Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Retreat ** Summer 2011**

A wonderful sunny day in a perfect setting was the back drop for the

Retreat Vintage Flea Market on Camano Island last Saturday.

Deb and Bob Kennedy, Retreat really know how to pull it all together.

The show was an incredible success!


Dumbo (the rv) preformed like a champion. 

Perhaps the last “talkin to” when I threatened to drive him off a cliff if he didn’t straighten up and fly drive right, paid off…

A few little tweaks to the interior and I will be showing you the completed facelift/remodel of his interior.

Thankfully I didn’t have to make good on the cliff diving threat, because I really love the remodeled Dumbo!


We had our booth all set up and ready to go with plenty of time to spare.

(a little less than 3 minutes)



My booth neighbors on my right, the ladies from Poppyseeds in Stanwood.

Teresa Sheeley (middle) another vendor from Omak Washington, getting some last minute “before photos”.



Across from me was Tammy Gilley from Portland.

What a fun time I had visiting with all my neighbors and the shoppers who were out for a beautiful day of shopping.


Patricia aka Pippy Stockton all set up with her lovely jewelry.


Deb in her Garden Party booth.


I’m fairly certain she didn’t have one thing that I wouldn’t have gladly taken as my own…


Love those chippy pink doors and the painter’s ladder with the company name painted on both sides…


The fresh classic look of Seabold Vintage Market.


Liz busy at work in her booth.

Looking forward to seeing her next month at Barn House Flea Market.


Speaking of Barn House…

My neighbors on the left.


Such incredibly talented, hard working, fun loving, crazy boys!

Hope you will join us on July 31 at the BH Flea Market.

There were lots of other fabulous vendors, wish I had gotten pictures of all of them.

But I only had 3 minutes…

Monday, June 20, 2011

So Excited!


We are finishing up our projects and getting ready for this weekend.

It is time to load up the trailer, hitch up to Dumbo (the rv ) and get this circus train on the road.


We were delighted to be invited to participate in Deb and Bob Kennedy’s event this weekend.

Some of our very favorite vendors will be there.

This is no doubt going to be one of those events you certainly don’t want to miss.

the weather has agreed to co operate, what a great way to start summer fun!

Retreat Vintage Market

We’ve been spending our time, buying, creating, cleaning, sorting, pricing, packing and just getting so excited for this show!  


Saturday, June 25
9 AM to 3 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally Flowers

I’ve been spending time in the garden and behind the sewing machine.

And a little time shopping, I recently found this wonderful old platter.


I made a little flower to put in it, from a big box of random colored leather scraps.


Then, when my evil twin Starta Lotta came by,

this is what happened.


I also made started a lotta, aprons.  (evil twin sisters!!)


Thankfully I had alotta flowers to use as embellishment…


I love this time of year, all the flowers make me so happy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farm Chicks = Fun Chicks

The peonies missed the party, I tried forcing them

farm chicks 235

But they were not going to co operate, no matter how many times I added warm water…

Then there was the major set back, when Dumbo (the rv) lost the use of his gauges and we had to return home for the truck.

farm chicks 050


But with all the setbacks and disappointments, we still made it with time to spare.

Thankfully I was traveling with an adult, who never gets ruffled or stressed.


I’m certain he wishes he could say the same…


We got the booth set up.

farm chicks 245

It was fun seeing everyone.

Here was a quick shot of Sue, Lisa and Patricia.


farm chicks 272

The very best part is the friends,

new and old that we get to connect and reconnect with each year

at Farm Chicks.

farm chicks 280-1

The times with friends are priceless.

Too bad we have to return home as soon as it is over,

when there is so much more fun that we could have had if there was only more time…

We had to be the last people who attended Farm Chicks to get home. 

It was a long drive in the old truck…


The good news that greeted us.

peonies 023

The peonies bloomed while we were away.

peonies 011

And a few of these pale oink ones.

peonies 008

Everything works better when the sun shines!!!