Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in the Making

We’ve been enjoying the season, and looking forward to today with great anticipation.

Last weekend I spent the afternoon with The Tarte Family and The BH Boys.


Joe had agreed to teach Cindy and I to make tamales.

tamales 004 

This is not a quick, let’s just throw these together dinner!

tamales 005

tamales 012

tamales 009

tamales 018

tamales 021

tamales 022

tamales 037


tamales 028

Fun day learning something new,

and  though I was voted least likely to succeed in the tamale making circle,

they were certainly enough to impress everyone who tried them!


Then I tied myself to the chair so I could finish a couple of quilts.

quilt and Christmas Eve 001


Thankfully I have been introduced to Hulu and Netfix  so I can be entertained while I sew.

  quilt and Christmas Eve 011

Wish I had taken a picture of the finished projects  before I wrapped them , but it is hard to think of these details at 3am.

Another reason for starting projects  a little earlier I suppose…

Sweet little babies came to make Christmas special.

quilt and Christmas Eve 072

Bringing a message for all,


“give the ones you love a hug!”


quilt and Christmas Eve 037

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Look Alikes

Last weekend I joined my friends for a 24 hour “art fest” slumber party at Terri Brushes’ home. We had a terrific time, it was everything fun, all packaged up and tied with a bow!

One of the projects was this little cutie!


Mine turned out to be a self portrait, that was so fun I made myself a husband…

Such a happy couple.

Let’s just call them,

Dave and Joy…

christmas 002

They seem to be enjoying the holidays…

christmas 006

We made boxes and filled them with little snowmen.

christmas 028

The box is much cuter than the picture shows, but taking pictures of glass is definitely a trick I need to work on!

The second box I used this little one winged angel…

christmas 014

Proof that you should never throw anything away. Never know when you might need a one winged angel.

A few more Christmas projects I’ve been making.



Hope your making Merry!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

‘Tis The Season

It’s that time of year again.

With lots to do, back to back scheduling is just one if the stress inducers. It takes a lot of creative juggling and everything needs to work just right to stay on top of your schedule.

Today was an example of that kind of day.

I needed to get to Monticello to make certain everything was priced and ready for the show.


It starts tomorrow, Friday, December 3rd at 8 am.

I had all the angels praying,

monticello dec 2010 025

I needed to be back in Silverton, for Sam’s Christmas Program by 6:30 at the latest.

It is an hour drive under the best of circumstances, rush hour traffic can be ….

I finished,

but not in time to get pictures of any booths other than just a few of my own.

monticello dec 2010 012

Some feather trees dressed with Eiffel Towers.

monticello dec 2010 023

A few necklaces.

monticello dec 2010 018

But, I was 42 minutes late leaving…

If all went well, the best would be 15 minutes late.

Thankfully I was “misinformed”.

It started at 7pm…

I was early!

That was odd!

Some day Sam will hate me, but this is one of the perks of being the mother.

monticello dec 2010 044

He is the “octopus” in the middle.

monticello dec 2010 047

Glad I was early.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Unknown Plus

You might not know about this little bonus unless you have a blog.  In case there is nothing else, you can always feel guilty for not posting as frequently as you feel you should…Hmmm

So…  I’m busy getting ready for the Christmas Show at Monticello.




As usual I have several dozen projects in the works, but very few packaged, priced and packed…


Dave put this together from a puzzle I got from Kim this summer.

furen 029  I love it and of course I want to keep it but.. I MUST quit changing things around,  I’m starting to feel a little dizzy…

The bead board with the side pieces, I had him build for the show so the cabinet wouldn’t be sitting on the table top.  I would hang it on the wall. I can’t have too many table tops.  Where else would we leave all the clutter? 

I especially LOVE how the bins open from the sides.

I wonder how it would be to just leave them open and maybe the clutter could go directly into the drawers and leave the table top clear?

furen 028

I don’t think these two were originally together, but they have such a happy marriage.

Should I save this for Dave for Christmas?

jewelry 053 


Seriously, I might not be able to part with this…

jewelry 048

  I really got to fly, still have lots to do.

jewelry 031

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Whole Lot of Magic

What a great time I have had over the past

Tarte Barn.

tarte first sale in OC 103

There are definitely a few reasons a Queen might choose to leave the country for new city digs.

(Which by the way I had a little sneak peek of the new castle, so don’t fret there is more magic to come!) 

The fact that winter is coming, bringing cold, cold days and nights. 

Maybe its because the barn is a barn, completely without insulation and plumbing.  That translates into your freezing and then you must make a mad dash to the port a potty and this is Oregon so now your soaked from the rain…

Perhaps its the small furry critters that might surprise you at any moment.  Could be the hawk that thinks he was there first, so he’s not leaving… 

Whatever the reason it is truly bittersweet to see the Queen leave her Barn.

Lots of friends were out Saturday to say hello and gather up treasures before the move.

tarte last event 082

tarte last event 063   

tarte last event 070

tarte last event 079

Isabel did a lovely post that inspired me to go back and pull some of my favorite pictures from previous sales. 

I hope you enjoy them.

tarte 019

tarte 008

tarte 017

tarte 051

tarte first sale in OC 119

 tarte first sale in OC 190

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Crown Of My Own

Well finally!  I can’t believe it was so long coming, but I finally got one of my own!

crown 004

I tried making one on my own, it turned out pretty awful.  Not one I would wear any where except, maybe around the house.  But now, thanks to Terri Brush, I have the technique down, perhaps I will fashion a few for those special occasions when nothing else will do!

There were some pretty fabulous projects completed at

Artsy Tartsey this weekend.

artsey tartsey 027  

Wonder why I didn’t take pictures of them??

Well, maybe I was having too much fun???

Maybe I was enjoying the early morning offerings provided by Kelli?

You have no doubt been awed by her paper and glitter creations,

but did you know she has another life in the food industry??

artsey tartsey 032

Maybe I was harassing Kelli by taking her picture.artsey tartsey 004  

I did however get a few pictures of the barn,

artsey tartsey 011 


artsey tartsey 018



artsey tartsey 024

I’m sure I could have taken a few more, but no worries… 



I’m on my way to the barn where I will be helping the Queen as we get ready for  

artsey tartsey 008

And while I’m there, I sure hope I find my phone, since I’ve looked everywhere else!!

I’m hoping it is there…

It is a red one

images Wait, maybe it looks more like one of these…


images (1)

Either way, if you find it, you will have to send me an email, since at the time, it seemed like a good idea to cancel the house phone…