Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Is a Public Service Announcement

This announcement is being brought to you by your,

Local Law Enforcement

jewelry and sam 073

They will be out

jewelry and sam 062 

They might be where you would least expect to find them.

jewelry and sam 047



They can appear friendly,

jewelry and sam 059 

These guys are crazy!

jewelry and sam 074

The message….Stick it or Ticket

jewelry and sam 069 jewelry and sam 077

These boys, Sam and Brock, are here to remind you,

which I so cleverly gave the slogan,

Stick It or Ticket my second choice was Stick it in Your Ear

The law that requires those of us who drive in Oregon, must now use hands free talking devices starting January 1.

It’s not just a good idea, its the law!

 (Wish I had thought of that one) 

blue 3

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

We had a lovely day or should I say several lovely days that seem to blend together, so many in fact I’m not sure where one ends and another begins. We have been staying up very late even beyond 3am… How crazy is that?? Maybe sleep deprivation is the reason the days are blending together…

So now with only a few hours of Christmas remaining, perhaps I will find the time to enjoy what is going on in all of your lives and share a little about what has been going on in ours.

We planned to take Sam to see the movie The Polar Express. He has the DVD and has watched it several dozen times. Thinking it would be a fun Christmas treat, we wanted to see it at the IMAX Theater at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.) Assuming it played a few times each evening until Christmas, he was so sad when we got there and learned it started at 6pm and we were 30 minutes late for the only showing for the day.

I might not be the one to know all the ins and outs of movie going as the last movie I saw at a theater was about a decade ago… I almost always fall asleep as soon as the lights go out and I hate drooling in public places…But one thing I am sure of, never tell an eight year old your going to a movie and then try and back out…

We did the logical thing and bought a paper so we could check out the other movie options. Lots of options by the way, I didn’t really have an opinion since I really didn’t want to go, The Blind Side probably would have been my choice, The Princess and the Frog sounded okay, but somehow we settled on Avatar…

Oh yippee, Science Fiction… I kept thinking how could I tell the guys I would drop them off, get a magazine and wait at Starbucks. That would be a much better fit for a good time in my humble opinion.

Well, oh my gosh was I ever glad to be wrong! What an awesome movie. Are all movies at the theater that good? All these years I thought I hated Science Fiction and I was wrong, I love it! Guess Sam won’t be the only one collecting the Avatar figures from McDonalds on this one!

I had a great time at Pam’s cookie exchange this past week,

great looking cookies.

cookie party sams program 009cookie party sams program 011

cookie party sams program 014I thought this was so cute and I assumed it was mine since it had my name on it…

cookie party sams program 022

Everyone went home with one or two of these adorable Pyrex containers full of fudge.

cookie party sams program 001

Are these the cutest angels you have ever seen?

cookie party sams program 034 cookie party sams program 028

Couldn’t stay long at the cookie party, because my sister Toni was having a cookie exchange the same afternoon and even though the cookies were beautiful

cookie party sams program 051 cookie party sams program 057

These sweeties were here from Michigan and I wasn’t about to miss a chance to see them.

cookie party sams program 047 cookie party sams program 050

cookie party sams program 082 cookie party sams program 086

And then later that same evening Sam was playing the part of Joseph at our church Christmas Pageant.cookie party sams program 091 cookie party sams program 107 Yes I was late, but still I was there before the program began.

cookie party sams program 114

Christmas Eve back at Toni and Denny with their beautiful daughters,

christmas eve 083 Granddaughters,christmas eve 087 christmas eve 088

I love the expression on the baby’s face, as if to say… what do I get?

What a sweet little grandsonchristmas eve 037

christmas eve 008

christmas eve 180

christmas eve 173

Special friends showing the necklaces that I made for each of them.

christmas eve 107 And then there is Sam, just way too excited to see what Santa is going to bring.

christmas eve 177

It was great having all the boys over night and here for Christmas morning. We had 18 family members here for dinner and more in for dessert and gifts later in the evening. I am fortunate to have so many that I love able to spend this day together. I never take for granted the special times like these, I treasure these beyond any gift I could ever receive.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with those you love.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Yesterday while I was at the hardware store, one of the clerks asked if I was doing my last minute shopping.  Seriously who would say this is the time for last minute shopping?  Last minute shopping would be… the day before Christmas Eve.   So in my opinion, I have lots of time,  I’m still in the list making stage.  Sadly my children prefer their gifts not come from the thrift store.  Don’t misunderstand, they are happy to have anything I find used that suits their fancy, they just think Christmas presents should be new, shiny, wrapped and under the Christmas tree.  Great, now I will have to bite the bullet, and do my Santa Mom thing.

