Friday, May 27, 2011

It Might Seem Like A Little Thing

There is more than a million details and projects to complete before we head to Spokane next week for the Farm Chicks Show

Truthfully probably more than a million…

to say I’m a wee bit stressed, might be the understatement of the year…

I have LOTS of inventory, mostly ready to price and load in the trailer.

What has me STRESSED is my peonies, I am so bummed…

farm chicks post 065

Generally I have buckets of fresh cut peonies to decorate my space.

Typically I’m worried they will be past their prime…

Does this look like a bud that will be ready to dazzle the masses in less than a week?

farm chicks post 069

How about these?

farm chicks post 074

I have 18 peony bushes, and not one is looking like it will pull through…

farm chicks post 084

With all the horrific weather reports around the country, it seems a little ridiculous to be complaining about our lousy weather…

The report is for only one sunny day before we leave ….

I love peonies,

farm chicks post 080

but I’m not the only one…

farm chicks post 089

Ants love peonies, 

Auntie’s love peonies…

I’ll be back before we leave with a peony report and maybe even a few sneak peaks of what will be coming with us in the trailer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plenty Going On

If you have as much going on as I do, you might not have noticed I’m WAY behind on blogging.

However, I haven’t been slacking on projects.

Here is a little of what’s been keeping me off the computer.


A friend  needed a sassy spring like apron with ruffles for her daughter.


But first, I must make a clean spot on the work table.








A sassy spring like ruffled apron!



I’ve been working on some different jewelry designs



Some bezels soldered, then filled them with resin.







It’s a fun process, wish time was unlimited I could do this day and night!

In reality, time is not unlimited and I have other things that need to get done.


I did a complete redo on my area at Monticello,

A great big THANK YOU to Joyce for all her ideas and muscle on the project!

monticelllo 022


Here is a new project, that I took in to Monticello as soon as the paint was dry.

I thought it would be a great unit for storing all kinds of things,

especially in a work area or studio.

monticelllo 013

I took a little time organizing the jewelry.

monticelllo 018


monticelllo 011



With Spring comes baseball…


I  can’t say I LOVE the sport,

but I really do LOVE watching this little player!








monticelllo 001

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Art Camp

I was fortunate to attend another one of Terri Brushes ‘ wonderful Art Camps on the Oregon Coast this past week.   

It was a great time, not just for making art, but for also making new friends.

art camp 050 


A packet with treasures needed to create a bracelet.


art camp 060

A little soldering,

art camp 066

A little wire wrapping,

necklace 012


The back.


necklace 018-2


I always think the latest project is my favorite and this one is no exception!


necklace 010-2

I’m back home now  recharged and ready to get busy.

I am headed to Monticello to refresh my space.  The Spring Home and Garden Show will  be  going for another month.

  I hope you will check it out, the merchandise is continually changing with new items being brought in as others are selling. 

I have it on good authority that they are having a BIG sale for Mother’s Day….