Friday, May 28, 2010

The Three “P’s”

If you have ever been a vendor you know what I am talking about, it is time for the dreaded P’s.  You know, packaging, pricing and packing.  Here’s where you really see what your made of, you see how strong your back is, for that matter, you see how strong your marriage is…

farm chicks 011

There’s been a time when Dave was inside the trailer loading the treasures, when a teeny, tiny little part of me wanted to accidently shut the door, turn the key and take off.  But the smarter part remembers he’s the driver and how could he do his job locked in the trailer?

All those challenges will be left behind, once we are on our way, and back to that story book marriage…

I’m so excited to get to Farm Chicks, to see my friends and to meet new ones.  I have been working on a little gift for the first 25 of you that come by to say that you read my blog and are glad to be at Farm Chicks!

Serena sent this really cool map so you could plan ahead where you want to shop.


  You can pick up a copy at the show. 

You can find me in Bay 1, Booth 105 & 106.

You will also see these sweet friends at the show. 


isabels craft time 019 On the left is my friend Robin, she is coming to help me set up and will be helping in the booth on Saturday.  She is one of the most amazing photographers, she has the ability to capture the true essence of her subjects.  Check out her blog Bird Tweets, you will see what I mean.


I’m sure you recognize my two friends Isabel and Lisa. Their booths are the next ones, on the same aisle as mine, you will want to mark theirs as  booths you want to get to early.

There are so many incredible vendors and guests/shoppers at this show.  I was hoping to memorize all the vendors names, but… I failed.  I am trying to pay more attention to names, because I really do care.  The thing is when I get excited… 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Count Down for Farm Chicks

Way back in January when the applications for vendors to Farm Chicks was sent in and my spot was secured, I thought of all the things I would take to Farm Chicks.  The list was long, and grows daily.  So NOW it’s time to get all those ideas, finished and ready to go. 

I spent last week playing catch up, I need to hurry, the flowers are here!

6 pak and jewelry 119

6 pak and jewelry 120

6 pak and jewelry 124

Does anyone know a great way to get the ants of the peonies before bringing them in the house??


6 pak and jewelry 129   Seems a little ridiculous to spray with raid…


This is my favorite, can’t wait to see it in bloom!


6 pak and jewelry 126


However, I certainly don’t have time to sit around and watch the flowers grow!



I’m busy making these,

6 pak and jewelry 092

6 pak and jewelry 087


And you know what they say…

6 pak and jewelry 086

The clocks ticking!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Barn House, See For Yourself!

I could tell you how fun, how beautiful, what perfect day for the BH Season Opener, but you be the judge!

barnhouse season opener 091

The newly remodeled structure.

barnhouse season opener 178

Complete with linen curtains.

barnhouse season opener 180

Robin and Jermonne documenting the day with photos.

barnhouse season opener 231

barnhouse season opener 205

Going in all directions, getting those last minute touches finished.

barnhouse season opener 234

Not just pretty, but prices intact

!barnhouse season opener 149

Outside organized.

barnhouse season opener 095

We’ve got boots.

Inside boots,

barnhouse season opener 133

Outside boots

barnhouse season opener 183

Altogether now…

barnhouse season opener 184

One, two, three…

barnhouse season opener 186

I love this slip!

barnhouse season opener 140

It’s just the thing…

barnhouse season opener 143

That’s my mom and auntie, looking so pretty.

barnhouse season opener 152

Laurie and Debbie of Worthy Goods.

barnhouse season opener 203

All the best of a beautiful spring day in the Pacific Northwest.

The flowers,

barnhouse season opener 080

the windmills,

barnhouse season opener 072

more flowers.

barnhouse season opener 077

The birds,

barnhouse season opener 071

the vegetables growing,

barnhouse season opener 170

and still more flowers.

barnhouse season opener 090

The barn.

barnhouse season opener 097

barnhouse season opener 122

barnhouse season opener 239

barnhouse season opener 054

barnhouse season opener 107

barnhouse season opener 102

barnhouse season opener 104

barnhouse season opener 060

The kitchen.

barnhouse season opener 119

barnhouse season opener 173

Some aspects seemed to be almost ethereal.

barnhouse season opener 233

After the sale, are the lamas are wondering?

Have they all gone?

Do these people not understand, it’s spring!

What in the world happened to our privacy??

barnhouse season opener 249

Thankfully, now they can have their alone time, until next time.

The party continues.

Saturday July 31st


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art Camp The Truth

The truth is you simply must go! It is the most perfect time you could possibly have!

The house was incredible.

art camp 021

The view was amazing.

art camp 020

The food was delicious.

art camp 040

Everything was beautiful.

art camp 054

Here is Billie, the massage therapist who was available. I’m pretty sure she was the most popular girl there!

art camp 041

Sadly when I am having the most fun, and have the most perfect photo opportunities, is when I don’t take pictures. I’m too busy enjoying the moment to stop… Guess I need to work on that, because some of the most incredible, inspiring art was created this weekend.

Natalie taught this class on collage.

Girl and bird 001

Here is my friend Elizabeth’s

art camp 076Here is mine, the last step is covering it with melted wax.

art camp projects 003

art camp projects 004-1

art camp projects 007

I couldn’t seem to get a great photo of this, but I really like how it turned out, and if you come to my house, it will be hanging on the wall.

Terri taught this class,

art camp projects 009-2

It is an old book with a hole cut in the center.

(I offered to do them for $50 each, it wasn’t the fun part of the project..)

This was also a really fun project.

art camp projects 011-1

art camp projects 012-1

I started another and used a picture of Sam, with pocket watches for the middle. I thought I would use a picture of Dave on the other side and another clock face… I can’t wait to have time to work on it.

There were necklaces made with match boxes… So cool, but mine isn’t done. (Sorry, I spend a little too much time visiting with my neighbors… seems like this is something I remember being written under comments on report cards from my past…)

I did finish this,

art camp projects 022

art camp projects 035

I love this! The back of the charms is a little mirror, the flower is vintage silk, with a real diamond, I mean a rhinestone glued on. Very, very fun.

The next camp is in October, I am so excited that my friends Tiffany and Christy will be joining Terri teaching classes. There are 4 openings for this retreat, I hope you will check out the details and join us.

I must go get the rest of my things backed and ready to go AGAIN!

This Saturday is

Barn House

A Very Special Mother's Day Tribute

May 8th, (one day only)

Early Buying: $5

9am - 11am

Free Admission

11am - 2pm

Featured Guests

Worthy Goods, Bella, Auntie Joy, Madison Park

and of course...

The Queeeeeeeeen of Tarte

Hope to see you there!

I’ll be the one wearing this shiny new bracelet!

art camp projects 022