Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween !!

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Typically I am not one to talk about 'private' matters, especially to who knows how many people. But... I have to start from the beginning...
First I'm sure you all know that October is, Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, naturally I have been putting off the dreaded yearly mamogram, intending to call everyday for an appointment... Then I got this email from Cousin Kay..

"I don't remember if I told you about Donna Faria asking me if I had a quilt I could donate to her Relay for Life team to be auctioned off at their dinner - proceeds to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. I didn't have anything on hand but told her I would ask Aunt Jean if she would like to do some applique blocks and I would put them together and have them quilted for the auction. She did - I did - and they had the auction Saturday night. They got $1,075 for the quilt!!! It was the highest bidded item. Donna expected we would give her a throw, but was very excited when it was a king size quilt (Aunt Jean chose to do the three flower, butterfly pattern). I told Donna I had over $225 invested in it, plus all of Aunt Jean's labor, and that I hoped they got at least that much. Needless to say - we were all thrilled. "

Here is a picture of the butterfly quilt my mom made me several years ago. I'm assuming it was this pattern, but it might be a little different. Aunt Jean is my mom's sister, Cousin Judy's mom.. I think it is so wonderful that all these women are involved with helping other women, giving of their time, talents and money..
I haven't mentioned before that my first husband died of cancer almost 14 years ago, so I know first hand how devasating cancer can be to a family. I have been reading www.FourSistersInACottage for the past few months and I am so amazed at this woman's courage and willingness to share her story with all of us.
So of course I did finally call for an appointment and I went for the mamogram yesterday. I'm sure if you have had one you know it's not fun, but it certainly is better than having breast cancer go undetected... Well the technician does one side, then goes to make sure she has the pictures she needs and when she gets ready to do the other side the machine won't move. It won't go up, down anything.... So of course I say, "well I'm glad that didn't happen while I was being 'compressed', (maybe not my actual words) and she assures me there is an emergency 'evacuation'. I had this mental picture of a crowbar... and of them saying hold on this will only take a minute...whatever.. The whole thing was kind of funny especially since there was a new technician observing and the original technician was baffled by what was happening. I went ahead and got dressed before the manager or whatever he is called came in to see what was happening... Only could this happen on a day when your in a hurry, have a million things to do and need to be at the bus stop in time to get your kindergartner off the bus..
I went ahead and rescheduled while I was there..I hope you go ahead and schedule yours today!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Wish it Would Rain!

Normally I can't stand the rain. The only redeeming quality I can think of is, it takes care of watering the plants.. I love the green so I do understand the necessity for the rain, I just don't like getting wet when I'm dressed! I have things I want to do outside or I want to go out to my shop, I hate getting wet, but invariably what I need is somewhere besides in the house. Its not far enough to find my umbrella so I usually make a run for it and of course, then I'm wet!! I realize everyone in Southern California is desperate for the rain and I wish I could give them some of ours. All this is leading to my point. The news is saying its going to rain, and naturally I have lots of cleaning up to do outside so I'm running like crazy all day trying to beat the rain. I decide I will work until the first drop falls. I started early and it was after 3:00pm before the first sprinkle... I am exhausted but I did get lots accomplished. I could use several more days but I don't think I have the energy for it. What I really need to do is learn to pace myself.. Or better yet get someone else to do it??

These are the last of the flowers out of the garden.
I wish I had planted more that I could be enjoying in the house dahlias or something that is still blooming this time of the year. I could maybe plant these kale in the yard when I get tired of them in the house. Our house stays very cool so cut flowers and plants last for a long, long time. Actually they have been known to freeze in the house...don't you love old houses ??

I love the old quilt on the table under the cupboard here. I put clear glass platters under the bowls when I serve food on it so hopefully it doesn't get spilled on. I can and do wash it, but I try and be careful with it because it is fragile. I also have enjoyed the old bed spread under it. When I bought it it was fairly bright pink, which I'm sure your thinking so.... Well I thought it would be even better just a tiny bit lighter shade pink... So I used some bleach in the water when I washed it... Oops!! I was soooo sad I hate orange.. or do I??

Sam had a little friend over today before school. This is Catherine and Sam having lunch. It was your basic orange lunch.. Cheetos, cheesits, and cheese with candy corn for dessert, could that also qualify as a vegetable?? Catherine said she had never had Cheetos, is that really possible?

It has been a hectic week as I get ready for Christmas in Historic Silverton. I had a dozen friends over Thursday night, which in my world means I had to spend several hours doing the house work I had been ignoring... But I have been staying up late working on these toolboxes. I still need to add lace rickrack, glitter and some shading with paint, but I like to do this part and then make a different kind of mess later.

My very sweet friend Lisa me some beautiful vintage wallpaper that I am anxious to use. I have a toolbox already painted that it will go with perfectly...What a coincidence she would know what I would love to use!!!

I have actually been working on this post all week so I guess I will finally get it posted and I'm off to the shop, as far as the rain goes...none in sight it is a beautiful sunny day. ENJOY!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

All I Need To Know...

