Friday, April 23, 2010

Farming Country

dusty's bday 016Love these old grain elevators from Central Oregon. quite a different view than what I am use to seeing, in the Willamette Valley.

dusty's bday 019

Are you wondering what kind of propeller this might be?

dusty's bday 017

Look what they are producing with what once was considered annoying wind!

dusty's bday 005

Got to love the valley.

dusty's bday 088

A great place for a home.

dusty's bday 093

Many different sizes.

dusty's bday 101 Lots of different styles.

dusty's bday 102 Many will have a tractor .

dusty's bday 102

dusty's bday 107

Farmers need tractors.

dusty's bday 122

They have many uses.

dusty's bday 119

More uses than you might have known!

dusty's bday 049

Friday, April 16, 2010

Change of Plans

A funny thing happened on the way to Pullman…  Well, in fact, it wasn’t all that funny.  Come to think of it not funny at all. 

Once again the trials and tribulations of being director of


“The Circus Train”

molly mos 038 

proved to be the challenge I have begun to expect whenever we takeoff for a “gig”.

Yes, once again we found ourselves on the side of the road, with less than adequate cell service and the lead performer refusing to budge. Dumbo (the rv) was having a temper tantrum of gigantic proportions.  With over a 125 miles to go, there was no way we were going to be able to push this performer into “going on”.

So with a colossal size tow, we left all the treasures behind in the trailer on the side of the road, and headed to the nearest repair shop. 

I must interject here, how amusing I think it would be if someone were to steal the trailer full of treasures from the side of the road.  I can just picture their surprise when they cut the locks, only to see??? Can’t you just picture them looking at each other (naturally this would be a team of scoundrels…) saying ,“what is this, for this we risked jail time??  Whose great idea was this anyway?? “

What was less amusing was the price for a new transmission, the fact that it would take a week to complete and now,

 how were we to get to the show?

After loosing my entire sense of humor, while pricing rental vehicles capable of towing the trailer.  We settled on a suv and took a few small items to the second day of the show.

I had given the models a “gilded look” before we left, some were silver and some were gold.

pullman 001 pullman 002

They had their new shirts on…

pullman 023 pullman 021

pullman 022-1 I was glad I had spent the extra time on the jewelry since that was pretty much all there was room for…

pullman 014-1

pullman 016

Still mulling over what to do about our dilemma, regarding repairs, accommodations and transportation…

You can only imagine our delight and speedy acceptance when our friends, Lisa and Mark, whom we had previously only know as fellow vendors at shows, invited us to stay in their home and use of their vehicle.

What a beautiful home they have, filled with all sorts of antiques and vintage treasures.  Lisa has been tour guide, chef and hostess extraordinaire, while Mark was (lucky for him) out of town for work…

The next time you see Lisa,P1060528 she will be at The Custer Show next weekend and at the Farm Chick’s in June, (on the right as soon as you enter building 1). Be sure to stop by her booth, say hello and see for yourself what angels look like in person.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things You Might Like to Know…

Remember when I said I would let you know of blogs that had pictures of The Dream Girls Weekend.  I didn’t forget, I just got a little distracted… hmmm…

You might want to check these out, to see what kind of fun and crafting they were having, if you haven’t already.  Lisa, had this list of links on her blog that I ever so cleverly copied. 

Tiffany, Kimberly, Jeanne, Isabel, Robin, Kris, Amy, Maija, Lisa, Tammy, Linda,and Terri 

You really gotta love technology (when it works).


I am busy getting Dumbo (the rv) and the trailer packed for our trip this weekend.  I will be at WSU in Pullman WA this weekend.  If you are in the area come by and say hello.

Mom’s Weekend Antique Show

Gladish Gym 

Friday, April 9   2pm-9pm

Saturday, April 10 10am-6pm

Next on my schedule is

Terri Brush’s Beach Retreat

 Art Camp

Cannon Beach,  Oregon

April 29-30 & May 1-2

I am really looking forward to this amazing weekend!


And if all that wasn’t enough fun!!

I am so excited to be joining an incredible lineup of vendors,

for Joe and Jermonne’s

Season Opening

May, 8th



I found this photo and it reminded me of the

“good ole days”



Sometimes I still like to wear that apron.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is This Just A Little Kinky?

So… I found myself back up north, I had the opportunity to make a little jewelry, and brainstorm some new ideas with Terri Brush.

When I left her house I had time for some junking…

I am happy to report I found 6 new friends! 

They happen to be men…

They look good…

Wouldn’t you agree?boy girl 002 

Now for the kinky part…

boy girl 003

I really need these guys to model the jewelry I have been making.

more necklaces 001

Who would guess?

more necklaces 035

more necklaces 046

more necklaces 054

more necklaces 061

more necklaces 063

more necklaces 081

more necklaces 068

more necklaces 072

more necklaces 066


more necklaces 086

The pocket watch on the bottom, is what I made at Terri’s.  She showed me how to pour resin.

Very fun!

more necklaces 058 


I’m looking forward to doing more of this soon.

more necklaces 057

Seems like a waste, but don’t blame these men,

they just needed a job!

boy girl 002 boy girl 005