Friday, August 29, 2008

Where Are the Parental Controls?

How fun to have bouquets around as I try and get things put back together.

I have been enjoying the leftover flowers from Mindy's wedding. They have been going strong for a week now but I think they are about on their last leg. I also got 2 of the giant petunia baskets to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

Here is Sam having a little cat nap on the bed that his big brother Derek made into a bench. We left the house before 3am Sunday morning to get to the sale in Oregon City to set up our booth. We were all pretty tired after the way we have been running around like crazy all summer.
If the bench had been longer and wider, I guess that would have been a bed.... I would have joined him!
I told myself we would have a catch up week, before we get started on getting things packed up and ready for the show in Coburg on the Sunday after Labor Day, September 7th.
Early this morning I'm busy minding my own business, taking the week to try and get some kind of control over the house, the yard, the shop, the barn, the five hundred other things I have neglected for way too long. Naturally I am trying to catch up on the blogs I haven't read in forever... So... I read one that is a favorite of someone I know... and it says, "check out my Face Book for more information" so being the curious type, I follow the link and naturally I have to have an account to look... (how annoying is that) but I have a few minutes so I do what I have to do to get an account and then, it asks about friends and up pops my email address book. Hmmm, I think well yes these are certainly my friends. So I check them all, thinking that if these "friends" have Face Book accounts then they will know that I have one and I can look at their "face" and they can look at mine...

Oh yeah, this is so easy check, check, check, next thing I know I have many and I do mean MANY emails!! What? Everyone gets notified that I want them to be my friend and in order to see my "face" they have to have an account??? Then they notify me and I respond... I have to see if they checked yes? Oh my gosh some of the contacts in my address book evidently got several requests, the ones I just couldn't bear if we weren't friends got 3 and some even 4 requests to be my friend?? They are no doubt thinking how pitiful... she needs friends so desperately... gee I hate to see her beg.... okay, alright I'll be her friend... I just hope she isn't going to start bugging me day and night on the computer..

I don't think I even got to the person I was trying to read about!! Now that I have so many friends I guess I don't really need to worry about it..

If this has a familiar sound to it, you are just recalling when I sent several emails to the same people about the sale I was trying to advertise... I patiently explained to them that those people I really, really wanted to be there got more than one notice...
The thing that really baffles me is, why has no one ever asked me to be a Face Book friend? At least once? Evidently I asked many people, several times each??

Apparently I am, over friendly?? The other question I have is where are the controls on this computer? Some one, (like a parent), should be watching that I don't harm myself or someone else on this "magic box". And lastly do you suppose the people at the bank will respond to my Face Book friend plea?

Before today's escapade with Face Book I was going to figure out how to add a slide show to the side bar... Guess I better put that idea on the back burner for awhile... One can only imagine what chaos I could make with a slide show? And I had thought I might add music...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Know I'm Going to Be Sorry

I am always a little nervous posting pictures of my friends in what they might consider less than flattering shots. It's not that hard to get a picture of me in a less than flattering shot as I'm sure you are aware.
If you know Pam you have to agree this is a look, that is just "her".

I think it is some where between excited and happy but could be a little nervous and scared... You have to wonder just what it is Karen is telling her?? Notice Karen (from the previous post showing her biceps) wearing long sleeves? Yeah she is the only one wearing long sleeves, probably shy about her extraordinary muscles... Looks like she might be working on her finger muscles, which is no doubt a good idea since her daughter Kimmy is getting married next August and she will need strong fingers for addressing the envelopes and writing checks!!

Here is the mother of the bride again, not all that sure, but kind of convinced that it will come together and even though we might not come across as the best wedding helpers, at least we are there and if nothing else we can be amusing, at least we think so..
I have a few pictures of the decorations for the wedding, but same old excuse the battery was dead in my camera and where the heck was the charger? (Turns out it was in the back seat of the truck, of all places!)
No doubt there were lots of pictures and I will be so excited to share them.(When I get them.)

I did take a few photos while we were setting up and a couple during the wedding.

The wedding took place at the old Union Hills Grange. The grange sits in a grass seed field above the little farming town of Sublimity.

Just off the gravel road. Notice the charred field? The farmers have to burn when they can, no waiting for anything! I suppose we should be thankful their day to burn wasn't the day of the wedding... That just might have been worse than the rain we were so worried would ruin the day!
There were lots of helpers, before, during and after... I had the best time being part of the process. It was especially fun getting to work with Laurena. Wish I had a picture of her...(imagine photo of cute, smiling girl here)

Those little pots are filled with basil plants for favors. Any guesses what the couples last name is??? Yes, it's Basil!

