Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Crown Of My Own

Well finally!  I can’t believe it was so long coming, but I finally got one of my own!

crown 004

I tried making one on my own, it turned out pretty awful.  Not one I would wear any where except, maybe around the house.  But now, thanks to Terri Brush, I have the technique down, perhaps I will fashion a few for those special occasions when nothing else will do!

There were some pretty fabulous projects completed at

Artsy Tartsey this weekend.

artsey tartsey 027  

Wonder why I didn’t take pictures of them??

Well, maybe I was having too much fun???

Maybe I was enjoying the early morning offerings provided by Kelli?

You have no doubt been awed by her paper and glitter creations,

but did you know she has another life in the food industry??

artsey tartsey 032

Maybe I was harassing Kelli by taking her picture.artsey tartsey 004  

I did however get a few pictures of the barn,

artsey tartsey 011 


artsey tartsey 018



artsey tartsey 024

I’m sure I could have taken a few more, but no worries… 



I’m on my way to the barn where I will be helping the Queen as we get ready for  

artsey tartsey 008

And while I’m there, I sure hope I find my phone, since I’ve looked everywhere else!!

I’m hoping it is there…

It is a red one

images Wait, maybe it looks more like one of these…


images (1)

Either way, if you find it, you will have to send me an email, since at the time, it seemed like a good idea to cancel the house phone…


  1. Hi Joy,
    You deserve that crown every day, no matter the occasion!

  2. Hi ! Do you happen to know if the old iron bed in the photo is for sale ????? It's exactly what I am looking for ... ! Thanks so much ! Patti

  3. Hi Patti,
    The bed is for sale, I don't have your email, hopefully you will check back.. It is at the Tarte Barn.

  4. Wow I hope you find your phone, I wish you a great show. I am not going to be able to come as I have to go north for a memorial for my brother in law. Hugs to all! Florence

  5. Joy, did you look in you BRA! that was the last place I saw you STASH it!! LOL..... MISS YOU!

  6. Love your new crown! You are so worthy! And of course the barn looks so beautiful as always.

  7. So that's why you didn't answer the phone when I called...JK!
    Thanks for the sneaky looks like it's going to be over the top always!
    P.S. Do I need to curtsy first when I visit now, your highness?

  8. are such a hoot! Your crown is SO fit for you! It was great seeing you again.....have an awesome time at the last soiree of the barn!

  9. What a beautiful crown!
    Have you found your phone?
    Love from Holland