Monday, May 21, 2012

Which Way Did They Go?

First they went North,

our booth at Ruffles and Rust.





Bet you didn’t know I could sketch like this…


Truth is I can’t but, with the help of Picasa’s tool it’s a miracle!

We love this show, what a great venue. 

Jay and Timi here (with Kris in the middle,)

do all the extras that make this show a pleasure to do.



Amy, Kris’s partner in Today’s Country Farm and Frills


Deb, from Garden Girl and Patricia of Tippy Stockton Jewelry


Beautiful flowers from Deb’s garden.


Ruffles and Rust is the show that is the furthest north that we do.

Next week we will be heading back to San Luis Obispo, California to

Remnants of the Past

Which is the most southern show that we do.

Here Dave and I, with Judy Watkins the show’s producer at the fall show.

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The up side of have been doing shows for several years,

is the friends that we have made whichever way we are headed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture This

I have been wanting to make a camera strap for my camera.

  I can’t remember how long I have been going to try and do free motion stitching.  Last month at Art Camp, Ruth Rae wore this amazing dress she’d made which is covered with free form stitching. 

I couldn’t wait,



If your wondering, how to take a picture of your camera strap..


If only I had thought to take the picture BEFORE, I attached the strap…


So very excited for the sunshine that is out today!

The flowers are so pretty,


Even though the flower beds are neglected…



Like most of the dealers I know, I will be out painting and cleaning on this beautiful Spring day.

We are excited to start packing for Ruffles and Rust

It is a great show, hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I’m Ready for Spring

The flowers begin to bloom and time seems to fly. 


I planted these lilacs about 15 years ago, they were suppose to pink but since it was about 4 years before they bloomed, I couldn’t very well return them..


I really wanted pink but these smell so wonderful, I have gotten over my disappointment in the color (mostly) and it’s a good thing since I planted 6 of them…

I love these sweet peas that Terri Brush used for Art Camp decorations last week.


   How about these great flowers, decorating the goodie bags for art camp?


Beautiful flowers everywhere at the Spring Garden Show at Monticello.



Who wouldn’t enjoy having this in their yard? 



Besides enjoying the flowers.

We are busy getting ready for our Spring Sales we are doing. 

Next week we will head north to Monroe, Washington for

Ruffles and Rust


The first weekend in June we will be heading south for

Remnants of the Past


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Hope to see you there!