Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is Coming, Soon!

Ready?  Hope you are, because the time to enjoy is now.

We’ve been busy.

Thankfully, I’ve had help.


Baking is more fun with a helper.


Someone, who REALLY enjoys clean up.


She’s also a big help at Monticello.


We are continuing to restock our space.









A few new necklaces.



You can find these at Monticello and Tarte,


Friday, December 2, 2011

Monticello Christmas Show


Ta Da!!


Seems to me…

  I am always, the last one finished, no matter what show I am doing.

  I would take even more time if it was possible…

Eventually, I do finish and have two minutes or less to take pictures.


Hopefully you will make it to Monticello’s sometime before January 1st.


We will be continually restocking throughout the month.


If you are looking for holiday cheer…


Or maybe peace on earth…


Look no further.

Monticello is located at

8600 SE Stark Street

Portland, OR 97216


Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Great Weekend

Ever wonder why all the fun things happen at the same time?  Weeks go by where there isn’t much out of the ordinary and then all of a sudden those events you’ve been waiting for have arrived!
I’ve been looking forward to attending a Lisa Kaus workshop with my friend Pam for several weeks.
It turned out that our friend Sheila had also signed up for this workshop, so that made it all the more fun!
We all had a great time and learned several different techniques.
Lots of room in Lisa’s studio, so we made a BIG mess.
The class was called Gridlocked. It was fun to make the “grid”.IMG_1402
Even more fun deciding what would go in each of the grids…
A fun way to use some of my favorite bits and pieces.
I was planning to go for just one day, but it just so happened that Pam wasn’t able to go on Saturday for the “Color Your World” workshop. 
I was thrilled to take her place, and even more thrilled when my sweet friend Billie showed up that morning, she was also taking the class. 
This was my completed project.
Until I decide where to hang them, I like them here on the living room wall to enjoy.
On the way home we stopped at Tarte, for their Holiday Soiree.  Everything was incredibly beautiful, and now, I’m inspired and motivated to decorate for Christmas. 
It was fun seeing everyone there but the most special treat, was the amazing video that Robin made.  Take a minute and enjoy the “trailer” here
The full video was a beautiful glimpse of Robin’s photography of Tarte and “her family”.
I will be selling my jewelry at Tarte, the store
will be open Thursday through Sunday through Christmas.
21581 A Main Street
Aurora, OR  97002
I have a lot to be thankful for, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. 
I’m wishing you the same.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Birds and The Bees


I thought it was far past time to share what I have been up too. 

I really hope the images aren’t too much…

There are lots of pictures… I’ve been REALLY busy!


First the Birds..





And The Bees







I think this is going to ”bee” a great collection…

I’m looking forward to the holidays and all the opportunities to be out and about.

This weekend Friday and Saturday, I will be selling my jewelry at the Historic Deepwood Estate.

Holiday Gift Sale


10 am to 3 pm

Friday, November 18th

Saturday, November 19th

Historic Deepwood Estate

Lots of sparkle, wonderful aromas and gifts galore!  The annual sale presenting some of Salem’s finest artisan crafts, both traditional and contemporary.  You can also pick up holiday sweets and wreaths perfect for holiday get-togethers and seasonal decor.  Many gifts packaged and under $20.

Free Admission

1116 Mission Street SE
Salem, Oregon 97302


I will also be enjoying my friends at

xmas 2011 2 copy


21581 A Main Street
Aurora, OR 97002

We will be
OPEN Friday- November 18th 4pm-8pm for a special early party...please RSVP

Special Guests...Christopher Bridge Winery
K Marie, Auntie Joy, Guinne Muir. Robin Laws Photography will be on site in the studio for some fun holiday photographs. It is going to be a fun evening.

We will also be OPEN...

Saturday- November 19th 10am-5pm
Sunday- November 20th 11am-3pm

The shoppe is being transformed into a winter wonderland...
check out Cindy’s blog for updates


I’m also excited to be a vendor at Monticello for the month of December.

xmas pc bk 2011

I am busy getting all kinds of Christmas Treasures ready for this event.

I’m looking forward to seeing you! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruffles and Rust

We had a great time this past weekend at Ruffles and Rust.

We just loaded up the trailer Rainbow and off we went…


  I was delighted to be neighbors with Isabel.  She can put together a booth in a snap, while I am still messing around with mine until the very last minute. She always takes time to walk around before the show and get the most beautiful pictures of everyone’s booth.  I will share a few of her photos, but be sure to see all of them on her blog.

 Maison Douce


It was nice to see Sarah there from our area.


And of course my favorite Garden Party Girl, Deb


And so much fun to see Amy and Kris

Today’s Country Store

This is just a tip of the iceberg, there were so many incredible booths.

  I am always amazed and awed by the organization and creativity that Timi and her Posse bring to this event.  If you have never been a vendor, you might not appreciate how important all the time consuming details that go into promoting and actually putting on an event of this size and caliber.  While the pictures depict the hard work and creativity of the vendors, it seems the real star should stand up and take a bow.   

Thanks again Timi, it was wonderful!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Remnants of the Past

There have been times when I look forward to something with great anticipation and excitement, I  leave thinking “hmmm, not quite what I was hoping.”  I must say this was certainly not the case with this amazing show.  My expectations were exceeded! It was such an outstanding event, from behind the scenes magic of organizing and advertising, the set up schedule, clear through loading out.

All I can say is, I’m pretty sure I was transported to “The Land of Oz” and Judy Watkins is the most beautiful and talented Wizard of all.


  If you ever get the chance to participate or attend her event, this is something you do not want to miss!   

I wish I had hundreds of pictures to share, but I was too busy taking it all in to think about a camera.  I did have the foresight to snap a couple of my booth.

Looks like Dave is thinking, “how did all this fit together??”


Wait a minute lets put a few more pieces to the puzzle, then it will be a bigger challenge!


It was a short 12 hours later and we were ready!


It was a total pleasure being part of this amazing show.