Sam has his first Parent-Teacher conference this week. I know he has definitely learned something..... He must of learned to make animal friends...He certainly didn't learn that from me. He has always called Cheerios, circles...I hope they don't teach him the real name...He 's in a bi-lingual class, maybe he will start calling them circles in Spanish, now that would be cool.
I guess I should just be glad he is making friends..

I bought the coolest thing ever at Michael's. They are letter stamps that have a magnet on the back. The set came with upper and lower case old fashion typewriter print. Naturally you also have to buy the metal thing that they attach too. That is another set, it comes with a piece where you can have 2 lines and one where you use just 1 line. It also comes with a single letter holder.

I have been wanting to have a stamp made so I could stamp my own business cards. I have a hard time deciding what I want the stamp to say so I haven't done it...Not to mention that I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to use for business cards and price tags. I get bored easy.. Actually I don't get bored I just get another idea and there goes the old one. I have a fascination with letter stamps. I have several sets but I think this is the best ever. I also just bought 2 sets where you attach them to a see through acrylic holder. Well I just got the rubber part, only $1.50 each set.. I bet you can figure out what I did next.. I got a roll of magnetic, sticky tape... This could lead to something ...
Here is a picture of the stamps , it is hard to tell what they look like because they are so small. Of course the original ones are better, because you get several of each letter..

This will be a great thing to keep them in, since it is metal.

My biggest issue is keeping things organized and tidy. I spend tons of time creating ways to keep it organized and then I use something and poof the whole thing is a disaster. On that note I must get busy organizing the shop!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Birthday With the Big Boys!!

The two big boys on the left had birthdays this week. Tyson far left is 21!! He was the baby of the family for almost 15 years before Sam (Rocky) showed up and took his place in the birth order.. He knows he will always be my baby... Derek next to Ty was 23 on Saturday.. Doesn't seem possible since I think it's only been a few years since he was also just a baby..Seriously how did those years go so fast?? I'm sure you recognize Sam the Red Power Ranger..His brothers were thrilled that he was going to dinner in his 'uniform', they were also impressed that he gave a demonstration of all his moves and power ranger abilities.. I just tell them when they have kids they can make the rules, until then I'll be in charge...

As you can imagine that goes over like a lead balloon.

I will admit that the rules have definitely changed in the last 25 years. That's how old Dusty the big brother on the right is.. When they were little they were into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I doubt they would have wanted to wear the outfits in public...I also doubt I would have let them...

Here is a before picture of a wooden box that I picked up for a dollar or maybe free, since it was so gross.. I feel like if I have to do much work on a piece it has to come 'cheap' or really what is the point.. Other than I love to do it. There are other projects I would do for myself if I wasn't trying to make some kind of a profit.. I think it is important to get paid for the time you put in a project..I think 25 cents an hour is more than enough :) It's most likely I do this for the satisfaction and not the profit.

And now for the finished project...

Not my typical choice of colors but I like this wallpaper with the book pages. I'm liking brown more and more especially with pink and aqua...

I think it is interesting that I decorate and pick clothes for my wardrobe the same color... Is it that I want to blend into my rooms?? Or maybe I don't want to clash?? Or most likely I want to look my best where ever I am in the house!

It seems like most people I can think of have the same 'style' for home and wardrobe... If you are classic, conservative, artsy, funky or whatever... I usually have an idea what some one's house will look like before I actually see it. Sometimes I am waaay off. Some women take into account what their spouse would prefer, it actually never occurs to me that Dave would have an opinion about the house... My theory on this is don't ask!! I'm sure they will tell you if they hate it. People always ask what my family thinks of the pink and ruffles the rather romantic feminine style. I answer simply, I don't think they have noticed...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting Ready !!

Already Friday night and another week flies by...

Lots of busy days but until today nothing I would want a picture of...

Today was state wide inservice for our schools. Sam was out of school as was, my sister Toni a teacher and my niece Emily.
Toni and I like to work together so when I have a big project she helps me and likewise I do the same for her. Sam and I spent the day helping get their house decorated for fall. We use the same basic things for all seasons but flip them around, paint them, move them inside, outside and sometimes upside down!!!

We have had the porch swing in a couple of different times.

Sometimes its out here on the porch...

This property has been in my brother-in-law's family for many years. It was once a campground where families would come from the city and play in the Pudding River, dance in the dance hall , buy treats in the little store and generally have a great time. Our family has had many good times out here on the Colvin's Pudding River Ranch !!

Today was the Canby High School Homecoming Dance, here is Miss Em
nearly ready for her date.

All ready for the desserts that will be served after the dance!

All ready for a fun time!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Quilts and Other Treasures

This is what I did with the pumpkins and pansies that I got Saturday at the pumpkin patch..