It just occurred to me that with the last name of Lamb, and 2 unmarried boys???

Oh my gosh, I guess we better plan on another wedding in a grass seed field!

Here is the tent getting raised. Mindy's uncle came from California with this tent, notice the clear top? It had it's advantages, shade wasn't one of them... It was nice and light, it gave the illusion of being outdoors, but with some cover from the elements. The baskets of petunias, loved the hot house effect. When they were delivered that morning they were only tiny little seedlings. (Just kidding)
Two darling "glitter girls," why would they throw flowers when there was glitter?
The gazebo decorated with hops and flowers.

Cupcakes and cookies..
Table decorations.

The happy couple...

What a beautiful day, for a beautiful bride.

We moms want everything to be perfect for our babies every day, but especially on their wedding day. The only thing we couldn't get was the thing she would have most like to have and that was her dad to be there with them. He was killed in a plane crash about 6 months ago. I know he would have been so proud of Mindy and of Pam, the way she just keeps going, as if her heart hasn't been shattered.

She gets by

with a little help from
her friends...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staying Busy

It's Monday again, what the heck wasn't it just Monday??? Well, when I started this post it was Monday... Now it is Tuesday almost midnight and I still haven't finished... I remember when people would say that time goes so fast. I was probably in grade school when I first remember hearing this. Then when I was in high school, didn't seem fast to me.. On to college, no not so fast, seems to be dragging to me. Then the year I was a fight attendant and engaged to be married, slow, very slow. First couple years married, working still slow waiting to get on with my real life... Then it started picking up speed, with the arrival of babies; that must be it! Every baby made the time go faster and now 4 babies later YIKES I'm over a half century old and the time is going so fast it makes my head spin!! That explains the dizzy, bizarre behavior I sometimes exhibit. Wow! Glad I figured that out. I'm especially glad I can blame that on the boys, seems like they can account their bizarre behavior on either genetics (of which I have to take at least half credit) or the way they were raised, which again...

Speaking of boys and I know you are waiting to hear.. We made it to Molly Mo's without a hitch, (well actually we had a hitch, but only on the truck to pull the trailer) they were actually quite competent. Not only competent but willing! No complaining no whining, where did my little boys go? Who are these adult aliens? I don't know, but I sure like them!! It's okay if I gush over them. They never read my blog, (one says, "too many words not enough pictures, and the other has said, "mom why would anyone care what you are doing?") Some how coming from them it feels like sweet compliments...Secretly I'm sure it's marked as a favorite on their computer, and they check daily for updates!

If you live where it is HOT all summer, spring and fall skip this part... Sorry about the whining, but it was HOT, HOT, HOT and that made unpacking not so fun... The boys unloaded the trailer and there I was... Sam found the swimming pool! Every one else was setting up their booth and I'm looking for my parasol!

I waited until daybreak and this is what I found

hmmm... not so cute! And by the way it is still hot but not as HOT! So scurry, scurry only 3 hours until early buying! And I decided to make a quick trip around before it opened to see if there were sweet deals I couldn't live without. Of course there were!
Do you remember Brandi, she did the 4th of July sale? She is here under the big parasol looking at Sheila's pretty little charms. Oh my are they ever darling, hard to choose just one and she also takes special orders which makes it just that much harder!

Here is Karen, on her way to a baby shower and she found the coolest presents for the baby! You know it has to be hot, I've known her for 10 years and this is the first time I have seen her without long sleeves. I had no idea she had such enormous biceps!! Behind Karen, resting (wilting) is Isabel, she is past caring that someone is pointing the camera in her direction!

Here is one of the cutest girls you would ever want to meet, great stuff she has for sale and the most adorable baby girl (not for sale). I know this is a picture of her leaving her booth, no doubt looking for great treasures, she really is a hard working dedicated dealer!

Here is Joe and Sue, they had the fortune (good or bad) to be my neighbors. We had lots of fun and Joe has his part down to perfection... He said, "whatever Sue says, I say Yes, Dear", to that I say, what a wonderful man he is!! I've also heard him say, "if it's heavy Sue will buy it!!"
They are going to be in Oregon City this coming Sunday. I hope they are close to me! I need to make sure Joe continues doing his part!

I will be putting Sue and Lindsey's blog on "where I like to go" soon! I'm always a little behind on that... Also can't seem to keep it updated on where I'm going to be having a show either...I need to get better at that!!

