Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Whole Lot of Magic

What a great time I have had over the past

Tarte Barn.

tarte first sale in OC 103

There are definitely a few reasons a Queen might choose to leave the country for new city digs.

(Which by the way I had a little sneak peek of the new castle, so don’t fret there is more magic to come!) 

The fact that winter is coming, bringing cold, cold days and nights. 

Maybe its because the barn is a barn, completely without insulation and plumbing.  That translates into your freezing and then you must make a mad dash to the port a potty and this is Oregon so now your soaked from the rain…

Perhaps its the small furry critters that might surprise you at any moment.  Could be the hawk that thinks he was there first, so he’s not leaving… 

Whatever the reason it is truly bittersweet to see the Queen leave her Barn.

Lots of friends were out Saturday to say hello and gather up treasures before the move.

tarte last event 082

tarte last event 063   

tarte last event 070

tarte last event 079

Isabel did a lovely post that inspired me to go back and pull some of my favorite pictures from previous sales. 

I hope you enjoy them.

tarte 019

tarte 008

tarte 017

tarte 051

tarte first sale in OC 119

 tarte first sale in OC 190


  1. These pics are amazing. I'm in love with everything!

  2. Totally awesome & inspiring!
    So, when is the move to the city AND what city?????
    Hope to see you at Monticello in Dec.

  3. Love, love, love that first shot with the Japanese lights and twinkle lights above...what a cool idea! Beautiful flea market...we need that in Nashville!
    Mel's Cabin

  4. Joy, it seems like forever since I have seen you! When is your next show?