Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thanks to all of you!

It was great seeing all of you that came by Saturday for the 3 Friends Sale. 

3 friends sale 347

When we are in the middle of preparing for an event, (especially as it has been a year since we held a sale here) begin to doubt my sanity.  I  do have to say it really is worth all the blood, sweat and tears that is required to get things in order. 

I feel as though we have reclaimed the shop, it had become more of a storage unit/dump site.

I was forced to “deal with” all the excess.




I love the white walls.  Painting is such a hassle,  but the effect, that 10 gallons of white glossy paint has on a room is amazing!

3 friends sale 348

Kinda makes me want to put on my dancing dress.

There is still the issue of the leaking roof…

3 friends sale 398-1


But you know what they say about progress.



3 friends sale 388

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Girls

I had so much fun at Dream Girls, this past weekend,  I took no pictures.

Thankfully there were lots of other cameras being used.  Isabel took these  beautiful photos, that I promptly copied so I would have something to share…

We had classes in this wonderful barn.



Dream Girls 2 037

These are Tiffany’s vintage prom dresses and slips that decorated the entry. 

 Dream Girls 2 023

A shot of the inside, all decorated for the weekend.

Dream Girls 2 026

An amazing weekend filled with laughing, crafting and all the fun you could ever hope for.

You might want to go on over to Isabel’s blog and check out the rest of her pictures of the weekend.


The yellow walls are painted that shiny white, I am so fond of… 

Things from the trailer are finding their way into the store, to be arranged in a tidy manner.  Sounds reasonable…

Lots and lots of treasures to be arranged in a tidy manner…

3 friends 2 018-1_thumb[1]

3friends info-1_thumb[1]

You know I will  be ready.  Hope to see you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Half Full or Half Empty?

Well, I’d have to say BOTH!  I’m talking about the cups/ buckets that I have out in the shop catching the water as it leaks from the roof…  Don’t you just love when life gives you lemons/ water you make lemonade/ mop water???

Gotta love rain if you live in Oregon… Really?? 


The buckets are half full, but the other half is on the floor…

Just another day in paradise. 

Decided last week, I couldn’t do another show with yellow walls…

So I conned the biggest boy into painting. 


Why does my life revolve around paint? 


Well paint and water, rain water…


3 friends info 023

Thankfully the grass is always greener on the other side.

So I planted it.

3 friends info 006


The good news is, we are getting ready for our annual


3 friends info 017



3 Friends Sale


3 friends 2 018-1

Something fun to look forward too!

3friends info-1