While I was at the Molly Mo Antique Faire literally melting in the heat! I saw my friends Pam and Mindy. Mindy is getting married THIS SATURDAY!! I am helping with a few things and one is the veil, so plans were made to meet Monday evening and get it made! By the way I have seen her dress and it is the absolute cutest I have ever seen! I can't wait to share photos. Then last night I saw her shoes!! Oh my gosh!! They are fabulous, not at all what I was thinking definitely NOT your typical ballet slippers!

I haven't looked at a Bride's magazine in about 30 years.. So, do I know what a blusher is?? Nope, never heard of it. I see a picture, oh... sure a blusher...Absolutely, now I remember...I loaded two totes of old lace, wedding dresses that could be 'scrapped', vintage flowers, pieces or this and that which could some how make a bride blush?? On my way out the door I grabbed the cover off a lampshade that started it's life as a wedding doll dress. In truth I had just gathered it up and put a rubber band around it and plopped it on the white lampshade... It was very sweet..

Mindy had a flower, and a brooch, where did that feather come from??
She decided on the doll dress, so we cut a little and glued a little. Grandma ironed and stitched a little.

Mindy had a phone call she needed to answer, so we enlisted the help of the 'blushing groom' well, here it is, no not this one

no, not this one either.
this is the one that Mindy thought had a bee keeper look,

how does it look?


Friday, August 15, 2008

Think of Me...

Okay, okay I know they are big, I know to you they don't look like babies. Well actually in the picture to me they don't look like babies either... But they are my first and second born babies, sure that was 26 and almost 24 years ago but seriously it feels like yesterday and I guess the day before, because anyone can see they aren't twins!
I guess I should start at the beginning, (no not their birth) last night when it was getting later and later and it was still over 100 degrees and getting dark and Dave still wasn't through doing whatever he does to make Dumbo a better RV... We were going to take all my treasures in the trailer and leave them at Molly Mo's (aka Diane's) for the show on Saturday. Just my little way of trying to be organized and early, for something different...That would have definitely made me first instead of last!!
Well, I had a great idea since the two big brothers were both going to be here this morning and nothing better to do than try and repay their mother for all the great things she has done for them in the past... Why couldn't they pull the trailer and bring Dumbo to the show for me?? It is only 15 miles and it was getting late and Dave still wasn't done and needs to sleep occasionally so he can get up before the chickens and make money, so I can do what ever it is I do....
And as everyone knows I am not going to pull the trailer with Dumbo!! One or the other would be enough to make me have a major anxiety attack but no way am I doing both, not to mention I do want these people (Dave and the boys) to feel needed..
And you do remember how long and wide the circus train is?

I was going to take the pink bike anyway, so I'm thinking maybe I could ride behind the circus train in case there was some kind of problem...I could wear a sign on my back that says WIDE LOAD, on second thought maybe not...

If I do, I need to raise the seat, because last time I rode this bike to the store with Sam, I thought my legs would surely fall off before I got home. I'm certain it was because the seat is so low and not that my legs aren't use to such abuse!!
I just wanted to let you know I would either be at the show, or some where along the way...

Hope you can come, it is suppose to be hot, hot, hot, but we have umbrellas for shade and lots of water so come on out!

P.S. You know I'm just kidding, these boys/ babies/ men can drive, who do you think taught them??

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life Savers

Yes, life savers come in a variety of packages. Who doesn't love them? And speaking of life savers, I am sure you must think I have an obsession (and if I do I'm not the only one) with the Barn House Boys but once again, they came to my rescue. Patiently waiting to help unload, along with another life saver, my sister Terri who had driven over from the Seattle area to help.We were just a wee late getting to the show at Clayson Farm. The 4 hour trip took us just under 8 hours, we pulled in after 11pm...
The original lifesaver, Dave the Driver had to work Friday and something about the fact that he gets up before 3am for work, causes him to be tired and a little slow by Friday evening...We did make it and he did indeed back the Circus Train
into this driveway in the dark! (Well, he was being guided in by flashlight... ) I always tell him, I'm so glad I taught him to back up the trailer, it really saves me having to do it every time ... ;)
Also waiting, (since naturally they didn't have anything else to do as the event was held at their house) was Leslee, her husband Mark, son Clayson and friend Erin. After backing into the driveway, (since by then it was nearly midnight) we decided to unload at daylight.
Here is Leslee (in the red shirt) hard at work on Saturday.

