Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well folks I was thinking maybe I wouldn't post this after all since I seem a little cranky!! But just maybe I am!! Now that I posted the quote twice, (not too sure how that happened)
... I'm certain you all are waiting on the edge of your computer to know what the heck is soooo funny!

Okay call me sensitive..
I sent a note with Sam to school the other day saying that I would pick him up. I waited in line because unlike 15 years ago when my last baby was in Kindergarten you have to go into the gym and pickup your student and check his name off the list. For once I was on time.. no Sam.. I ask the check off lady, where's Sam?? She hasn't seen him.. I check the usual places no Sam.. You can't look on the bus, because of security... But if he takes the bus home and I'm not waiting outside for him, they will not drop him off. How can I meet the bus if I am at school? I hurry to the office so they can call the bus to see if Sam is on it.. Sorry they left..oh wait they are still there..
The office lady says on the phone to the bus driver.. "tell Sam his GRANDMOTHER is waiting at the office!! Did I hit her??? No they have a "no violence" policy... whatever... I did ever so sweetly say," I'm his mother." Later I was doing the math and I guess technically I could be a great-grandmother...

Here is a beautiful girl that I redid she was a mess, and Dusty seems to like her... I'm not holding my breathe!

Here are the babies that my friend Martha makes.. they are soooo sweet!!

This kinda reminds me of when I was in my mid-20's about 30 years ago... yikes!! Amazing I can still remember the story.. I was working at the Employment Office taking claims for unemployment insurance. Back in those days you had to wait in a very, very long line, while we hand filled out your claim for you... I had a friend that was my age who had recently had a baby...Well , when this 40 something lady wearing a baggy shirt stepped up to her window she sweetly asked her, "when is your baby due?" And the 40 something lady NOT so sweetly answered...I'M NOT PREGNANT! opps. That no doubt would be worse..

I am madly trying to get the last minute things ready for expo so I better punch the magic button that says PUBLISH POST

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crunch time..

Here is a picture of me taking a little rest next to our pool. Oh wait that sweet little cherub isn't me, it's the birdbath that I uncovered from the mess in the flower beds.
Thankfully we are still having beautiful weather here in Oregon. I know we will have lots more rain but for now we are enjoying the sunny skies. We have a couple of huge pussy willow tree/bushes and when they show their sweet little selves you know it is just a matter of time before the rest of spring will be here.

Usually it's raining when I notice they are blooming, but lucky for my happy husband, I noticed them on a sunny day. So up that big tall ladder I sent him... lucky for him it wasn't raining... I would have went, but you see I recently fell down the stairs after a particularly rigorous workout...(don't ask) so I hurt my foot and the last thing I want to do is fall again!!! I could hurt the other foot and then he would have to carry me... He said, he would get me crutches, but...up the ladder he went.
I'm trying to get things done that I have started, for me it is the idea and getting all the pieces out that is the fun. In my mind it is finished, so I'm off to the next project...Naturally I don't clean it up because I know it's not really finished.. so not long before, creative chaos reigns!! My friend Gail popped her head in the shop last night, she said "it looks like a sweat shop in here"... I think she meant that in the nicest possible way... It actually looks like the aftermath of a tornado.
This metal suitcase had vinyl that was begging to be covered, now it is the new home that will neatly contain the rolls of ribbon.

My goal is a place for everything and everything in it's place.. lofty goal I know but catchy phrase don't you think?? Maybe I could perfect the idea and ... a new blog in the future?? It could be, the day by day organizing of a cleaning lunatic...
This Thursday February 28th is drop off for the Antique Show at Portland Expo. Friday February 29th the hours are 10am to 6pm for set up and early buying. The admission is $30 for Friday, if you are a "serious" buyer and can afford it, that is definitely when lots of the unusual and unique items are sold.
However, there is so much out there, that you can find almost anything, no matter what day you go, it is HUGE!! Saturday the hours are 9am to 6pm, Sunday the hours are 10am to 5pm. I will be in Hall D section D4 space 39. My space neighbors are Cindy, Martha and Isabel, we are going to have sooo much fun. I can't wait to get out there. If you see (or hear) us, please say HI!! We all love to sell things, but the best part is connecting with all of you!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time for Tea

What a sunny beautiful weekend we had, and it included President's Day, what a treat! We had been planning a teaparty for Miss Em and her girlfriends, with everyone's busy schedules we finally pulled it off on Monday.

Italian sodas came first.

Salads followed served with scones and clotted cream. The recipe for clotted cream is included as it was so very delicious........
  1. 3oz sour cream
  2. 1/8 t. almond extract
  3. 1/4 C pwd sugar
  4. 1T milk
  5. beat all until smooth.. ideally you would refrigerate for 30 mins..

