Sunday, November 29, 2009

Have I Mentioned the Open House?

I sure hope your planning to come for the Open House Friday Night December 4th or Saturday December 5th. christmas open house 2009 - Page 001-1I am still busy trying to get all the pieces in place.

I luckily have had a little help from

Elf Emily!


The tree needed a few more ornaments…

002   christmas decorating 018

Remember the issue with the shelf I removed?xmas decorating 001 christmas decorating 013

Not hard to believe I had an extra mantle, but more unlikely I would be able to find it and… it would actually fit.



Good thing I took the picture of this, I notice the glass dome is just a little askew…

christmas decorating 021

I love the little chair I got from Lulu.

christmas decorating 028 

christmas decorating 017

I’ll be serving up Marcia’s punch, hope you can stop by!

christmas decorating 040

Friday, November 20, 2009

Help! I’m Drowning

That’s in a sea of good intentions… I’ve kept this, collected that and now it’s fairly evident I will not be needing the hundreds of wooden spools I have saved.  I won’t have time to use even a small percentage of the vintage lace and fabric I have held onto for all those projects I will get to, someday…xmas decorating 013

Why would I need dozens of packages of sewing needles???

How many paperclips will I ever be able to use??  Thankfully I have 2 boxes of random wire… If there is ever a shortage of straight pins, come on by, I have enough to supply the nation.

xmas decorating 014 It goes without saying buttons are one thing you could never have enough of.. And obviously they should be sorted and arranged in some kind of interesting order.

xmas decorating 021Thankfully I had enough broken strands of pearls to fill these bottles.

Let’s not talk about sheet music, old books and anything else I, or possibly even someone I know, might someday need.

It’s all fun and games until time to get the shop in order for the Christmas Show!  Thankfully I have my head above water now and I’m on my way.

xmas decorating 024

Lucky for me Sam is a big help decorating… I told him to be sure and get some ornaments on the inside of the tree, not just on the outside.  Seems he was actually listening.  He took it upon himself to hang the  ornament on the wall, when I said not to put it on the tree. I need to make a note to myself to turn it around. 

It just doesn’t look right “yoj”…

This is what was behind the coat rack, that I never intended to move, so I left it on the wall the last time I painted… 

xmas decorating 001

As I said before, “Help, I’m drowning!” 

Or is the saying,

“The road to Hell, is paved with good intentions?

Only 14 days, but who’s panicked??

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting the Christmas Spirit

dianes show and bazaar 217

Could be I have the Christmas Spirit because when I first got to the Molly Mo’s and Vintage Trifles show Friday night, these bottles were full, I had just a little off the top of all of them and just like magic…

I’m full of Christmas Spirit!!!

dianes show and bazaar 236


dianes show and bazaar 256

dianes show and bazaar 251


dianes show and bazaar 239

Hope you get some soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas in Historic Silverton

Are you wondering where the heck I’ve been?  What the heck I have been doing? Well I have been here, hunkered down at the home place working my little elf hands to the bone…  Slaving over a hot soldering iron, and all the other many fun activities, we elves do to make merry.

bazaar 007 Sometimes this time of year I suffer from whiplash.  It is caused from the fact, that last Friday was Halloween and the next day I am furiously behind getting ready for Christmas.

bazaar 001  

Christmas in Historic Silverton, is always the first weekend in November (is it possible that it is here already?) This is the first time I have chosen to take my treasures away from my shop and join forces downtown. I will be at the


Silverton First Christian Church

402 N. First Street

Friday, November 6th

Saturday, November 7

9am to 3pm

They serve a wonderful lunch, there will be 30 vendors, with a wide variety of merchandise.  I hope you can join the fun!     The  red, green and gold balloons are posted at participating venues.

I have been busy making jewelry and few other Christmas treats.

bazaar 013


bazaar 023bazaar 032

bazaar 004

I didn’t give much advance notice for Christmas in Historic Silverton, it’s tomorrow!

I wanted to be sure you know you are invited to my

Christmas Open House,

that is in just 4 short weeks.


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