061-1

So with that said, my sister Toni and her husband Denny hosted an Apple Party in their new barn last Saturday. The weather was iffy so we were glad for the cover! Their girls were here with the babies and that in itself is a reason to party 041

Brynne and Livy 102Brynne and Livy 103

This was the first time we met, Asher. He is growing up in Texas, I didn’t notice much of an accent…

Brynne and Livy 002Addie is getting big and having so much fun running around, that her sister Delilah is now the one who gets her picture taken!

Brynne and Livy 019

Brynne and Livy 043

Brynne and Livy 062

apple party 067

Delilah with her 2 pretty aunties.

Brynne and Livy 063

apple party 074-1apple party 064

Some of my new friends,

apple party 011 apple party 017 apple party 031

apple party 082 Did I happen to mention the Apple Bake-Off,

that I won with Grandmas Doris’ recipe Raw Apple Cake?

If you want to be a winner, make this today!

Scan Scan1

Monday, October 12, 2009

Treasures from the Beach

Many times I have worked on projects in the all consuming way I seem to prefer, but I have never had the opportunity to leave all my obligations behind and totally focus for a whole weekend.  It was amazing to have someone taking care of anything I might possibly want, and someone else taking care of the home front…  That alone would have been a great treat.

Learning new art techniques, and having time to practice old ones, was simply amazing.  The food fantastic and the company terrific. 

beach retreat 2 002 

beach retreat 2 003

It was an extra bonus that the weather was perfect and we had a wonderful panoramic view of the beach from the classroom.

beach retreat 2 004 

I must admit that it didn’t matter that the weather was fabulous and the view outstanding, because I didn’t go outside or rarely looked up I was having such a great time doing what I love to do!

We did a lot of other projects, besides just the one’s I am showing.  If you want to check out Terri’s website you can see the variety of classes that she offers.  It is such a great experience, I hope to see you there sometime!

Here is the charm that we were to make everyone was to use all the same basic supplies, but in any combination they chose.beach 3 006


beach 3 008


This was a fun easy project that I still need to add my little rhinestones too.beach 3 015

This charm with the “B” was fun, I love deciding what to put inside, but the soldering is so cool!  beach 3 017 I have tried soldering before, and with pretty bad results. I feel encouraged that I can now practice and become somewhat adept at the process.beach 3 019 This was really, really fun to put together, I could have spent a week just adding more details. The numbers on the windows are for the years that Dave and I were born…

beach 3 036


The back of the house.

 beach 3 043

This was so incredible to make, we actually took sterling silver wire and made the links, then soldered them. We learned to use a torch and the center of our bracelets was 2 pieces that we attached with solder or fused together…  Then we could stamp whatever we wanted in the center or wherever on the piece.  There are so many more options when you can manipulate the metal this way, it is a little overwhelming at the possibilities, naturally I want to try all of them.

beach 3 048


Oh yes, I did go outside for this picture… I was forced!  But now at least I have a picture of my new 20 best friends!

DSC05233 (1)