Next were 3 kinds of sandwiches, cucumber, chicken salad and egg salad. The final course was dessert, dipped strawberries, lemon bars, tiny decorated cupcakes, shortbread and chocolate mint cookies. Platters of food and pots of tea were consumed. A couple of these girls were here for the last teaparty we had for Emily, after 'tea' they went outside and played in the mud!! There were no mudbaths for these ladies, they have matured and into proper princesses... so it was out to the shop to make crowns.

It is always interesting to see what people create. We don't think about it, but our personalities are often portrayed in our 'art'. I believe art is more than painting and drawing, it is decorating our homes, sewing, cooking, gardening and many of the daily activities of our lives. It is rewarding to share our art with others, to see them appreciate yours and create something of their own.

Naturally Sam had to get in on the fun, even though he had to miss most of the teaparty he was able to get in on the photo shoot!

As far as a little Franklin, for Sam to play with... apparently no one but Sam is in favor of the idea...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Which Pam..

The previous post was for my friend Pam who lost her husband last week. Yesterday was his service and tonight is the service for their friend Steve. Friday, Pam and her children are traveling to Idaho for another friend's service who was also killed in the plane crash. Very, very sad and an incredibly difficult time for all the families and their many friends.

Can it really be Valentines Day already ??

I have more projects I have been working on and will have pictures posted soon. Tomorrow I am taking my dad (he's 84) to have his brows and eyelids lifted... I think if it looks good on him...

Speaking of going to the hospital ...

Sam told me this morning he wants a baby brother... I had about 50 things pop into my head, which I could have shouted... but being the good mom I asked.. "what would you name him??" He said.. "I don't know, he'd be your baby, you would name him like you did me.".... hmm ... I said, "what if it was a girl?" Sam replied, "a brother and a sister would be okay.. I would name them both Franklin." hmmm...
...Great idea!

For Pam

Saturday, February 9, 2008


This little gray lady is an 'old' friend. I like her even though she has that perfect hour glass figure... She is modeling an apron I made it was a special order.. you know I would never have just made a black and red apron.
It is a wonderful thing to be able to tell someone how much they mean to you, what an impact they made on your life and how much you love and appreciate them. Last evening I was one of MANY to gather in the gym at Oregon City High School and celebrate retirement with Brad Smith. I probably would not have a clue that he had made a big impression on the High School Girl's Basketball scene for 30 years, but for the fact that his wife and sister are both special friends. ( 2 of the 6 pack ) Brad was also a close friend to my first husband and for several years when the boys were little we would go to games and cheer for his teams. In truth I was talking to my friends in the bleachers, but I was there...

Some quoted how many national championships, how many state championships, and how many times Brad was Oregon Coach of the year. Along with all kinds of other honors that were fairly impressive, but I can't remember the details... What I can remember is how he was appreciated by the other coaches, administration, and his peers. I was impressed by how his players and students that weren't basketball players spoke of him and of his character, his willingness to share himself. It was a pleasure to see his 2 beautiful daughters express how they appreciated their dad and to share him with so many others only increased their joy.

Here is an award given to him by the mayor of Oregon City, proclaiming Brad Smith day...

These are some of his players from his first years as coach.. Brad and my son Dusty, and the bottom picture shows him with 5 of the 6 pack... Don't suppose he's hoping to fill in if one is missing, now that he's retired???
It was a little bittersweet as I sat in the gym reflecting on those times that we shared with all of our friends from that time in our lives..How our lives had changed when my husband died, how nothing was ever the same for us. We have a beautiful full life now, but different than what it might have been because of our loss.

It was especially emotional as earlier that day I received word that a dear friend of mine's husband had died that morning in a plane crash. It seems as though practically every other post I'm sharing some devastating news.. Someone that I am connected to has died...It is hard to have gone through a loss and not feel their pain, to have walked that lonely journey and not ache for what will certainly be in store for their family..

It is interesting to think back to when I first started my blog. I wanted to have an avenue to share what I was making, buying and where and when I would be selling ...

I doubt that anyone would deny that I am 'passionate' about what I do. I love old stuff, recreating otherwise useless items into 'treasures' or things of beauty...sharing this passion is what I do..But what I really love are the people I meet along the way..that is the interesting part, that is what I have to share. My family, my friends, my friend's family, that is the most important details of my life and worthy of sharing. All the little trinkets and treasures we collect along the way are just extra, maybe like icing on top of that delicious cake...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Which way did they go??

