Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Farm Chicks a Blur

I had been looking forward to heading back to Farm Chicks since last year when we left. There was the usual commotion and confusion getting ready and with a few new ones added on I am having trouble believing its come and gone.
If not for the pictures it would seem unbelievable.

Here is the general idea of how I had intended to arrange the booth. I do think it is worth it for me to have a vague idea of where things will go before I get there, otherwise it is really tense as I have the driver/loader moving things in a dozen places until I like it...
During the final hour of packing, just to add a little excitement to the ordeal, Sam swallowed a penny... yes he's 7 almost 8 why would he have a penny in his mouth? Did I forget to feed him dinner, maybe I never told him how dirty money is...? Who knows but later he told me, "I thought it was the end of my life.." He is just a little on the dramatic side, so like his father...
I'm getting a little too old for this much excitement...
Never the less we did eventually make it to Spokane and who were the first people we would see? Could this be the Boys from Barn House??? What is all that on top of their car??? You don't suppose they shopped along the route?

Sam ready to help, prepared for anything... with a hard hat, a badge, and an extra penny why wouldn't he be a big help??

Cindy is also there, ready to help even if she has to climb to the top of the shelf...

An Dave in the back ground getting things organized.

And Joe he too is ready !The brawn of Bella Shabby... Where is Sue???

There is "B" King of Tarte!

All set ready to go!

What a wonderful time we had a the afterparty hosted by Tarte, the Barn House Boys and Celeste of Chaps.

If it looks dark outside, its because I had to have a wee little nap before I could party with the younguns..

I can't imagine a more adorable restaurant, or proprietor Celeste, shown here with Joe from the BH...
They look like they could be brother and sister..

Not to be ignored in the oh so adorable category...The Queen Tarte and Jermonne the other Barn Boy.

If your in the Spokane area, be sure to have a meal at Chaps what a fun place!
Thanks for the treat!

Talk about adorable and fun...My sister Terri, Timi, her friends that shall remain nameless (since I'm not sure which is which) and Isabel. We had a great time listening to Isabel 's spicy
jokes and Timi and friends spicy escapades....
What a group!
Every year I am amazed at the incredible job Teri and Serena do putting this show together, no detail is left undone. There are so many fabulous vendors, so many wonderful shoppers and so much positive energy floating through the place, it is sad to have it over. The anticipation, the lack of sleep and amount of hours put into preparation all combined have left me with a surreal feeling, was I really there? Am I home?? Where did this laundry come from? Why is my trailer empty??
I need to check out the blogs of the other vendors and shoppers, read the reports and get myself grounded, it was a whirlwind of FUN!


  1. Im so glad you put up pics, I have been watching your blog, Im excited to go next year !
    See ya on the 4th, we will be coming thru :)

  2. Hi Joy , Did I even get to see you at Farm Chicks? You were one busy lady. We left Chaps at 10:00 - what time did you get there , missy?! See you soon at Expo , Sue

  3. Joy, I miss you already!!!! Let's get together soon!

  4. It looks like fun was had by all by seeing all the pictures on the various blogs of people who went...I so wish I was there! But, this weekend it is off to Funky Junk Sisters in Puyallup to make up for not going to Farm Chicks! Hope your sales were good! :)

  5. Hurray! I hope it was PERFECT!! Sounds like it! Poor Sam! Poor you!

    Write, call, drive!

    Love you,

  6. We are with Isabel...we miss you already!! Thank you for everything...especially the burgers. Cindy has a horrible picture of me and B in front of truly should be burned. But before we detroy it, I only want you to see it. It's THAT awful...BUT, really tells a story of what we must of looked like after not sleeping for days and setting up for the show. We were caught by the papparazzi at our worst (best??)! We love us some Joy...can't wait to see you at our Flea!!

  7. Wow, it looks like you had a great time. I missed Farm Chicks this year. It looks like it was even more wonderful then last year.

  8. Thanks Joy for making my morning!
    Your family observations are hilarious :o)
    Dumbo, the trailer, must have behaved on his best this time, because he was silently neglected in this post & you DO know that I have developed a secret crush on him.... Not a tiny little picture or just something?????
    Can hardly wait for the Flea market at The Barn House!

  9. Joy,
    You've been a part of the show for so long now and we love getting to see you again every year. Thanks for being a part of things before anyone else ever knew about the show!

  10. It was great to meet you at the show...your booth was fabulous! It sure looked empty when I saw it agin on Sunday morning!!!

    Heart Hugs,

  11. I always get such a kick out of reading your blog. You're such a funny lady. Sam eating a penny sounds like something that would happen at my house....what a hoot! I'm glad you had a wonderful time at Farm Chicks......


    Chloe Rose
    Kindred Roses

  12. Hi Joy, We had so much fun at the Farm Chicks Show!! You are THE BEST Neighbor!!! Oliver has a new Auntie too, you were so sweet loven on him, but of course, how could you not..isn't he the cutest!!! We are thrilled you are going to be a part of our "Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market" in October. Looking forward to seeing you soon..Glad & Celia/Junebug

  13. Happy Happy Joy Joy....We need to get together and get that pedicure I have been talkin about for months. xoxo Cindy

  14. He Joy!
    I love everything that I bought from you!! You were so fun and sweet!
    xoxo Julie