I would much rather be having fun with my friends, like last Sunday at Laurie’s cookie exchange.Copy of IMG_5053-1 There were 30 different cookies competing for top awards, check out Laurie’s blog for lots of pictures of these amazing displays.

chirstmas monticello 053

I made a couple of trips to Monticello, I made some Christmas necklaces, that I wanted to deliver.

 chirstmas monticello 072

I wanted to spruce up my space and get a few pictures of what other people had in their space.

chirstmas monticello 079 chirstmas monticello 081

chirstmas monticello 086


Here is a shot of The BH display.chirstmas monticello 089 This is a great advent calendar that Martha made

chirstmas monticello 097Here is a shot of Diane and Donnas' space.

chirstmas monticello 095

This is an adorable idea, wish I had thought of it…

You know I have all the buttons I would need for a few hundred of these.chirstmas monticello 096 There is so much to see at this show.  I will be taking more photo’s when I go this week. If you haven’t been to Monticello’s, the merchandise is constantly being restocked. So it is definitely not too late the show goes through December 27.

I also had a great time at Sheila’s this past week, when I was invited to make come over for a day of art.

Sheila had glass for a all of us to make a house.

Here is Lisa’s.

chirstmas monticello 110

chirstmas monticello 104 


This one is Isabel’s



I decided to do a Christmas house.  I found a piece of a journal that had 3 of our families birth dates.  I used that page for the back and did a little cut and past to put in the other dates. 

chirstmas monticello 108

That was such a fun day, seems like we are always going to get together to do projects, but it takes someone willing to pull it together, to make it happen.  Thank you Sheila for letting us make a wee little mess and have a wonderful time at your house.

chirstmas monticello 115

But the time is over for fun and games, it is time for me to get going on that last minute shopping.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Christmas Magic

What a coincidence, Friday was the first day of the Christmas Show at Monticello and also the same as my Christmas Open House!Copy of IMG_4969


That is the list of guest vendors, did you read my name? I did not want to miss having fun with all these great people! And this show goes for the whole month, how could I not participate??

Let’s just say, it was a push and I mean a BIG push ( I had to call in the big guns elves) for a little lot of assistance.

While I was setting up my spot at Monticello, Sam took these pictures. I think it is interesting what he chose, it was obviously things that appealed to an 8 year old. I told him not to chop off any heads, as he was taking off with my camera. He turned around and gave me the strangest look, I had to explain what that meant…

Who doesn’t love Frosty.


And a darling reindeer named BELLA


Opps, looks like he does have a thing for chopped off heads.

IMG_5144He found Judy fluffing up her space, she told him, she has a son named Sam. He told her he wanted to change his name to Jeff Gordon…

That is pretty strange, but what is also strange, Judy had no idea who Jeff Gordon is…


And of course he would love a pair of these.IMG_5150Well look at this a whole case of toys.

IMG_5147And what 8 year old wouldn’t be interested in Santa. IMG_5146 I’ll be going back soon to restock my booth and take my own pictures!

Sorry if you weren’t able to make my

Christmas Open House

I’m truly

open house 145

that I have such amazing family, friends, and loyal customers. I am not only joyful but also thankful for all the elves in my life.

I love nothing more than to help those I care about, with whatever project that might be bogging them down. I know how much it means to me when someone lends a hand. When the clock is ticking and there is more that needs done than hours to do them, nothing means I love you like being there to help.

My friend Pam brought these beautiful pink roses.

open house 035

open house 021

Saint David, knows how to make his wife happy!

open house 094 open house 071

open house 130

What a beautiful color these roses are, that J & J brought with them.

Lisa flew over one day this past week to lend a much needed hand.

open house 159

Then she was back again Friday night with Isabel who brought her wonderful palmier cookies and her special house guest Adrienne from Louisiana.

open house 014

Martha, Diane and Patti were here working the cash register Friday night.

open house 165

open house 067My sister Toni and her friend Laura stayed the whole evening, doing kitchen duty and fire prevention. (watching the candles)

open house 142
Sheila the angel that she is from Halo Hill (get it?) Was here both days lending a hand wherever she could.

So I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

There is no way I could do this with out all of you!