If you are wondering why the pictures are so small...(I think if you click on them they will enlarge) I must love this excuse since I use it so often, but I didn't have time to take pictures... Once again saved by Jermonne the Barn House Super Boy. When I got home late last night there was an email that he had taken 173 pictures at the Clayson Farm Event and I could look at them here, and was welcome to use them on my blog!
Is it any wonder everyone who meets them loves these guys?? (Even Dave and if you know him, you will know this comes as a gigantic compliment, as he's certainly not known for his effusive praise... said those guys really saved us, as they were up at daylight helping us get unloaded and set up!) Well as you can see when I did this post the pictures I copied from him came out little tiny, I'm sure there is a way to make them big, but alas that is beyond my computer knowledge and I don't have time this morning to try and figure it out as I am once again off to the races, I mean swim lessons!
I hope you take a few minutes to check all 173 of these pictures out! Along with everything else complimentary that I can say about him, this Barn House Boy is a talented photographer!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Did I say in my last post it was 400 miles to Yakima?? Well... It's 4 hours it's only 229 miles, unless you get lost or sidetracked...Maybe it is 400 miles if we drive to Eugene first??? You do recall the family reunion?

Enjoy these roses and I will take lots of pictures, I will have my camera and my cell phone charger and my computer and....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sesame Seeds and Almonds

What you ask, more recipes?? Oh no, my friends I have a very important announcement to make... drum roll please... attention please everyone! Yes, I am about to be a "Very" Great Aunt again! Indeed, these two beautiful sisters will be soon providing our family with two precious little sweetie pies for all to enjoy. Very clever of them to arrange for both babies to arrive so close together, that way there will be no arguing over who gets to hold the baby... Well it will at least cut the problem in half, there would need to be one for each of us for no arguing...
So, what does that have to do with sesame seeds and almonds?? Apparently there is a book about pregnancy these days, that compares the baby's size as she develops, to something that you can relate too. This makes sense to me as I have no clue as to how big a millimeter or centimeter is... I can relate to at three weeks, the size of a sesame seed and at 8 weeks an almond. I understand there are blueberries and other descriptives I can visualize. I might have to get this book so I can keep track of these little pumpkins!

I'm sure you are wondering how Miss Addie feels about being the BIG sister and cousin in charge. She is pretty sure the whole thing is going to be a big headache!
There will be so much she needs to do to keep the little ones up to date on all the fun places to checkout. She will have to show the babies everything at Poppy and Posie's, (aka Grandpa and Grandma Colvin)
There is the garden shed, where you can sit at the little table and have a tea party,
The big umbrella where you can relax in the garden and have snacks...Where the tall pink flowers grow...
Always be very careful here... because this is where the dinosaurs roam, under these great big leaves of the prehistoric plant!! Be certain you watch for bumblebees they can sting if you mess with them!
But be sure and take time to stop and smell the roses!!
So no wonder Miss Adelaide has a headache, this is a fairly daunting task for a little one that won't quite be 3 years old.

For other not so important or exciting news. Last Saturday, was the Lake Oswego Antique Faire. What a beautiful venue for a show.
Isabel and I were neighbors.
And yes, I was as tired as I look in the picture. Isabel being the dear friend she is, kept suggesting that I go take a little nap under the tree. So after about the second time she offered to watch my booth, I stumbled on over to catch a few zzz's. Luckily no pictures of that!!! Wait, as I'm reading here I see someone did indeed catch a candid shot! You don't suppose this was a setup?
Here is Isabel's booth, where do you suppose she is? Perhaps out taking pictures?? That's unfortunate, this lady looks as though she might be interested in buying something...

Here are the adorable girls from Adorn.
And here is a shot of our friends Margot and her daughter Karen.
Shoppers checking out Margot's treasures.

We had a fun day and I left feeling ever so rested!
Undoubtably you are wondering what will I be up to this weekend... I'm headed to Yakima, Washington. I wanted to go to the Antique Show at Clayson Farms, since it is a mere 400 miles, why not??

And since we were going anyway, why not hook up the trailer to Dumbo and see if I couldn't hawk a few of my wares along the way?? In truth I have a spot okay I actually have 2, and I am so excited to go to a new show!! This looks so cute!! They moved an old barn on to their property (last week) and I can't wait to see it! I love going to new places, meeting new friends. I can be anything I want... I think I'll be quiet and shy. I think I'll be totally ready, rested, and organized! What the heck as long as I'm dreaming, I might as well be tall and thin!!

Hope to see you there!! I'm sure you won't recognize me!