Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going to the Dogs

It's no secret that I'm not really a dog person, now don't get me wrong I'm not a dog hater, just a little on the neutral side of, I love all dogs unlike most everyone I know...who adore all dogs.
As life would have it I have 4 boys, all who have wanted a dog at one time or another, actually all the time... So when my oldest son was in 5th grade and we moved to the country he got his dog. This was by far the most perfect dog possible for our family. I would list all the great things about her, but you would think I was exaggerating. We all loved Pepsi and she saw us through some pretty tough times.
This picture was taken about 16 years ago, the boys were just little guys. It was the first year we had Pepsi and the last year we had their dad.
This was the last picture I could find of Pepsi, it was taken about 7 years ago when Dusty was leaving for boot camp and was sure Pepsi would be gone before he would see her again.

They both had grown up in those 9 years, and it turned out Dusty got to be with Pepsi a few more times, before she went to sleep under a tree in the front yard for the last time. She died in the least offensive way she could, because that's the kind of dog she was.

And now guess who wants a dog?
Here he is at almost a year old, with a friend's dog.
That's about as close as he's been to a dog since. Because the truth is Sam doesn't really love dogs either... He wants to, but fear is holding him back. Okay, blame me everyone else does apparently he picked up on my feelings...
To make a long story short my aunt has 2 dogs and is willing to share so...

Meet Sage
Neither the dog or the boy seem thrilled.
Lucky for us Grandma and Grandpa are living here, because Sage loves them... She barks when she hears Sam coming in the room and he runs the other direction, or he will walk way around, saying he doesn't want to step on her...such a thoughtful little boy.
Dogs are suppose to be great for the elderly. My dad said he should get a good nights sleep, apparently Sage moves around on his lap, keeping him from sleeping all day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Several "Mini Vacations"

My booth neighbor at Monticello, let's call her "D" for short or (because I don't know if it was Dianna or Donna, they are twins...) of Annie, Fannie and Abigail said, when she is driving somewhere she considers it a little mini vacation. Well if that is true, I am incredibly well rested and happy to be home from vacation... It took 5 trips (an hour each direction) to get my act together.
The truth is I was a little behind the 8 ball all week. I was amazed (notice I didn't say impressed) at how long it took me to pull my booth together at the Monticello Antique and Garden Show. I think I will blame it all on Dave the driver, since he wasn't there doing his job, it made mine much more difficult... The fact that he was doing his real job, is beside the point...

I did however pull it together, finally getting everything the way it was suppose to be a mere 2 minutes before the show opened...
I hardly even look hot, sweaty and stressed out!!
This is random, but I love to tell it.
I have a friend who is in her 80's. She told her husband when they got married,
"it's your job to make the money and its my job to spend it. If you don't do your job, I can't do mine..." Well I say,"who can argue with that???"

I am still having way too much fun playing with Picasa. I can't believe how easy it is to make a collage and how many choices there are and how long it takes me to decide which one....

I'm hoping you noticed that the flowers in the tub, the lanterns and my sweater, are the same color as the background...

It takes so little to make me happy!

Some of the pictures are of my booth and some of the other vendors. You may not see these things if you go as a lot of things sold over the weekend but if go to Monticello, there will be a lot of new merchandise for you to see as the dealers are constantly bringing in more merchandise!

Friday afternoon when I got home from Monticello's, I needed to get Dumbo the rv ready for a trip to the beach.

Much like a mini vacation...

We arrived at midnight Friday and came home at noon on Sunday! Still don't feel that rested and relaxed. Though, we did have fun!

The beach in Oregon is beautiful, the weather is iffy at best. It is typically, windy, rainy, cold and occasionally sunny especially in April. We got a little bit of all this weekend.

It got to 54 degrees today and the water was almost 50 compared to the water temperature in Maui at almost 80 degrees. That should explain why most people don't swim at the Oregon Coast in April.

No one said,

They were most people...

Sam has been licking his upper lips recently and has developed a rash or chapped lip.
When asked how that happend, he told a friend of mine he did it shaving...
He told Dave he got a whisker burn from kissing his wife (Lucy)...
I think he needs to get his story straight.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Garden Show

Yesterday and for the next couple of days I will be "keeping the road hot", as I travel back and forth to South East Portland. I will be taking my treasures to Monticello for their Spring Garden Show. Monticello is located at 8600 SE Stark St., in Portland's Montivilla district. Typically we load the trailer and get it all done in one BIG swoop when I do a show, but since I have 3 days I thought I could do it myself without Dave the driver/loader/packer, all I have to say is... What was I thinking??? I took a few things yesterday, but spent most of my time visiting, I mean networking... This is what I am good at and have had lots of experience, but if I am doing that, who will be unloading?? I need to think these things through before I so callously dismiss the help.

A little preview of what will be coming.

Monicello is open year round with over 100 dealers. As if that wasn't enough fun and excitement a few times a year they invite guests dealers to participate in month long special events. I hope you have time to come check out all the treasures.

This is Martha and Diane's booth, I am behind them along the windows. I can't wait to get it set up, it is a bright cheerful spot a terrific venue!

Isn't this cool?

And Colby Cottage

I'm fairly certain Dave would want me to have this... it comes in sections and I bet I could carry it home piece by piece and since he's not there....hmmmm

Friday, April 17, 2009


I had 12 ladies in my shop/studio last evening for a workshop to make banners. My friend Jori treated them to this event, as an end of their bible study treat. I'm betting they did a study on FAITH. This is the banner I made a few months ago for Sam's bedroom. I have been doing his room in vintage cowboy for about 7 1/2 years. Just as soon as I get it finished I will show the photo's...

Here is a closeup

and another, but you get the idea I won't show all the letters...

The ladies showed up with a few supplies,
some impressive snacks...

Yes, those are mini cupcakes with white and yellow miniature marshmallows, over 200 for the popcorn kernels...

and look what else they created!

All different
Let's help each other...Can you guess who had the energy to cut 200 marshmallows into popcorn kernels??

All unique

you just go to have FAITH

a lot of laughs!
Jori had some gifts for her friends!

We all had fun!

Thanks, Jori!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wish You'd Been There

What a lovely Easter we had at my sister Toni's house yesterday. Thankfully she is just 30 minutes away. We were sad to not have all the big girls and their babies, not to mention the other sister with her family and the good brother and his wife. My parents and all my boys were there, if you are wondering why no photos of the 3 older boys, it's not because I haven't tried...seems as though they prefer not to be blog stars...

Oh well, I'm just lucky enough to have a 7 year old that is certainly not camera shy!

Looks like he has something meaningful to share...

Still on a mission for a camera, I tried all the ones I could round up yesterday

cute Easter chicks!
Could spring really be coming?

Then I put it all together and what do you know

If you haven't tried Picasa, it is a free download from Google, it is really fun!
After dinner we made a couple of feed sack totes, but I didn't get a picture because it was soooo late(a classic case of it takes longer than you think it will)... however I was so happy this morning to get this from Dawn

She did it! Even with the convoluted tutorial. Now that is what I call a blog star!!

Speaking of cute chicks, remember

a mother's work

is never done

Oh my! I think they're done!

No these are not mine... But kinda makes me wish I had a coop!