Sunday, October 7, 2007

Quilts and Other Treasures

This is what I did with the pumpkins and pansies that I got Saturday at the pumpkin patch..

It was fun going to the Polk County Flea Mkt Sunday morning. I got there a little after 8am. It's about 45 minutes from Silverton. It is a small Flea Mkt but I always find something .... For that matter I almost always find something I 'have to have' where ever I go.. I like just about everything so it's not hard to find something wonderful.. I met my friends Cindy and Lisa there, it is almost as much fun seeing them get a 'treasure' as getting one of my own.

From Rickreal where the Polk County Fair Grounds are, we headed to the Collectors Mkt at the Marion County Fairgrounds. It has been a few years since I had been to that show and it has gotten a lot smaller. But naturally I found things I 'had to have'. I love this little pink phone to go on my key chain.. I think someone I knew had this when I was a teenager.. On the back it says...

"The Princess phone ... IT'S LITTLE . IT'S LOVELY. IT LIGHT'S!

At noon we met Isabel and Jean and went to a quilt show and cottage tour in Salem.

Here is a shot of Isabel modeling the. pink cashmere coat that I found. I do have a pink coat similar to this, but this one is sooo much better and it's old, so how fun is that? I love the fact that it has 3/4 length sleeves.

I ran into a friend of mine at the Quilt Show. Maureen is a member of the quilt group that was putting on the show and tour of cottages. The money that they were raising was being donated to HANS...Help Autism Now Society.. Maureen made the pinhead dolls in the picture..Here is a shot of Maureen, Isabel and Jean in front of the quilts.

Maureen made the pinhead dolls in the picture..

I like almost all quilts but I love old quilts, with old patterns and old fabric. Of course I like them to be in good shape,but I also really love quilts that have been washed and worn and show use. Naturally I prefer them to be pastel and have little postage size pieces and hand quilted..

I believe in using my old things, so I really like to use old quilts for table cloths. I like to put a vintage table cloth over the top of the quilt and then sometimes a doily on top of that. When we are going to eat at the table with an old covering I usually use a 'machine' quilted place mat on top, if it is just 'everyday.' I don't like to change the table every day so that way I just have to wash the place mats. It seems like the harder we try to be careful the bigger mess we make... I really hate to eat on a table without a tablecloth...kinda strange I know, only thing worse would be vinyl (don't tell my mom I said that) naturally I wouldn't refuse a meal regardless of the table covering.

Here are some of the quilts I have at home. I wish I had a great way to display all of them because I enjoy looking at them. The one on the table is one that my cousin Judy made me a few years ago. She bought the kit in Silverton when she was here visiting. Then made it and sent it to me as a surprise!!! The one on the chair my other cousin, Kay sent me for my 5oth birthday.. I love both of them!! The quilts and the cousins!! The quilts on the ladder are some of my favorites .

I have several others that are also my favorites, just depends on the one I'm looking at that moment. Not to mention that my favorite things change from time to time. I prefer to think of myself as constantly evolving, as opposed to fickle...

There was a time, not so long ago... that I would say 'uck' if you said orange. Now I keep seeing it in my house...I particularly like it with pink and green..A few years ago I would have and did in fact look all over for white pumpkins to decorate with. Now you can see I have orange ones...
Of course they need to be on a pink cake plate to really appreciate their beauty...

One of the life's lessons that I have had trouble with over the years is... never say never.. It applies to many things, actually most things.. I could take that a step further and that is, don't even think it...
If you do... it will come back to haunt you one day, and if you forget that you said it..someone will remind you!!

Is that an orange tablecloth under those flowers??


  1. Oops... Better go hide my vinyl tablecloth...!!! Great posting, Joy! Always so much fun to spend time with you! And did you see how cute that pink jacket looks on me? (wink, wink!). Have a great week!

  2. The pink coat is divine!! I love the way you display your quilts, they are just terrific!

  3. I too secretly love orange especially with pink. I haven't been able to do orange pumpkins yet. I still search for white and the great green color. Maybe someday!!