It was fun going to the Polk County Flea Mkt Sunday morning. I got there a little after 8am. It's about 45 minutes from Silverton. It is a small Flea Mkt but I always find something .... For that matter I almost always find something I 'have to have' where ever I go.. I like just about everything so it's not hard to find something wonderful.. I met my friends Cindy and Lisa there, it is almost as much fun seeing them get a 'treasure' as getting one of my own.

From Rickreal where the Polk County Fair Grounds are, we headed to the Collectors Mkt at the Marion County Fairgrounds. It has been a few years since I had been to that show and it has gotten a lot smaller. But naturally I found things I 'had to have'. I love this little pink phone to go on my key chain.. I think someone I knew had this when I was a teenager.. On the back it says...

"The Princess phone ... IT'S LITTLE . IT'S LOVELY. IT LIGHT'S!

At noon we met Isabel and Jean and went to a quilt show and cottage tour in Salem.

Here is a shot of Isabel modeling the. pink cashmere coat that I found. I do have a pink coat similar to this, but this one is sooo much better and it's old, so how fun is that? I love the fact that it has 3/4 length sleeves.

I ran into a friend of mine at the Quilt Show. Maureen is a member of the quilt group that was putting on the show and tour of cottages. The money that they were raising was being donated to HANS...Help Autism Now Society.. Maureen made the pinhead dolls in the picture..Here is a shot of Maureen, Isabel and Jean in front of the quilts.

Maureen made the pinhead dolls in the picture..

I like almost all quilts but I love old quilts, with old patterns and old fabric. Of course I like them to be in good shape,but I also really love quilts that have been washed and worn and show use. Naturally I prefer them to be pastel and have little postage size pieces and hand quilted..

I believe in using my old things, so I really like to use old quilts for table cloths. I like to put a vintage table cloth over the top of the quilt and then sometimes a doily on top of that. When we are going to eat at the table with an old covering I usually use a 'machine' quilted place mat on top, if it is just 'everyday.' I don't like to change the table every day so that way I just have to wash the place mats. It seems like the harder we try to be careful the bigger mess we make... I really hate to eat on a table without a tablecloth...kinda strange I know, only thing worse would be vinyl (don't tell my mom I said that) naturally I wouldn't refuse a meal regardless of the table covering.

Here are some of the quilts I have at home. I wish I had a great way to display all of them because I enjoy looking at them. The one on the table is one that my cousin Judy made me a few years ago. She bought the kit in Silverton when she was here visiting. Then made it and sent it to me as a surprise!!! The one on the chair my other cousin, Kay sent me for my 5oth birthday.. I love both of them!! The quilts and the cousins!! The quilts on the ladder are some of my favorites .

I have several others that are also my favorites, just depends on the one I'm looking at that moment. Not to mention that my favorite things change from time to time. I prefer to think of myself as constantly evolving, as opposed to fickle...

There was a time, not so long ago... that I would say 'uck' if you said orange. Now I keep seeing it in my house...I particularly like it with pink and green..A few years ago I would have and did in fact look all over for white pumpkins to decorate with. Now you can see I have orange ones...
Of course they need to be on a pink cake plate to really appreciate their beauty...

One of the life's lessons that I have had trouble with over the years is... never say never.. It applies to many things, actually most things.. I could take that a step further and that is, don't even think it...
If you do... it will come back to haunt you one day, and if you forget that you said it..someone will remind you!!

Is that an orange tablecloth under those flowers??

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Taking Time for Fall Fun!!

This is a picture of me happy as can BEE!!!

Yes, I did indeed get all the names on a new spreadsheet, and tomorrow Dusty will come help me get them on labels. Seriously it would be faster to write them out using my best penmanship. However, I can't believe how much better this program is than the $20 one I bought for my 'vintage' computer... Of course I couldn't figure out how to make it work on my own, but if someone puts my fingers on the right keys...well there is just no stopping me!!

I know what your thinking, why doesn't she just take a class and learn to use a computer??? Well... now that I have HP the wonder laptop I think maybe we might take an obedience class. Especially because HP came with Vista, which is new enough that none of my helpers are familiar with it...How funny would it be if I was helping them out someday on the computer???

When I saw that I would get finished with the mailing list before my dead line, (I tried to finish last night but my eyes started going crazy about 1:30 am so I had to give up and go to bed)..

I decided that Sam needed a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.. There is a really cool one near us, Bauman Farms. This is not the Pumpkin Patch that I took the big boys to 20 or so years ago... Oh my goodness this is practically Disneyland.. They have hayrides, zipslides, haymazes and that is just the beginning. They also have pumpkins for sale.. go figure?? I love the flowers and the way they pay attention to details. I bought a few apples, some corn, pumpkins for the house and some orange pansies.. I'm thinking a new table centerpiece is on the way!!

They have these big crates of apples for sale, fresh donuts and all kinds of flowers. I wish I could say that my flower baskets look as good as theirs at the end of the season. They

definitely don't!

Here is The Red Power Ranger in his ' Sam Outfit '

The animals are fun. I like the goats and Sam loves the horses, but what is more country than chickens? They have all different varieties.

What do you suppose someone fed this one?