Yesterday was the FUN test at the hospital, coming out of the anethsisa was a real trip shall I say.. Much like I would assume LSD would feel like... I thought that would pass...but now the crowns are missing?? They were on my post (at least on my computer) then I have comments that they aren't there. I redo them and I'm talking to Lisa and she said they were they are gone again?? I'm pretty sure I'm not hallucinating... but why would Lisa take them she has her own beautiful crown ??? Well I will try again, too weird.. The crazy thing is they still show on my computer even when I go to my post from other directions besides the dashboard...It has to be the drugs ...
Well at any rate, here is my Garden Crown

and here is Queen Sheila's
Just because I hate to be bested by the computer I am going to try one more time to post the pictures on the previous post...where they still are on my computer...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Em!!

Today is this sweet baby girl's sixteenth birthday!! A recurring theme you might notice is..How can that be !!! She was a toddler just a couple of years ago, or the truth is her mom, my baby sister was a toddler just a few years ago... Maybe the truth is everyone is growing up!! Strange since I'm not getting any older...

It is only because I have enjoyed all the stages of Miss Emily's life that I don't want to believe that she is growing up and isn't going to be that adorable baby girl I have cherished since I first set eyes on her.
If I thought you would believe me, I would tell you what a terrific young lady she is.. I would tell you what a kind, patient, loving, friend she is.. I would tell you that she is a straight A student...I would let you know that she approaches everything she does with enthusiasm, whether it is soccer, rugby, Young Life, dance, student leadership, theater, or just having fun, she puts her whole heart into it. You can believe me it's true!
When she was a baby, she called me Auntie Mama and I told her a little story (it wasn't true) I told her that I was really her Mama and that her mom was just keeping her for me, because I already had 3 babies and she didn't have any... Maybe she should come home now!! I'd be ever so proud to call her my daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Royal Thoughts

It's easy to say that when you have a crown like this to wear...
I think I'll wear this one when I work in the garden, the top reminds me of a sun's rays and the flowers are most certainly suited for outdoor wear.. Yes indeed, just the right accessory for the beautiful outdoors.

Here is Queen Sheila's crown, she could wear this anywhere. It really is lovely, just like her..
We had a lot of fun making these. There are so many different things you can do. On this one I started with the chicken wire base and then I attached a floral wallpaper border to it. Then I glued vintage silk flowers and pieces of tatting over the designs, added buttons and topped it off with lots of vintage glitter.
The most interesting thing happened with the glitter... Not long ago a certain 6 year old was quietly playing in the shop, when I went to see what he was up to.... I thought I was going to flip!! He had taken big jars of the gold and silver vintage glitter, that I have been hoarding for a very long time, and was enjoying the way they sparkled as they hit the floor... He is not usually that, shall I say "out of control"... But I think it was actually mesmerizing, not a good enough excuse. I was so very sad when I swept it up, almost a whole dustpan full... Naturally I didn't throw it away, and I actually like it even better..
The thing about this vintage gold glitter is that it has a lot of gold dust, and it makes a nice addition to the bigger sparkle of the glitter, kind of a shadow. As much as I hate to use my very best treasures, that is exactly what I am doing.. I am so thrilled with the outcome, what a difference when you use the prizes that you treasure most, it is pretty obvious that if you love the pieces, you would then like the finished product.

Here is the barkcloth that I found this weekend...I was so excited there are 3 big panels and 2 small ones. They are in great shape and exactly the colors I have in the house. I am most likely going to sell them as I have always liked solid curtains in my house best... I might try them in the guest room just to make sure...
I also found this cute little sewing box which is too sweet and I am planning on keeping treasures for creating in it. I also plan to use the vintage jewelry boxes, that I keep buying for this purpose... What if I was actually organized?? I have been putting things in jars and really trying to make it all "user friendly" its a ongoing process...

Enough sharing for today, I must get some sleep as I have a big test at the hospital tomorrow morning. (One of those for the 50 and over) If the procedure is half as disgusting as the preparation, I promise not to share a single detail...UCK!!! (Lucky for everyone I'll be asleep)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A few thoughts..


It was one of those kind of days you hope you will never have again...My friend Charmaine's grandmother past away last month. They planned a memorial service for her today. She was loved by her family and friends, they came from near and far to celebrate her life. I have known her for many years and was looking forward to being there with them this afternoon.
We were late getting there because we were at another memorial service and hour away...

Last week I got an email from another friend Brenna, who shared that her son Geoff, had gone to heaven... He had fallen into a waterfall, while hiking in Maui.. His memorial service was this morning. It was heartbreaking to see the raw grief so many young people were experiencing. Geoff was a close friend to my son Derek, since grade school. He had a way of making you think he was at your house because he was your friend. He was a charming, fun loving, outgoing young man who will be missed, but always remembered fondly by many.

I found this quote, but I don't know who wrote it. Seems to pretty much sum it up...