Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oregon City Antique Fair

I have done this show for several years and it is another favorite of mine. I lived in the area for several years before we moved to Silverton and have lots of “old” friends that still live in the area and generally make their way downtown to say hi!

oregon city show 029

Carol and Lisa brought this little cutie down to visit. I tried all my regular tricks to get her to smile, must be loosing my touch this was as close as we came. Mostly she was “not amused”.

oregon city show 014

There were lots of shoppers all day, these characters all showed up at the same time.

oregon city show 009

From left to right Laurie, Debbie, Isabel, Natalie, Kathleen and Lisa. Pretty sure that is Lyn hiding behind the hat…

oregon city show 037

I had lots of necklaces.

I made a few signs.

oregon city show 030

I have “a thing” for these sign holders. I can think of lots of uses for them, but I like them as just a frame.

oregon city show 019

oregon city show 033

oregon city show 025

More necklaces…

oregon city show 035

oregon city show 015

oregon city show 022

A great day full of friends, new and old.

oregon city show 040

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Molly Mo’s, Life in the Country

We had a perfect day for an outdoor event Saturday.

This show is an absolute pleasure to do, it is so close I could practically walk there, but since I need the trailer, it seems more prudent to take the truck…  And it also would take me at least a week to walk the 15 miles…  But still it is closer and easier that many of the shows I do.  I also love seeing people I know from the community. 


Occasionally I have a great idea that no one but me thinks is all that clever.  Take for instance, this ever so funny display of what I was calling slip monkeys…

molly mo's 003

What was actually an adjustable mannequin that I hung in a tree to display the slips…

molly mo's 013

But looked like a monkey to me…


Maybe people were thinking sock monkeys??


Well, I thought it was amusing…

This is the face of someone not amused.

molly mo's 006 Couldn’t get sweet baby Maddox to smile, I get the impression he was thinking,

”Why do you talk so funny?” 

Something that made me laugh out loud was when my friend told me her 3 year old granddaughter told her,

“ Actually Grandma, I appreciate it when you use your inside voice…”

(hmm, should I ever have a grandchild, I can only imagine…)

There were some very talented vendors with great displays and lots of shoppers who were delighted to take a little bit home from the country.

molly mo's 032 

Martha was serving up bird nest cake…

molly mo's 028

And who doesn’t LOVE bird nest cake??

molly mo's 043

I always love the hens and chicks in the chicken feeder, it just makes sense…



More fun in the country on Monday when Dusty had us over for a barbeque. The field behind his house has sheep living in it.  The farmer decided he needed to move them that evening…  How hard can it be to herd 4 sheep? Of course everyone would be happy to help.

dusty's bbq 015

It’s just a simple matter…

dusty's bbq 022

Every one get in place,

dusty's bbq 024

Run like the wind, yelling baa-baa…

dusty's bbq 038

Easy breezy just like, leading sheep to the slaughter.

dusty's bbq 042

“Oh no, you don’t” they baa-ed,”" not so easy!”

dusty's bbq 046

“No way are we going anywhere with that farmer.”


Just another day in the country.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clayson Farm

We had a great time last weekend in Yakima.  We enjoy that part of the country, and why wouldn’t we?

layson farms 084

It has some of the most spectacular scenery.

layson farms 087 

layson farms 129 

We were so lucky to spend time at Kim and her husband’s ranch.

layson farms 052

They have lots of these…

I should probably have one of for my yard…

layson farms 089

layson farms 107

I definitely don’t want one of these scary, animals…

layson farms 088

Oh wait, that’s just a log that looks like a wild cat of some kind…

Why do these animals follow me ??


Wish I could just wiggle my nose and have this put itself in some kind of orderly fashion??

layson farms 006


That would leave more time for things like…

riding a bike???

layson farms 079

Here were some of the early bird shoppers waiting for the gates to open.

Jermonne and Cindy

layson farms 012

And Joe,

they knew there were some great treasures  to be found!

layson farms 013

I found lots to bring home, actually the trailer was packed full coming back.  So full in fact there were treasures hanging on the outside of the trailer…

That’s certainly a nice look traveling down the freeway, I just pull the shades and pretend not to notice the people pointing and staring at the

“circus train!”

I’m only willing to face this embarrassment so I will have some wonderful new treasures for the next show…

Which is this coming Saturday in Sublimilty.

It would be an understatement to say I have lots of new merchandise… 

Hope you can be there!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Singing Along With John Denver


The Colorado rocky mountain high
I've seen it raining fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
Rocky mountain high.

Kristen and Adam 108

Can you even imagine a more beautiful place for a wedding?

Once you make the hike to the top, caught your breath in the

“mile high air.”

It was all worth it!

Kristen and Adam 129

They certainly seemed thrilled!

Beth as the photographer,

Kristen and Adam 141

shown displaying butter balls.  What after all, is

“cute as a butter ball?” (or is it round as a butter ball?)

And me as the Wedding Gestapo, what could possibly go wrong???

We had a wonderful time with our friend Sheila celebrating her son’s marriage.

Now I’m busy getting ready for the sale this weekend in Yakima.


This is a great sale, I know you will be glad you came.  We always have the best time!  It’s not too far for a day trip from the valley, so grab a friend and join us!

clayson farms 009

clayson farms 010

clayson farms 042

It will be fun visiting with Kim and her helpers,

especially Miss Madelyn.

Julie will make the journey to the other side of the mountain,

for the sale.

clayson farms 048 

And Sue will be there, enjoying a tasty beverage.

clayson farms 033


It is a fun day in the country,

 I hope to see YOU there!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Barn House Flea Market


I spent the early part of last week drinking lots of this.

barnhouse flea 001 

While I worked like a crazed maniac, trying to “get it all together” for BH Flea Mkt.

I knew they would have and incredible space.

barnhouse flea 049

And of course I was not disappointed!

Expecting to pull up to an almost empty field, or at the very least a few spaces with some merchandise scattered about, when we pulled in to unload Thursday afternoon, I felt like I had arrived at

The Land of Over Achievers!

I was there 2 days before the show was to begin and I was one of the last to start setting up!

The amount of work and planning that Joe and Jermonne put into  this show is unbelievable.  They set the bar high and none of their vendors wants to bring anything but their best.

It really is an honor for me to be included in their events.  For a few days before the show, I find myself trying to decide between the anxious and panic button, fumbling along in my normal fashion.

Yet when we arrive, although everyone is busy hot and tired, they take the time to greet us make us feel welcome. It feels like family. It is fun when I first get there, to walk around where everyone is working on their space, to say hi and to see all their bounty!     

Sylvi’s husband built an amazing structure out of old barn boards for her space.

barnhouse flea 027

She filled it with all sorts of wonderful vintage treasures.

barnhouse flea 022

Lisa had stocked her space to the brim with her best!

barnhouse flea 024

Isabel had all sorts of merchandise ready to go!

barnhouse flea 054 

Deb and Bob from Retreat.

barnhouse flea 030

My neighbors Tracey and Clarke with her adorable daughter Lindsey.

barnhouse flea 048

Beautiful treasures from Worthy Goods space.


barnhouse flea 038

Cindy with my niece Emily and sister Toni, who were there helping.

barnhouse flea 068

How sweet is this little shopper?

barnhouse flea 070

Here is Katherine, by far the most popular girl there.  When she sold the last of the bazillion coconut cupcakes she brought, they were renamed "crackcakes”… you can imagine why!


barnhouse flea 034

And the “STARS” of the show!

Thank you so much!