Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talk About Sweet

What a sweetie pie came all the way from Texas to see his Auntie.

Well...Jaxson did come from Texas and he did see his Auntie...
His Great Auntie.
We had some time to get acquainted, I'm pretty sure he was as thrilled as I was...

But, it's fairly obvious he adores his Mommy!

It's been awhile since any of my boys had that kind of look for me...
(did they ever?)

Sam with Jaxson's big sister Lilly.
They almost look like siblings instead of cousins.
What fun they had.
Lazy summer days.
Gotta love your babies.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More of the Tour

I made another quick trip to see another friend's garden. Diane of Molly Mo is also having her garden open for the Sublimity Garden Tour this Sunday. They live in this wonderful old farm house.
This could make you want to rush out and plant a vegetable garden.
Here is the playhouse turned tea house.

What fun you could have here.

This rose decided to encircle the arbor instead of climb it.
This looks like the perfect place for a little rest.
If you make it to the Sublimity Garden Tour tell them I said hi!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's Take a Tour

This Sunday, Sublimity is having a garden tour.
Being the impatient type I thought I might take a sneak peek at one of the gardens.
Come join me if you like, for a ride in the garden truck. Here is the driver/gardener, Pam.
Off to see where the chickens hang out.

Those are well fed chickens...
What do you suppose she feeds them to get them to look like this??
Always watering to be done.
A place to take a break.
Wonderful orange roses.
A good idea.

A windmill.
You must have a wheel barrow, if your serious about gardening.
Were you wondering what to do with your old buckets? Who doesn't love quail in their garden?

Another place to rest, (obviously never used)

Oh yes, I knew she had to have some help!

This is for the birds... Seriously, this is for the birds...

Just have to hope the mailman doesn't get confused...
My kind of dog for the garden...
Here is another puppy that won't cause a mess...

Here is where to go and soak those tired muscles...
I have about a million more pictures, but I don't want to spoil the show for you!
Take a few hours off on Sunday, make that short drive to Sublimity, Oregon.
It's not as far as you might think... the rest will do you good.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Junk Sisters and Friends

Here it is Tuesday Sunday night a week later... and I am just getting around to posting about the great time I had last Sunday,
junking with my sister and friends... sister Terri, me, friends, Isabel and Lisa.

The Funky Junk Sisters. They did a great job throwing a junk show!

I didn't catch this little cutie's name, but I'm guessing she a Junk Daughter?

We met up with more junk friends... Laura and Timi shown with Lisa.

Here is Isabel buying some of Lulu's cool stuff.
Some great merchandise and if I were a good blogger I would tell you what booth, but... that would require writing down names, and then finding them when I was ready to post and I think you know the chances of that happening... Isn't this so beautiful?? Actually, I am pretty sure this came from the beautiful booth next to Lulu which was Deb from The Garden Party.

And how cool is this??

Here is Deb, she was one of several vendors that had done Farm Chicks the week before,

Here I am with Tiffany. This was the first time she had done a booth alone at a show, well hats off to her!! But since I don't have a hat on I guess it could be aprons off... The one I am wearing I got a Farm Chicks from Elaine

Had I known Tiffany was going to have this dress with my name on it...

Of course Tiffany could have worn this!

Her whole booth was absolutely adorable, just like her!

I had the best time meeting Patricia of Tippy Stockton, she had the most beautiful booth I loved her colors and displays not to mention her jewelry. I "borrowed" this picture of her and her friend from her blog. I was too busy chatting to get my own picture of her.
I did however get a couple of other shots of her booth.

I love the crown.
I am loving orange??? That is so crazy as I thought I was all about pink?? Maybe pink and orange? And with the aqua!!
I was also delighted to see the girls from Today's Country Store, Amy and Kris. When we left the Funky Junk Sister's show we visited their store in Sumner, WOW it is great! They have a huge selection of treasures including Tippy Stockton jewelry!

This is the outside of the store

I was having too much fun shopping to take photos inside, but take my word for it you will love it!

We had a great time on our road trip, it was fun being on the outside of the booth walking around shopping and visiting!